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In a corner of the great hall, Wuzhi Qi carried his large club and abruptly took a step forward.

Stepping forward, Wuzhi Qi’s body suddenly expanded to about thirty-meter-tall. As his long hair dazzled with a silver, cold light, torrents of water raised behind him, roaring in all directions, as heavy as mountains.

Xiang Liu and Kun Peng each burst with a loud roar, along with strong, fierce spirit creature power vibrations that were no weaker than Wuzhi Qi’s. They blocked Wuzhi Qi’s way like two sturdy metal walls. Three power streams bumped fiercely into each other, and caused a thunderous bang in the great hall, which generated frigid, rapidly flowing airstreams. They then condensed into countless fist-sized, sharp ice pieces, and scattered all over the floor.

Centered on Wuzhi Qi, Xiang Liu and Kun Peng, three enormous swirls emerged, roaring rumblingly. Xiang Liu and Kun Peng’s powers generated a dark swirl and a blue swirl, violently clashing against the swirl around Wuzhi Qi’s body. The three swiftly struck against each other, causing ear-piercing noises.

Wuzhi Qi trembled slightly. From his pair of eyes, two beams of cold light shone to tens of meters away. He stared straight at Kun Peng and Xiang Liu who blocked his way, especially the slowly spinning, hazy lotus on each of their foreheads.

"Did you throw yourselves into the laps of someone else?" murmured Wuzhi Qi.

"Following Gong Gong, our bloodlines might even be annihilated." said Xiang Liu loudly, "Anyhow, we need to figure out a way to save our bloodlines!"

"Under the guidance of our two master Shifu, our descendants will live happily and safely, without any worries. Apart from that, we may truly attain immortal lives." Kun Peng’s eyes sparkled brightly as he said, "Wuzhi Qi, you have to understand that it was never easy for us to survive until present times!"

Xiang Liu gasped and pushed out his palms, releasing a strong stream of power that transformed into a giant wave, smashing down at Wuzhi Qi. "In fact, our old lives were not bad. Back in the North Sea, no one dared to offend us. We were dominators. We could do anything we liked to those people, those living beings." Kun Peng continued with a high-pitched voice, "But, Gong Gong wants to be the new divine emperor, the owner of Pan Gu world…Even if he succeeded, we would still be his ministers, his followers. Would we earn any extra benefits? If he failed, as an eye for an eye, you know what human beings can do! Therefore, we have to find someone reliable to lean on!"

Wuzhi Qi’s eyes glowed with that frosty light as he slowly raised his club.

Xiang Liu and Kun Peng’ faces turned dark, as Kun Peng said slowly, "Wuzhi Qi, don’t pretend to be loyal. You secretly visited Marquis Yao Ji Hao that night. You think we don’t know that? You were also trying to save your own kids. What are you doing now? Are you crazy?"

Seeing Wuzhi Qi abruptly make a move, a faint pinkness appeared on Gong Gong’s pale face. He felt relieved. It seemed that no matter what, he still had a loyal minister. This meant that the Gong Gong Family was not entirely a failure, because in the end, someone was still willing to follow this family!

But hearing Kun Peng, Gong Gong temporarily lost his eyesight and even vomited blood. "Wuzhi Qi! You, you, you, visited Ji Hao…You sneaky wild monkey!" Gong Gong screamed hysterically.

Wuzhi Qi curved his mouth cornered down and gave a twisted grin, then sneered, "Ah, Kun Peng, impressive! Except for that old flood dragon, you’re the strongest, most powerful one among the eight of us. I thought no one knew that I visited Ji Hao. After all, it was a secret!"

Kun Peng smiled and said blandly, "I even know what you said to him. You told him about the secret in the nine water eyes, didn’t you? Otherwise, why would those former human emperors destroy the nine water eyes in one stroke?"

Wuzhi Qi gripped his club and caused a creaking noise. With a strange tone, he said, "Well, now that we have spoken everything out. I have nothing more to say. Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, get out the way. After all, we are still his ministers, and he is our master. This time, even if the Gong Gong Family will truly fall, I want him to have no regrets. I want to bring him to the nine water gates…"

Gong Gong’s eyes shone dimly. Gasping loudly, he looked at Wuzhi Qi and didn’t say a word.

Dishi Cha smiled mildly. While carefully polishing his nails, he said slowly, "Without my permission, Lord Gong Gong can’t go anywhere. He should stay right here. When we conquer Pan Gu world, he will be ruling the humankind for us!"

Dishi Cha chuckled and continued, "After all, we’ve signed an agreement. According to it, we will help him to rule the humankind. We have to fulfill our promise. The result might not be so satisfying, but at least we are keeping our promise, aren’t we?

The two hazy lotuses spinning on Xiang Liu and Kun Peng’s foreheads glowed brighter and brighter as they continued with deep voices, "Wuzhi Qi, you can’t leave either. Our master Shifu told us that you are destined to be one of us. You shall stay right here and worry about nothing. Master Shift will send his people here to welcome you."

Controlled by Yemo Tian, the destruction weapon’s arm suddenly moved. An overwhelming power erupted, which made everyone in the hall shake. Dishi Cha wasn’t prepared for this. Consequently, he was put down to the ground, rolling on the floor.

"Oi, Kun Peng, Xiang Liu, I don’t know what you are doing, or what you want. But I have to warn you that you both are my captives now. In the future, you will both become my slaves. No matter how many tricks you want to play, keep them to yourselves. Otherwise…My destructive weapon is already thirsty!"

Yemo Tian roared with laughter. Under his control, the destructive weapon madly waved its arm and started fierce gusts of wind.

Wuzhi Qi narrowed his eyes, then looked at Gong Gong and said, "Lord Gong Gong, if I can send you to the nine water gates safely, all relationships I have with the Gong Gong family will end. Can you accept it?"

With a deep voice, Wuzhi Qi continued, "If I manage to do that, I, Wuzhi Qi, will no longer serve the Gong Gong family as a minister. I, Wuzhi Qi, and all my descendants, will live freely as creatures of this world, out of your control!"

"Wuzhi Qi!" Kun Peng and Xiang Liu growled together, "You can’t leave! Where can you go?"

Gong Gong remained silent for a while, then slowly nodded and said, "Alright. As long as you send me to the nine water gates and set me free, the relationship between you, Wuzhi Qi, and Gong Gong Family, will end!"

Kun Peng and Xiang Liu roared brightly. Their raised their palms and released a blinding golden light, shining on Wuzhi Qi’s body. In the meanwhile, Yemo Tian burst with a raging growl, following which, the destructive weapon spread its enormous hands and lunged to catch Wuzhi Qi.

Wuzhi Qi raised his head and roared to the sky. His silver, glistening long hair darted out from his skin. Every single hair suddenly became a Wuzhi Qi, thirty meters tall and wielding a dark ice club, violently smacking everything that crossed his eyes.

Hundreds of thousands of Wuzhi Qi flew out of the hall and disarrayed the divine army around the great hall. Hundreds of thousands of dark ice clubs swung down, as those divine gods and warriors scattered right away.

While countless Wuzhi Qi attacked rampantly, Gong Gong silently disappeared from the hall.

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