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Far away, too far away…

The twenty-seven old Gong Gongs were too far away from Pan Gu world. Even with the amazing ability of Yu Ancestor and the inexhaustible water power provided by Pan Gu world, they needed ten breaths at least to complete their return.

The time span of ten breaths was not long, but not short either. This span of time was enough for Ji Hao to severely injure or even kill the twenty-seven old Gong Gongs, who were still switching positions with the twenty-seven Yu, and had no power of resistance, with the sword intent he buried in the altar ahead of time.

Typically, the span of ten breaths might pass within a blink of an eye. The plan of Gong Gong, the nine altars in the nine water gates, covered by the strong earth meridian power stirred up by the ‘All Streams to the Final Land’ great formation, no one was supposed to know about these. If nobody knew, then no one would be able to stop the return, and the span of ten breaths would soon pass. The time was enough for those old Gong Gongs to safely return to Pan Gu world.

Unfortunately, Ji Hao was like an invincible opponent of Gong Gong Family. He sneaked into the Kui Gate, discovered Yu Chi and the group of Yu, then entrapped Yu Chi and approached the altar to set an ambush.

The nine blood flying knives were activated by the Yu Yu sword intent. Interweaving blood-red beams sliced across Gong Gongs’ bodies, leaving marrow-deep wounds. The scary blood power from the blood pool in hell drilled into their bodies and soon mixed with their own blood, permeating into their internal organs and bones.

Gong Gongs screamed in pain. How could such a major reversal happen to this great plan, which was supposed to be perfect? Gong Gong in the heaven, was he trying to bring his ancestors back to Pan Gu world to conquer this world, or did he actually betray his family and bring his ancestors back to die?

The nine blood flying knives were made by Netherworld Hierarch with the great Dao of blood pool; they were sharp, powerful, and cruel. The dirty blood pool power drilled into old Gong Gongs’ bodies, causing a pain that was even worse than the cruelest torture in the world.

The old Gong Gongs felt that their bodies had started melting slowly, bit by bit, inch by inch, like candles by a burner. An earth-shaking hiss burst from a distance away. Dark Water Serpent, who was responsible for guarding the Kui Gate, looked at Yu Chi’s house in rage. He roared hissingly, and without using any shapeshifting, his enormous body smashed down like a giant pillar.

His gigantic body tore apart space and brought up a dark gale as it fell straight down. Even as his body was still tens of miles away from the ground, more than a half of all buildings in the Kui Gate market were crushed by the dark gale.

Next door, Shermie shouted out loud and led tens of small crayfishes to dart out of the bone house in panic. Crayfishes and shrimps were good leapers. Shermie led the group of small crayfish to leap away desperately. With a few rises and falls, they bounded to a long distance away.

Ao Li and Feng Qinxin cursed out loud in both shock and anger. With tens of their guards, they dashed out of the bone house as well.

Ao Li raised his head in fury. He was planning to give vent to a torrent of abuse, but when he found out that the enormous body smashing down from the sky actually belonged to Dark Water Serpent, a strong, powerful being who dared to go against the dragon-kind back in the prehistorical era, Ao Li silently held Feng Qinxin up and rushed straightaway, fleeing at his highest speed.

The roof was shattered by the dark gale. Without taking a glance at Dark Water Serpent, Ji Hao continued wielding Pan Gu Dragon Mark and neatly cut off the three Gong Gongs’ heads.

Raising the ‘Abba’s head, he now raised his head and growled towards the sky, "Gong Gong! Do you see it? Which ancestor was he to you? I chopped their heads off! Come on! Kill me!"

Dazzling thunderbolts flashed in the sky, illuminating the enormous jets of water. Gong Gong’s raging roars came from the ends of the sky. However, he didn’t show up. He didn’t risk his life to fight Ji Hao because of the death of his three ancestors.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. Gong Gong didn’t show up, which was perfect!

Smashing down from the sky, Dark Water Serpent was merely about three-hundred-meters away from Ji Hao. The strong gale quaked the earth. The Kui Gate was strengthened by the power of countless earth meridians, and was almost unbreakable. But right now, it quaked intensely, while countless thin cracks appeared on the ground.

Ji Hao pointed out his finger. The Pan Gu bell transformed into a Chaos power stream and rose into the sky, expanding to three-hundred-meters-tall while glowing brightly and shielding him.

Dark Water Serpent landed heavily on the bell. The bell ring echoed, as Chaos power streams urged out of the bell. In shock and rage, Dark Water Serpent screamed in pain!

The Pan Gu bell rang and turned all natural powers into Chaos. As Chaos power streams swept across, Dark Water Serpent’s scales split, his skin shattered, and flesh moldered. His skin, flesh, and blood were turned into strands of Chaos power, dissipating in the air. On a thousand meters long section of his body, all the skin, blood, and flesh was gone, exposing his black bones.

"What is this?! What is this?!" Dark Water Serpent shrieked without knowing what to do.

He came down to kill, but why on earth did he get himself injured so badly before he could kill anyone?

Ji Hao didn’t say a word to him. When the bell rang, he gripped the hilt of Pan Gu Dragon Mark and pierced the sword fiercely into the core of the altar, while casting the supreme sword spell taught by Yu Yu. Silently, Ji Hao boosted his power and sent all his power into Pan Gu Dragon Mark.

Following a puffing noise, sharp sword power streams erupted from the sword. Through the connection between all nine altars, sword power streams burst from all the other eight altars in no time. Showering under the blood-red beams, waves of colorless sword power penetrated those old Gong Gong’s bodies, tore apart their muscles, cut their bones, and devoured their life-force.

Shrill howls could be heard. Old Gong Gongs died one after another miserably and with grievance, without having the time to fight back.

Gong Gong flared up. He cursed Ji Hao loudly like a shrew. Nevertheless, he never showed up. From the beginning to the end, he never showed up to fight Ji Hao. Instead, he watched Ji Hao kill those old Gong Gongs one by one.

Poor old Gong Gongs! Each one of them was far stronger than Ji Hao, but…Before they had a chance to fight back, they were all killed so easily by him.

Dark Water Serpent burst into crazy roars. He twisted and coiled up, then transformed into a scrawny, dark-skinned old man with long white hair. He raised a snake-shaped staff and hit down on the Pan Gu bell.

All of a sudden, something flashed out of Ji Hao’s shadow. That was Yemo Shayi. He didn’t make even the slightest sound as he approached Dark Water Serpent from the back and launched a sword hack.

Netherworld Hierarch roared with laughter. Surrounded by his eighteen blood flying swords, Netherworld Hierarch locked his fingers together and raised a thousands of meters long, blood-red sword light beam, which struck violently down on Dark Water Serpent.

Howling in despair, blood splashed out of Dark Water Serpent’s body like a heavy rain.

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