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The Kui Gate was broken.

The allied human force tried for so many days, and even suffered losses, but still failed to make actual progress. Nevertheless, the tough Kui Gate was broken so easily by Ji Hao.

No matter how many different thoughts those large family people had, shouting and yelling instead of truly contributing when the allied human force attacked the Kui Gate, or how often had they been intriguing against each other and trying to hinder each other, the mission that an allied force formed from the elites of tens of top-grade human clans and families failed to achieve in a long span of time, was achieved by Ji Hao all alone!

Under the effect of the ‘All Streams to the Final Land’ great formation, all water power in Pan Gu world gathered in the nine water gates. Drawn by the strong tractive force caused by the moving water power, the earth meridian power gathered in the mountains of the nine water gates.

The mountains of the nine water gates were extra strong and sturdy. The Kui Gate collapsed, and opened a thousand-miles-wide, hundreds of millions of miles long water channel. Through the immense channel, the water power surged in. Everyone heard the thunderous swooshing noise caused by the friction between the water power and the air, and saw the white air blasts left in the sky by the torrents of water power.

Countless white-dragon-like water power torrents roared across the Kui Gate, end to end.

Tens of thousands of warriors in the allied human force was looking at Ji Hao, stunned. Consequently, they didn’t manage to dodge the suddenly erupted flood of water power. They were swirled into the waves of dragon-like, white air blasts. They howled and screamed, then were dragged into the water channel. Along with the flood, the storm and the hurricane, they were instantly flushed far, far away, which was beyond their control.

All water power in Pan Gu world had been flowing towards the next eight water gates through the Kui Gate. One could easily imagine how overwhelming the pressure that the Kui Gate had been suffering was. White air blasts tore the mountains on both sides of the water channel and generated dazzling fire sparkles. Every now and then, giant rocks were dragged down from the mountains and shattered by the flooding water power.

The allied human force desperately fled in all direction. They dashed away from the water channel and dared not to stand before the surging water power torrents.

Only a few elders were left on the scene. Relying on their great powers, they floated in midair, making no other moves. They bristled with anger, staring at Ji Hao. Waves of air blast struck violently on their bodies and fell apart, causing thunderous booms, even quaking the sky.

Ji Hao floated in midair, with his broad sleeves fluttering in the wind. He looked down at these elders like a divine god standing high above the masses.

He did it, eventually.

In the future, when people would talk about the credit, they would say that in the final stage of the flood-control mission, the nine water gates were broken, and the first gate, Kui Gate, was broken by Marquis Yao Ji Hao. The world knew that he was a follower of Si Wen Ming. So, the credit would go to Si Wen Ming without a doubt!

For any event, only the first time could be shocking and impressive. From mouth to mouth, human beings would only repeat that when the nine water gates blocked the flood, the first gate was broken by Marquis Yao Ji Hao under Si Wen Ming’s order!

As for who broke the second and the third gates…

Perhaps, people wouldn’t even remember the names of the second, the third, and the other water gates!

At this time, the cultures of many human clans were primitive. Their elders told their memories and the history of the clans to the younger generations, then the younger ones told the same stories to their kids; that was how their culture passed on. One could not expect them to memorize too many things, and they wouldn’t be willing to either. They would rather go hunt a boar in the forest then spending time to memorize the names of those people who broke the nine water gates.

The Kui Gate, the first of the nine water gates, the last major credit earned in the flood-control mission, and also the most essential one, was earned by Marquis Yao Ji Hao, a follower of Si Wen Ming. People would remember this fact, and this would be the only fact they would remember!

"Rude boy!" A You Chao Family elder yelled in anger.

"How dare he? How dare Si Wen Ming!" A Qiong Sang Family elder shouted, sounding utterly discomfited. They represented almost all the most powerful few human clans among the entire humankind, but how dare Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao take the credit that ‘belonged to them’?

"We haven’t owed the credit to anyone yet, he, he…This kid is so rude!" A few Cloud Sun Family elders even had their faces darkened in anger. They were trembling, because they couldn’t restrain the anger in their hearts anymore, and even wanted to attack Ji Hao.

"This kid is so rude. He has to be punished. When is these rude, ignorant kids’ turn to step in the essential matters of our humankind?" A Chu Wu Clan elder said proudly, "Ji Hao, this boy is dead. When Elder Wu Gu returns, he will be dead!"

The group of elders nodded and agreed with him.

Ji Hao was actually daring enough to take ‘their credit’. This kid acted in such a ridiculous way, and showed no respect for the elders and superiors. He had to be punished severely. But of course, if Ji Hao were smart enough to willingly kneel under their feet, then cry and beg to give the credit back to them, they wouldn’t mind to show some mercy and spare his insignificant life.

At the moment, here was the problem — If Ji Hao knelt on the ground, crying and wailing and begging to give the credit away, who should have it? Or in other words, which one among these elders should Ji Hao beg to?

No one cared what Ji Hao had been thinking. These elders widely opened their eyes and arrogantly looked at each other. Their gazes were as sharp as swords and blades, hacking straight on each other’s faces. They were all trying to frighten each other with the fierceness in their eyes, to make each other withdraw from the competition.

Even at this point in time, these elders believed that Ji Hao couldn’t possibly refuse their request!

Having the credit for breaking the Kui Gate all to himself? Did Ji Hao have the guts to actually do that? His credit being taken away should be a pleasure to him. If this credit were only an ordinary one, these elders wouldn’t be willing to have it!

Ji Hao stood in midair and heard every word those elders said.

Such shameless words, so arrogant. Ji Hao couldn’t help but grin. Back then, human emperors and ancient, powerful human beings had made great contributions to the rise of the humankind. But what about their descendants? What were these people? Indeed, a few good-for-nothing people would always exist in a human clan, but there were too many of them!

Was there a higher possibility for descendants of human emperors and ancient, powerful human beings to be disappointing?

A Qiong Sang Family troop suddenly marched to the Kui Gate, growing thunderously while rushing towards the group of water-kind beings who were in a great mess.

"Make contributions! Today, for the humankind, slaughter water-kind creatures! Kill! Kill! Kill!" yelled a Qiong Sang Family man, who was a peak-level Divine Magus.

Tens of thousands of Qiong Sang Family archers raised their bows one after another, and started a long-lasting, shrill swishing noise. Arrows flew out like a storm, and shot groups of water-kind creatures into sifters, puncturing tens of thousands of shrimp warriors.

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