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In the great hall in Heaven, Gong Gong stared at Dishi Cha with a pair of red eyes. However, the atmosphere in the hall wasn’t even tense.

Gong Gong was all alone, facing Dishi Cha and the divine army led by Yemo Tian. The divine army was supposed to belong to him, but at the moment, those divine gods and warriors stood determinedly behind Yemo Tian, their eyes sparkling with a blood-red light.

Gong Gong gritted his teeth so tight that it even caused a creaking noise. But Dishi Cha and Yemo Tian were laughing, loudly, widely, triumphantly, and delightfully. One might hear the same laughter from an experienced hunter who saw a wild boar fall into his trap.

Hearing their laughter, Gong Gong’s face blushed, and blood boiled. All of a sudden, Gong Gong let out a mouthful of blood which spread on the shiny floor.

"Dishi Cha, you sought cooperation with me. Is this a scheme from the beginning?" Gong Gong tremblingly pointed at Dishi Cha and growled.

"Don’t describe this with the lowly word ‘scheme’. This is a tiny part of a great plan." Dishi Cha took out an exquisite nail file and started carefully polishing his nails. In the meanwhile, he continued carelessly, "I am also an insignificant character of this great plan, while you, you were meant to be sacrificed from the start."

Shrugging, Dishi Cha smilingly looked at Gong Gong and continued in a gentle tone, "We will be needing a puppet in the end, that is the reason why you can still stay alive."

Puckering his lips, Dishi Cha blew away the dust ground off from his fingernails, then continued blandly, "In fact, this puppet is not difficult to find. Many scums exist among human beings. These people are powerful and influential, standing at high positions, but are greedy and afraid of death. They can serve as our puppets. But, you are the most convenient one, and you have a satisfying background. Therefore, I decided to not kill you, and use you as a puppet instead."

Sighing slightly, he chuckled, "Because we need you to be the puppet, I brought the army here to protect you. Otherwise…Saving your ancestors? Do you think that you can defeat Ji Hao?"

In the hall, a divine mirror floated in the air. In the mirror, Ji Hao was wielding the gigantic Pan Gu bell like an ancient devil god. Each time he launched a strike, a tens of thousands of miles long section of a mountain range would collapse. Black and red mushroom clouds had been rising into the sky, and the earth-shaking booms could be heard from the mirror, echoing through the entire heaven.

"That bell is really nice." Floating inside the diamond-shaped crystal between the eyebrows of the destructive weapon, Yemo Tian laughed, "When I chop Ji Hao’s head off, I will take this bell."

"As you wish. This bell will certainly become your trophy." Dishi Cha politely bowed to Yemo Tian, then smilingly turned around, nodded to Gong Gong and said, "Do you know why I chose you to be the puppet?"

Gong Gong remained silent with a gloomy face.

Seeing Gong Gong’s unfriendly attitude, Dishi Cha smiled and started explaining solicitously.

"After we have conquered Pan Gu world, human beings will be enslaved. They will all become slaves, and they will be mining for us, growing all kinds of valuable crops for us. Or, we will arm them and turn them into slave warriors."

"But based on our experiences that we gained from the countless worlds that we have conquered in the past, human beings will need a leader who can manage them. We need to select this leader carefully. An influential, capable human being? No, it surely can’t be a man like that. That kind of leader will certainly bring us troubles."

"What about a greedy, villainous one, who is afraid of death? Still, there will be troubles. This kind of leader will grow selfishness, desires, and the selfishness and desires will eventually turn into ambitions, which will cause inconveniences for us to govern the world."

"How about an enemy? Someone who owes all human beings a huge debt of blood, someone hated by all human beings? How perfect!"

"Because of the hatred, human beings will never be used by him. Because of the hatred, he will only be able to rule the humankind by relying on our strength. Also, because of the hatred, he will be as loyal as a dog, watching every move made by human beings, and graze those capable slaves for us!"

Yemo Tian laughed in a weird tone. Lying in the diamond-shaped crystal, he looked at Gong Gong and laughed so loudly, that he even had saliva spurting out of his mouth corners. Dishi Cha laughed as well.

"So, you see, except you, who else can serve so perfectly as this leader?" said Dishi Cha gently, "You raised the flood, and your armies killed countless human beings. After we conquer the humankind, you will become our mouthpiece to manage human beings for us.

"You will never be able to make use of human beings. For your own benefits, even for your life, you have to fix your eyes on the humankind constantly! Any sign of disturbance or trouble, you will snuff it yourself. You have to strife all possible revolt."

Sighing in satisfaction, Dishi Cha continued, "So perfect! You are such a perfect puppet. We have to ensure your safety. Therefore, you cannot go save your ancestors, because we don’t need them!"

Gong Gong looked at Dishi Cha with a pale face. Slightly trembling, he screamed shrilly, "This flood, it’s only for turning me into a deadly enemy of the humankind, isn’t it?"

Dishi Cha showed the whites of his eyes. Hesitating for a while, he slightly nodded and said, "If you put it this way, you will be thinking too much about yourself. We need a clear navigational light. According to our calculation, when the twelve water worlds bump into Pan Gu world, a tremendous wave of power vibration will be released, and that power vibration will be strong enough to serve as a striking navigational light."

"This navigational light will guide the people that we have been expecting to Pan Gu world. And the real purpose of this flood is to confuse some people, to let them focus on the flood and neglect the truth underneath it."

"Are you saying that the power vibration generated by the bumps between Pan Gu world and the twelve world will guide some other people to Pan Gu world?" Gong Gong looked at Dishi Cha and asked. He was confused. Somehow, he also caught a sense of fear. Tremblingly, he looked at Dishi Cha and stuttered, "Who, who are they? Who…are coming to Pan Gu world?"

"My father!" Yemo Tian burst into laughter. In a dramatic tone, he said, "My incomparably noble and powerful father. Of course, it’s not that nominal father of mine who gave me this lowly forename, ‘Yemo’… I mean… my biological father! My real father!"

Smilingly raising his head, Yemo Tian murmured to himself, "My father, my noble father, my powerful father, he is coming to Pan Gu world. When he descends from the sky, when his invincible army sweeps across Pan Gu world, when Pan Gu world becomes a staging base of his army, all tens of thousands of worlds around Pan Gu world will become his territories!"

"With the resources and fortune from those worlds, my father will definitely become the strongest being…Perhaps, he will be able to make the final breakthrough…"

Dishi Cha slightly coughed.

Yemo Tian chuckled, loudly and madly.

Gong Gong’s heart sank into a bottomless despair. He couldn’t accept his fate as an insignificant chess piece.

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