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Shrimp warriors were too silly.

Countless shrimp warriors were excited, thrillingly chasing after those dispersed water-kind creatures. But when arrows were shot, puncturing their bodies, their undeveloped nerve networks didn’t manage to react timely.

Some shrimp warriors had their vital body parts penetrated. They fell on the ground, without being able to move anymore. But, they were still shaking their heads and roaring ‘kill’. They saw nothing but those fleeing water-kind creatures; they didn’t even notice that strange things were stuck inside their bodies.

Among all shrimp warriors and water-kind creatures who fell to the ground, only a little crayfish under Shermie’s lead was much smarter than the others. Three arrows almost penetrated his chest, and this little crayfish immediately dropped his weapon, gripped the arrowheads that came out of his chest, and shrieked shrilly.

These little crayfishes were Shermie’s life. Shermie worked truly hard to become a spirit creature. After that, going from an ant-like, tiny, insignificant spirit crayfish to a strong being, Shermie suffered even more. He nourished these little crayfishes with his own spirit creature power, taught them everything, and protected them as much as he could. These little crayfishes were not only his descendants, they were the future of his bloodline and spirit, and they were everything he had.

For crayfishes, cultivation was never easy. He tried with no spare efforts for so many years, but till present, less than one hundred little crayfishes around Shermie managed to ‘grow up’ and attain ‘human shapes’. Shermie was chasing after an electric eel. Abruptly hearing the shriek of a little crayfish, Shermie hurriedly turned around. Seeing the little crayfish’s chest punctured by three arrows, his eyes instantly turned red.

"You!" Shermie leaped into the sky and pointed at those Qiong Sang Family warriors, then roared hoarsely.

The three arrows exploded simultaneously. Fire, hurricane, and thunderbolts erupted together from the arrowheads, covering the area with a radius of three-hundred-meters. The little crayfish was torn apart, and so were the hundreds of shrimp warriors and water-kind creatures around him.

On Shermie’s chin, his pair of feelers wagged quickly in sadness. He flashed across the air along with a shrill swishing noise, leaving hazy shreds of afterimages in the sky. He instantly dashed to that Qiong Sang young man, who gave the order to kill.

"We’re not…" Shermie still tried to explain.

The young man chuckled and gripped the longbow with both hands. The bowstring was as sharp as a blade. A frosty beam of light was left in the air when the young man swung the longbow towards Shermie’s neck.

"What are you? You’re water-kind creatures! You are the enemies of the human-kind! You should die!" shouted the young man

Shermie moved swiftly and dodged this lethal attack. "We are under Marquis Yao Ji Hao’s command! Under his order, we attacked water-kind warriors and broke the Kui Gate!"

Not only the young men, even the group of elders behind him showed the intent of killing in their eyes. Under Ji Hao’s command? Did Ji Hao recruit a giant number of shrimp warriors, equip them with high-quality armors and weapons, and order them to break the Kui Gate from the inside?

They looked at those shrimp warriors darting everywhere, at their shiny armors and weapons, which were much better than those owned by some human warriors. According to these elders’ estimation, at least a million shrimp warriors were fighting in this area!

Ji Hao did not only break the Kui Gate, he had also incorporated so many shrimp warriors!

Shrimp warriors were weak indeed, but when their number was large enough to reach a certain degree, they could serve as a terrifying force! Besides, Shermie was apparently a strong one, as powerful as a Divine Magus!

Who knew how many like Shermie would emerge among millions of shrimp warriors under Ji Hao’s command?

Ji Hao improved his own power even further. Those were millions of daring shrimp warriors with high-quality gears!

These elders clearly understood that Ji Hao’s Yao Mountain territory was broad and rich. The only weakness was that his territory was sparsely populated, and had a weak military strength. Therefore, Yao Mountain territory couldn’t be compared with those strong human clans and families yet.

Nevertheless, millions of brainless, well-equipped, and daring shrimp warriors, perfect to order followers, had joined the Yao Mountain territory. The enhancement they delivered to Yao Mountain territory was not weak; instead, they made up for the biggest weakness of Yao Mountain territory. With them, Ji Hao’s power could soar even more!

Not to mention that Ji Hao was capable enough to incorporate millions of shrimp warriors…Couldn’t he forcibly incorporate some strong water-kind creatures? Which strong human clan or family didn’t have a few non-human forces as muscles? With these shrimp warriors, Ji Hao could easily incorporate hundreds and thousands of ‘spirit creature kings’, Divine-Magus-level strong beings from the rest eight water gates, and turn them into strong fighters of Yao Mountain territory.

"Ridiculous! Marquis Yao Ji Hao is an important member of our humankind. How could he even know lowly things like you?" The young man’s ears slightly twitched as he learned the words from his elder.

While smirking, the Qiong Sang young men pointed at Shermie and yelled, "This thing is full of nonsense. Kill it!"

From all directions, a great number of Qiong Sang warriors pulled open their longbows and locked on Shermie. In the meanwhile, warriors from the other families and clans approached too.

Shermie was strong. Just now, he covered hundreds of miles with one single step and instantly darted to the Qiong Sang young man, as fast as a bolt of lightning. Some elders didn’t even see his movements clearly.

How could such a strong spirit creature be willingly under Ji Hao’s command?

"Kill this thing!" A Qiong Sang elder shouted shrilly. As he flicked his finger, an arrow swished out, starting a hundreds of meters long dazzling beam of light towards Shermie’s chest.

Shermie gave a resonant roar while raising his pair of fist. In front of him, shreds of afterimages left by his fists merged into a strong shield.

The arrow released by the elder bumped into the shield and caused three thunderous booms in a row. The arrow was shattered, while Shermie sightly trembled, being forced to take one step backward because of the great force brought by the arrow.

All elders were shocked. The arrow released by that Qiong Sang elder was powerful enough to kill a peak-level Divine Magus. However, facing such a lethal attack, Shermie, this unknown water-kind spirit creature, only took one step backward.

They couldn’t let Ji Hao have such a powerful water-kind spirit creature.

Tens of thousands of Qiong Sang warriors pulled open their bows. Warriors from the other clans and families moved as well, especially those Maguspriests from Chu Wu Clan. All of a sudden, all cruel kinds of magic curses were cast towards Shermie like a storm.

Ji Hao was enraged. He dashed out, shattered the space, and directly showed up before Shermie.

The Pan Gu bell floated above his head, releasing Chaos power streams as it shielded Ji Hao and Shermie and crushed all attacked coming at them.

"Shermie is my disciple. He has made a major contribution to the battle of the Kui Gate. How dare you…" Looking at those human warriors approaching from all directions, Ji Hao growled in rage.

But before he finished, a Cloud Sun Family elder had already laughed out loud in excitement, "People, listen to him carefully. Marquis Yao Ji Hao has admitted himself…He is colluding with the water-kind! He has evil plans! As a marquis of the human-kind, he took a water-kind creature as a disciple! Is he betraying the humankind?"

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