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Except for over ten burning ones, the other captured ‘human guides’ had been roaring and struggling hysterically, seeming ready to pounce on Ji Hao and tear him into pieces.

Metal clangs could be heard without an end as the enchanted chains coiled on their bodies glowed, laying tremendous pressure on them as they pressed them to the ground. In the surroundings, heavily armored Yao Mountain warriors growled and raised their long spears, whipping violently on their bodies.

Along with a series of bone cracking noise, their bones were broken, but none of them begged for mercy. Still, they madly cursed Ji Hao, cursed Gold Crow Clan people, and everyone who lived in Yao Mountain City.

Turning away from those Yu Clan people who had been racking their brains to organize their language in order to draft a well-structured written evidence, Ji Hao walked to the guide on fire, who cursed him the first.

"I will die miserably?" Ji Hao smiled, then scornfully shook his head, and said, "You don’t get to decide that. Whoever is behind you, since they colluded with the non-humankind to attack my city in such a lowly, nasty way, and tried to hurt my families and my people, they should understand that they may need to pay for this."

"No one is aboveboard. So, let’s see who can be meaner and more shameless." Ji Hao reached out his hand and patted the man’s burning chest, then said blandly, "He still has the strength to curse. It seems that our fire isn’t hot enough…Use the bone-rotting magic fire, and add some special seasonings!"

Followed Ji Hao’s order, tens of Maguspreists who waited aside cast a spell in chorus. They wielded their wands and released a green fire. The fire quickly merged into the

‘guide’s body.

A sizzling noise was immediately generated. The ‘guide’s muscles began melting, and blood started evaporating at a scary rate. The pitch of his voice instantly soared. Hearing his shrill howls, two healers poured a bottle of strong liquid drug onto his body. Under the effect of the drug, his muscles grew back speedily, and so did his life-force and evaporated blood.

Standing by this ‘guide’ who was twitching and shrieking, Ji Hao looked the other ‘guides’ who hadn’t been sent on fire, and said coldly, "I know that you’re all hard bones. You are men of sacrifice, raised by your families with incalculable costs. Facing common punishments, you won’t say a word."

The group of ‘guides’, including the burning ones, laughed out loud together. Their laughter was filled with pride. Sacrificing for their families was an honored thing to do.

No matter how cruelly Ji Hao tortured them, they wouldn’t say a thing.

The Master Maguspriests from their families had already planted magic seals in their souls. Once an external force touched their souls, the magic seals would be triggered, and their souls would be gone. Therefore, even if Ji Hao directly tortured their souls, he still would get no confession from them.

As for torture…They had to just look at these burning ones. They had already been burned for more than an hour, but still, none of them gave a word. They didn’t betray their families, neither did they give Ji Hao the names of whoever planned this.

"No soft bones exist among human beings!" A relatively older man pointed at Ji Hao and yelled, "Marquis Yao Ji Hao, whatever you do, you will not get anything from us!"

Ji Hao speechlessly rubbed his nose and gave a long sigh.

‘No soft bones exist among human beings’, this even made Ji Hao feel guilty. Was he a villain now? The problem was that those ‘hard bones’ colluded with the non-humankind and attempted to destroy his Yao Mountain territory!

Ji Hao had made incalculable contributions to the humankind, and saved countless people from the flood. He was a true hero! But now, why was he torturing a group of human beings who called themselves ‘hard bones’?

"I think this isn’t the right play!" said Ji Hao blandly, "But, if it’s wrong, let it be wrong. I know one thing, that you wanted to hurt my people. For this very reason, I will take revenge by all means. Today, you will give me what I want, willingly or not."

Breathing deeply, Ji Hao continued with a harsh tone, "As I said, you have to give me the evidentiary statements!"

"You can forget about it!" A muscular man laughed, "We won’t give you a word! Marquis Yao Ji Hao, come on! Set me on fire to see if I will be afraid of you or not!"

Ji Hao looked at this man from head to toe. That was a newly promoted Magus King, with a pair of extra strong arms. Apparently, those arms were well-gifted. The man had a handsome and righteous look. When he yelled at Ji Hao to set him on fire, he sounded even brave and unbending.

"True men! You are true men!" Ji Hao looked at that man and praised.

"We are all decent men! Of course, we are true men!" The man looked around in pride, holding his head high.

"Hah, true men. When the flood was raised, countless human beings cried and begged for survival. Water-kind creatures ran rampant in every corner of this world. Back then, where were you bunch of true men?" Ji Hao smiled and threw out a question.

The man’s face was blushed immediately. He magnified his nostrils and breathed loudly, without saying a word.

"True men! Haha, I have another question for you. In the past, the non-humankind had launched countless attacks. But have you ever joined the alliance and fought life-risking battles against Jia Clan monsters?"

All ‘guides’ lowered their heads and gave no response.

"Alright, true men! We showered in blood and fought desperately. We risked our lives and finally defeated the flood. But after that, you bunch of true men showed up! You wanted to steal our credits; you wanted to be awarded. For that, you even colluded with the non-humankind to hurt your own kind!" growled Ji Hao, "You scums, are you even men?"

No one said anything.

The Yao Mountain warriors raised their heads high proudly. Even the weakest non-human slave warrior from Yao Mountain territory pointed at these ‘guides’ with its nose.

Ji Hao stopped talking. He locked his fingers together and incanted an ancient spell.

Following a series of creaking noise, a gate emerged in the air. It was a bronze gate, embossed with countless twisted ghost faces. The gate quietly opened. A strong netherworld power swirled out of the gate, and soon, Netherworld Hierarch walked out in big steps.

"Hahaha, my little friend Ji Hao. We see each other again so soon! I’ve been studying the…Eh? What are these? Are you grilling human beings to go with wine?" Looking at those burning ‘guides’, Netherworld Hierarch shouted, "But, why are they still breathing?"

Ji Hao rolled his eyes and responded in a deep voice, "Elder, do me a favor. These people here, please give me the souls of their ancestors!"

The faces of those ‘guides’ paled instantly. What did Ji Hao say? The souls of their ancestors?

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