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The Chaos was vast, boundless, and endless.

Chaos tides struck against each other, as dazzling light streams extended for billions of miles. Occasionally, one could see enormous, strangely shaped Chaos creatures roaring and struggling in the lights.

Across the boundless Chaos and countless, different sized worlds, was a jellyfish-like creature. Its head was a million miles in radius. Under that head were hundreds of thousands of tentacles, long or short, thick or thin. Its body glowed with a five-colored light. It roared, screamed, and dashed across a tremendous Chaos whirlpool, then flew out of a turbid ocean of clouds.

The gigantic and beautiful creature flew to above a beautiful world and pointed out its tentacles. Five-colored light beams descended like rain and swished shrilly, falling into a vast ocean in the middle of this world.

A middle-aged man stood on the ocean surface. His square face gave him a majestic look. He was wearing a long black robe, and a colorful bronze armor vest. Treading on a pair of dark dragons, he looked at the surface of the ocean, seeming to be lost in his thoughts.

The rain of five-colored light fell from the sky. The middle-aged man raised his head and teasingly sneered to that giant, jellyfish-like creature.

"Evil thing, in the past ten thousand years, you’ve gone too far in bullying. Today, you have returned once more. How can I, Gong Gong, tolerate you for another day?" Under this man’s feet, the pair of dark dragon roared towards the sky. Their bodies transformed into a pair of large blades. Flicked by Gong Gong’s fingers, a pair of hundred-thousand-miles-long, dark, crescent-shaped light streams rose into the sky, then silently sliced across the jellyfish’s body.

Countless beams of five-colored light were shredded by the dark crescent lights, while the giant jellyfish silently fell apart. Crystal-like five-colored liquid splashed out from its body.

"Pre-world five lights divine essence water! Great, great, I can achieve an even higher level now!" Gong Gong looked at the five-colored liquid falling like a heavy rain, waved his arms and roared in excitement. He opened his mouth and breathed deeply. As the five-colored liquid fell into his mouth, the power vibration he released got stronger and stronger. Gradually, hazy, endless waves emerged behind his body.

"Pre-world Chaos treasure, dark dragon blade! Hahaha, indeed marvelous!" While gulping the five-colored liquid, Gong Gong pointed out his fingers. Following his move, the pair of dark crescent lights, which were flying further and further away, helplessly roared, then slowly returned.

Gong Gong gripped he pair of crescent lights and shouted, "Evil things, if I didn’t bring you back from the hopeless situation, when could you ever fulfill your appetite with fresh blood? I’ve wasted a thousand years on you. If you still refuse to yield…"

A thunderous boom could be heard from above Gong Gong’s head, as an unimaginably strong water power shattered the space like an actual flood and drilled into his body. Behind him, a crimson Yu roared towards the sky. The figure of the Yu turned clearer and clearer, while Gong Gong became more and more blur.

"He succeeded! He succeeded…My boy, after several generations, he finally succeeded! Haha, I can finally return! I can finally leave this bloody Chaos and return! I can go home!" Gong Gong was thrilled. He stomped his foot against the ocean surface and growled excitedly.

"The green mountains and rivers in Pan Gu world, the icebergs and snowfields in Northern Wasteland, and those beautiful, beautiful little girls from Pan Gu world… Strong liquor, appetizing grilling meat, haha, I am finally leaving this bloody Chaos!"

"I’m coming back, I am coming back! Haha! Pan Gu world, from this day on, I am your dominator!"

At the same time, immeasurably far away in the Chaos, a tens of thousands of meters tall man, wearing a long black robe and holding a dark trident, was fighting against tens of Chaos creatures, showering blood. Above his head, the space cracked suddenly as well.

Torrents of pure water power surged into his body. The man was exhausted a minute ago, but now, he roared towards the sky, sounding like dragons. Hearing his thunderous roars, the tens of Chaos creatures vigilantly drew back. This battle had lasted for nearly a hundred years.

A crimson Yu gradually emerged from behind this man, getting clearer and clearer, while the man became more and more blur. Seeing the tens of Chaos creatures, the ferocious-looking Yu instantly opened its mouthpart. From its mouth, poisonous gas and sands puffed out like a storm.

"Hah, do you even have any strength left to fight?" The man gripped his trident and shouted to the tens of Chaos creatures, "The treasure you took from me, give it back!"

Flashing across the sky, giant waves rose from around this man’s body. Replenished by the endless water power from the Chaos, this man’s strength had been restored to his peak state. Wave after wave, the pure water power descended ceaselessly, forcibly filling his body and boosting his power and cultivation.

He wielded the trident and left billions of eye-piercing cold light beams in the air. The waves around him formed a giant whirlpool that looked like a black hole, easily swirling the tens of Chaos creatures in.

The cold light dazzled. The largest Chaos creature in the battle looked like a mixture of a toad and a lobster. The creature burst into a howl as its belly was torn apart by the trident. A water-tank-sized, brightly glowing bead flew out of his body, being grabbed in the man’s hand.

"Haha, weightless divine pearl, which can destroy a world with one strike. With this treasure, when I return to Pan Gu world, one of the five divine emperor thrones in the heaven…should belong to me!" The man laughed wildly towards the sky while his body disappeared amidst surging waves.

In the boundless Chaos, twenty-seven men in black robes had been exploring new worlds, or aimlessly traveling across the Chaos, or fighting against Chaos creatures…

An endless water power from Pan Gu world suddenly arrived through the Chaos and merged into their bodies, speedily restoring their powers. Added with special ‘position-switching’ magic, they were brought back to Pan Gu world.

Among the twenty-seven men, the one who traveled the furthest unintentionally went through over ten Chaos whirlpool, and crossed a very long distance. When the ‘position-switching magic’ prepared by Yu Ancestor was triggered, this old Gong Gong paused suddenly. In both shock and fright, he gazed at the boundless Chaos before his eyes.

A golden light shone from the endless Chaos and expanded speedily. Within a blink of an eye, all Chaos tides in the area a billion miles in radius were shattered by the golden light.

A golden, shining, immeasurably large and magnificent city was flying in the Chaos at a startling speed, crushing all Chaos tides on its way like an enormous ship. The fence wall of this city was over three-meter-tall. Standing on the fence wall were countless divine towers.

Above each divine tower was a sun-like, dazzling sphere of light, and within every light sphere was a giant erect eye, vigilantly looking around.

"A non-humankind city…in the Chaos!" murmured this old Gong Gong, "I, have I approached the non-humankind’s nest? Oh my, how many non-humankind armies can this city contain? Good, good, they’re not heading to Pan Gu world!"

Following his sigh, this old Gong Gong disappeared, as a giant, crimson Yu appeared.

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