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Netherworld Hierarch looked at Ji Hao, seeming to be struggling.

His gaze at Ji Hao was complicated, with a trace of contempt, surprise, and many other subtle emotions that Ji Hao didn’t want to dig in. A long while later, Netherworld Hierarch put his mouth near Ji Hao’s ear and whispered, "Since the ancient times, people only affected their younger generation when they did things wrong. Kid, you are so cruel, now that the younger generations did things wrong, you’re relating it to their ancestors! Those are dead people!"

Ji Hao sighed slightly, then innocently and pitifully spread his hands towards Netherworld Hierarch and said, "But, they were bullying me. Elder, you have no idea. If my Yao Mountain territory didn’t have this power of defense, hehe, I’m afraid that my families and all people living in my territory would have been enslaved already!"

Ji Hao told Netherworld Hierarch about the whole thing in detail. Netherworld Hierarch frowned instantly, then scratched his forehead with a forefinger, and said, "Too much, this is too much… really too much. Ah, those little things, every generation is worse than the older one. How could they treat a kid like you in such a nasty way? Hm!"

Ji Hao looked at Netherworld Hierarch’s struggling face. Abruptly, he dragged Netherworld Hierarch’s sleeve, then pointed at those burning melting stoves, and said, "Elder, look over there, those were the warriors I captured this time. You can have as many of them as you want."

Netherworld Hierarch’s eye corners twitched. He looked at those warriors struggling under searing irons in surprise and said, "So many non-humankind beings? Hah! All alive and healthy! Hah! Well, I don’t want those frog-like short creatures. They’re useless! They’ll melt immediately in the blood pool. But, those dark-skinned ones and four-eyed ones, good, good, very good!"

Waving his broad sleeve, Netherworld Hierarch looked at Ji Hao and laughed, "Give me all the dark-skinned ones and four-eyed ones. Hmm, before, I could only get the corpses of these creatures from battlefields. And the ones I got were all stored for a long time, such that half of the life-force of those corpses was lost already."

Ji Hao generously waved his hand and said, "They are yours then. Are you gonna take them away now?"

Netherworld Hierarch rubbed his hands and released a bone-piercingly cold spirit power, raising frosty gusts of wind that swirled in all directions. Immediately, he counted out all Jia Clan warriors and dark-kind warriors in this large campsite.

Those were over a thousand slave-hunting troops. Every troop had at least three-hundred Jia Clan warriors and thousands of dark-kind warriors as its main force. This time, Ji Hao captured nearly a million Jia Clan warriors and over ten-million dark-kind warriors. As for those non-humankind slaves who had been darting around, yelling and shouting, Netherworld Hierarch didn’t even want to count.

"I’m getting a bit greedy, a bit greedy. My heart of Dao is even shaking, shaking. But, I am just in need of good raw materials. Greedy, for once, only once." While struggling, Netherworld Hierarch sighed, then again waved his broad sleeve. Behind him, strong Netherworld power streams roared out like a hurricane from the bronze gate, swiftly rolling up those Jia Clan warriors and dark-kind warriors, and bringing them into the Netherworld.

Netherworld Hierarch then cast a spell with a low voice. With a deep series of metal clangs from the gate, a troop of muscular warriors walked out in large steps, in perfectly ordered lines.

Each of these warriors was about twelve-meter tall, with three sharp horns on the head, and four eyes glowing with a scary, dark green light. From their eyes, green flakes of fire had been puffing out from time to time. Occasionally, they would open their mouths and make a gasp, while letting out dazzling white fires. Their uncovered skins were covered in dragon scales.

Each warrior had a heavy blood-red shield held in his left hand, and a nine-meters-long machete in his right hand. Obviously, these entirely blood-red machetes were dangerous pieces, made from the blood poison from the blood pool.

"I made these ‘blood sea half-dragon warriors’ with Ji Clan warrior corpses and dragon spirit blood in my leisure time. They have all been nourished in the blood pool for a thousand years. Their dragon scales are as tough as the scales of real dragons. No weapon can hurt those scales, and no magic can leave a mark on those scales. They can also let out blood pool dragon fire from their mouths…Be careful, don’t let them hurt your people by accident, because the wounds caused by them are usually very troublesome to treat."

"They feel no pain, fear, or tiredness. They don’t need food or water either. Their bodies can absorb all natural powers to replenish themselves. As long as you don’t tear them into pieces, they can fight forever."

"Except for their blood pool dragon fire, they don’t have other special functions or abilities. But, they do have a great strength; they are as strong as high-level Divine Magi."

Hearing Netherworld Hierarch introducing these half-dragon warriors in detail, Ji Hao and a group of Yao Mountain leaders around him raised their eyebrows in excitement. These half-dragon warriors were definitely strong weapons. After all, they couldn’t feel pain and fear, wouldn’t be tired, but could absorb natural powers to replenish themselves and heal their wounds!

Netherworld Hierarch let out a hundred thousand half-dragon warriors, and following behind them were large groups of dark-kind warriors. These warriors had purely dark skins, and glowing, vivid-red eyes. They walked airily without causing the slightest sound.

"These are ‘blood pool ghosts’. I created them accidentally when I was making those half-dragon warriors. They can freely switch between tangible forms and intangible forms. In tangible forms, they are as strong as high-level Magus Kings, and in intangible forms, they can move like lights and shadows, about ten-thousand miles per second. Their weapons are also made in the blood pool. With a slight touch, their weapons can turn an ordinary human being into a puddle of blood."

A whole million blood pool ghosts, which were as strong as high-level Magus Kings, and could freely switch between tangible forms and intangible forms, walked out of the bronze gate.

Same as those half-dragon warriors, these blood pool ghosts needed no food or water. No matter how badly they were injured, as long as they remained in whole pieces, they would be able to absorb natural powers and heal themselves.

"I can’t take advantages of you. These half-dragon warriors and blood pool ghosts are yours, as a gift from me." Netherworld Hierarch looked at this terrifying army of walking dead, and said carelessly, "But, you have to be careful when using them. They don’t have brains, and they can’t think. They’ll do exactly what you tell them to do. If you fail to control them well and cause a large trouble, I would never admit having anything to do with that!"

Ji Hao rolled his eyes, then glanced at Netherworld Hierarch.

Netherworld Hierarch excitedly slapped Ji Hao’s shoulder and said with a large grin, "I will send a batch of those dark-skinned and four-eyed ones back to you, in three-hundred to five-hundred years, when I have finished my works with them. Hehe, so many fresh materials. They’ll be enough for me to play…No, ‘study’ for many years."

Laughing towards the sky, Netherworld Hierarch threw a sideways glimpse at those human ‘guides’. A dark circle spun in his eyes. In a short while, he reached his hand into the bronze gate and clenched his fingers. Instantly, tens of thousands of translucent figures drifted out of the gate.

Without even taking a glance at those souls he grasped out of the netherworld, he hurriedly said goodbye to Ji Hao, transformed into a bright beam of light, and flashed into the bronze gate.

Thud! Thud! The gate closed, and disappeared right away.

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