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The boundless Chaos…

The unimaginably enormous golden city dazzled with a golden light. Wherever it flew across, the Chaos was quieted down, and the disturbed natural powers were eased. The heterogeneous Chaos power was turned into clear streams, softly flowing by the city.

On the fence wall, strong warriors in full armors were on patrol under those golden divine towers. Occasionally, unlucky Chaos creatures would fly across, and a warrior would immediately burst into a resonant growl, then pull open his longbow.

The golden light flashed across, as blood and flesh splashed. Chaos creatures were slaughtered one after another. Countless exquisitely made golden flying boats hovered around the city, classifying and collecting the skin, meat, blood, and bones of those Chaos monsters, shipping back into the city to store. Left behind the golden city was a storm of blood. Not one Chao creature survived.

Inside the city, in the core area, hundreds of enormous, magnificent, mountain-like golden palaces stood on the ground. These palaces were built from golden, translucent crystals, giving out an inexhaustible light and heat at every moment. Ordinarily, cultivators wouldn’t be able to even approach these palaces before being incinerated.

On the squares around these palaces, countless heavily armored warriors were on patrol. Showering under the golden light of those palaces, the skins of these warriors were slightly translucent, such that one could even see their bones and veins under their skins.

In the tallest palace, on a stage which was about six-hundred-meters tall, was a throne. It was as large as a hill, and embossed with countless luxurious and exquisite beautiful plants. Sitting straight on the hollow carved throne was a handsome man in a long golden robe, with his eyes narrowed, looking at the disturbed Chaos outside the widely opened gate of the great hall.

From the stage to the floor, countless Yu Clan, Jia Clan, and Xiu Clan people stood on each stair, according to their positions. They were wearing long golden robes, seriously looking at the few Xiu Clan old mn, who were busy at work in the middle of the hall.

Countless extremely complicated and precise mechanical components floated in the air. The core of this giant machine was thousands of different sized crystal pieces. The smallest piece was only about a foot squared in area. Each small crystal piece had countless brightly shining spell symbols flowing down from it in streams.

The largest crystal piece was about three-thousand-meters-squared and ten-meters-thick, covered in a misty sparkling light. Inside the crystal piece were curved lines, different colored light spots, along with triangular, round, and rectangular, sparkling symbols.

‘Beep, beep’

A Xiu Clan old man raised his head and reverently reported to the man sitting on the throne, "Master, about the man in a black robe just now, based on our database, the nature of the water power surged out from his head was highly similar to the water power from Pan Gu world."

"That man should be from Pan Gu world."

This Xiu Clan old man continued cautiously, "The man disappeared and left that red creature. We guess that they have used some kind of ‘position-switch’ magic, replacing the man with the red creature, and bringing him back to Pan Gu world."

The man sitting on the throne slowly opened his eyes.

Same as human beings from Pan Gu world, this man had one pair of eyes, sparkling like stars, without the third, fourth, or the fifth eye.

When this man opened his eyes, the entire golden city was dimmed down due to the glaring, dreadful light emitting from his eyes. His shining pair of eyes illuminated the immeasurably wide golden city.

"Local creatures of Pan Gu world, those ignorant lives, are they strong enough to come to this place? He seems to be lucky." The man teasingly smiled, then gently waved his hand, said, "Capture that red creature and dissect it."

With a faint, cold smile, he continued, "Based on the developmental level of Pan Gu world, they shouldn’t be having any advanced ‘position-switch’ magic. Therefore, this should be a smart use of a natural ability. That man can’t have such an ability, which means, this red creature is born with this ability…This is worth studying on."

A Xiu Clan man stood on the stage, holding a thick crystal book. He abruptly laughed and said, "Master, I found it. This red creature is a magical creature from Pan Gu world, called ‘Yu’."

"‘Yu’, they can harm living creatures by spraying poisonous sands onto their shadows. Attacked by Yu’s sands, living creatures would suffer a great pain, and eventually die of exhaustion. Yu Ancestor is a creature with a nature of water.When Pan Gu world was created, he was generated by the natural reward power for the creation of the world, as one of the first generation of creatures in Pan Gu world. Currently, he serves as one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command."

Coughing slightly, the old Xiu Clan man nodded to the man sitting in the throne and said, "Master, Gong Gong Family people are carrying out Lord Dishi Cha’s ‘navigation plan’. The twelve carefully selected water worlds are merging with Pan Gu world. The energy waves releasing from the great navigation formation we designed can be detected by our ‘void divine mirror’, which can guide us to Pan Gu world."

"Ah, in this case, Gong Gong, a chess piece of ours, is not willing to remain out of the limelight." The man sitting on the throne gave a faint smile and responded with a low voice, "What Dishi Cha promised them is not enough to fulfill their greed, is it? Anyhow, the ones capable enough to travel into the Chaos are all powerful beings."

Slightly shaking his head, this man continued blandly, "However, bringing these powerful beings back to Pan Gu world, what’s the point of this? When we arrive in Pan Gu world, the world can only…yield."

Slowly standing up, the man looked at the complicatedly designed void mirror and said confidently, "We’ve been planning carefully and elaborately for so long. Finally, finally, Pan Gu world is in our control. Most importantly, those bloody people will not fight me over it. All resources in that world will belong to me, and me only."

"Dishi, Yemo, Fan, Polo, Pi, Yanmo, Jialou…" The man said the family names of the twelve families in power of Yu Dynasty in Pan Gu world carelessly, then sneered scornfully, "You poor low-grade nobles, how can you, how dare you grow such an ambition? How dare you occupy this fabulous great world?"

"Even I am tempted by this great world. It is so perfect, so healthy. It has never been damaged. It is a world that may allow me to finally take that step. You poor lowly things, how dare you? You don’t deserve it."

"You tried so hard. You concealed the coordinates of this world for so many years. But now, it’s mine!"

On the largest crystal piece in the void divine mirror, a colorful, large light sphere emerged.

Strangely, twelve white tiny light spheres were attached to the surface of the large light sphere. The twelve tiny light spheres released waves of milky white ripples ceaselessly, interweaving and dazzling like lighthouses on the sea during the dark night.

"The destination — Pan Gu world! At full speed!" The man smiled warmly and said, "I can’t wait to harvest!"

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