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Dark Water Serpent hissed and wailed, while his poisonous blood splashed all over the sky.

The Pan Gu bell rang deeply and constantly, releasing strong streams of Chaos power, which enveloped Dark Water Serpent’s entire body. He struggled with all his strength; he rushed and punched, but failed to free himself from the bell’s power.

Ji Hao, Netherworld Hierarch, and Yemo Shayi launched their moves together. Pan Gu Dragon Mark, blood flying swords, and Yemo Shayi’s sword of destruction, which was crafted with a secret, non-humankind technique, swished across the air simultaneously. Every single sword was a top-grade, lethal weapon. Dark Water Serpent’s scales were strangely strong, but were broken by these fierce swords one after another.

Netherworld Hierarch grinningly looked at Dark Water Serpent, watched blood spurting out from his body. He shouted hurriedly, "Be careful, be careful, leave his body whole! Don’t cut him into pieces! Otherwise, I would have to do a lot of extra work to fix his body if I want to make him into a zombie!"

Hearing this, Ji Hao laughed out loud. Pan Gu Dragon Mark shone with a cold light and pierced deeply into Dark Water Serpent’s forehead, which was a vital body part. The sword tip sank into Dark Water Serpent’s body and squeezed out a large stream of blood mixed with the brain.

"Lord Gong Gong…Kun Peng…Xiang Liu…Wuzhi Qi, what are you doing?! The great plan will be ruined if you don’t do anything!" Dark Water Serpent shrieked towards the sky shrilly.

Netherworld Hierarch chuckled. He wielded his arms and sent large streams of Netherworld power to Dark Water Serpent. The Netherworld power drilled into Dark Water Serpent’s body through his wounds. Dark Water Serpent felt that both his body and soul were paralyzed and numb, then a weird change happened to his body.

Netherworld Hierarch was too impatient; he just couldn’t wait. Before Dark Water Serpent even died, he had already started using his body as a raw material.

Dark Water Serpent freaked out. He struggled harder and harder, but Chaos power streams released from the Pan Gu bell tightly wrapped him. He even drained the last bit of his strength from his marrow, but still failed to break out.

High up in the sky, in the magnificent, sacred heaven, Gong Gong was looking at the images shown in a divine mirror above his head with a badly darkened face. On the nine altars, suffering from those interweaving blood-red beams, the twenty-seven powerful old Gong Gongs were defenseless. Yu Ancestor’s special ability, that ‘position-switching’ magic he cast, actually triggered the death of these old Gong Gongs.

He growled in wrath. Through the special formation in heaven, his voice echoed through the entire world.

He roared and growled, but it was all useless. Gong Gong wanted to dive down to the Qui Gate to save his ancestors. As long as he arrived with his people and stopped Ji Hao to let his ancestors return safely, things would be back in control. Even though those old Gong Gongs were all wounded seriously, they were still powerful enough to awe the humankind, and the Gong Gong Family would still have the strength to conquer the world.

But Dishi Cha blocked his way. With a warm grin on his face, Dishi Cha was wearing an indescribably luxurious armor, each hand gripping a shiny, resplendently decorated sword, as he stood in front of Gong Gong.

His blood-red armor was fabulously beautiful, embossed with countless blood-red metal roses, each rose looking so lifelike. The petals seemed to be tender and soft, and from the flower cores, blood-red light spots had been drifting out, as if a breeze was shaking the flowers and stirring up pollens.

Every petal of each metal rose had thousands of tiny cutting surfaces on it. Every cutting surface reflected a dazzling light, and within the light, countless spell symbols sparkled. Wearing the armor, Dishi Cha’s entire body was covered by countless metal roses that glistened so brightly that Gong Gong couldn’t bear to even look directly at him.

As for the pair of swords in Dishi Cha’s hands, those were hollow carved, also with rose embossments. The swords were transparent, seeming ready to be blown away by a breeze. A flame-like bright blood-red light coiled on the pair of swords. When Dishi Cha wielded the pair of swords, two blood-red, frigid streams of light would linger in the air dazzlingly, without fading for a long while.

"Gong Gong, this is the end." Dishi Cha smilingly looked at Gong Gong and said, "Enough, it’s already enough. You better stay here and don’t move. If you do what I say, our agreement can still be effective…The souls of human beings will belong to you, while we have their bodies."

In confusion, Gong Gong looked at Dishi Cha and asked, "What are you doing? What do you want? Dishi Cha, we are allies. Are you gonna watch the ancestors of our Gong Gong Family be killed? Without them, our Gong Gong Family can never conquer the humankind!"

"We don’t need you to conquer the humankind, because… we will be doing that." Dishi Cha answered the question with a bright smile, "As a chess piece, you have already accomplished all your missions perfectly. Now, you can stay here and watch."

"You are a chess piece of ours. For a long time to come, we still need you as a mask to paralyze human beings in this world, to wear out their courage of resistance. We will destroy their fighting will and their spirits, and they will fall into slavery, both their bodies and their souls."

"During this process, we need a mask to paralyze them, all of them. You are our best choice. When you sit on the throne of a divine emperor, serving as our puppet, you will be treated the way you deserve."

"As a chess piece, that is all you can do now. Therefore…Don’t move, don’t do anything reckless. Otherwise, switching to a new puppet is not a difficult thing for us." Dishi Cha smiled brilliantly, but his words sounded cold and so mean.

Gong Gong’s heart sank. Looking at Dishi Cha’s smiling face, he said frowningly, "Are you sure that you are able to conquer the humankind without my help? Don’t you forget that many powerful ones are still hiding among human beings, much more than we already know. It has been so many years, but even I failed to reach to the bottom of their strength."

"Facing a crushing force, all so-called ‘strengths’ are valueless!" Wearing that destructive weapon, Yemo Tian floated in the air like a hundreds of meters tall giant. Behind him, all kinds of wings released strong, dreadful power vibrations.

Yemo Tian said overexcitedly, "Just do what we said, or you will die in a very miserable way!"

Scrupled, Gong Gong looked at Yemo Tian. Remaining silent for a while, he turned around and looked at the few senior ministers under his command. He believed that he was strong enough to defeat Yemo Tian in that destructive weapon, but he needed people to stall Dishi Cha for him.

But his heart sank even deeper as he turned around.

Wuzhi Qi carried his large club and stood still. His eyes dazzled dimly, fixed on the two standing in front of him.

Those were Kun Peng and Xiang Liu, each with a tiny lotus faintly sparkling between their eyebrows. With a fake smile, they blocked Wuzhi Qi’s way.

"Wuzhi Qi, we are friends for so many years. So, don’t bring us troubles," said Kun Peng with a low voice.

Gong Gong gasped in shock.

His ally and ministers had all betrayed him.

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