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The Kui Gate was guarded by the Dark Water Serpent Family.

Dark Water Serpent was one of the eight senior ministers under Gong Gong’s command. He was born when the world was created, one of the first generation of creatures in Pan Gu world. He had near-infinite strength, and his body was as strong as spirit treasures. His direct descendants and some mix-blooded descendants who inherited his powers, were all especially strong, much more powerful than ordinarily spirit creatures.

Kui Gate was ruled by the Dark Water Serpent Family. In this area, all spirit creatures, including those ‘kings’, dared not to disrespect the members of the Dark Water Serpent Family.

Before the auction started, the group of Dark Water Serpent Family member were the last to enter the auction house. They didn’t know what happened before they came. No one reported to them about what Ji Hao did to that ‘dragon whale king’, neither would they ask about these small things, which weren’t worth mentioning.

The bald, dark-skinned man held his head high, pointed at Ji Hao, and yelled out loud, seeming to treat Ji Hao as a slave of his. On the stone pillar, a large number of Dark Water Serpent Family members laughed out loud, especially the three strong dark water serpent men sitting on top of three giant rocks. Their power vibrations were much stronger than the others. They even slapped their laps when laughing wildly, as if something very amusing had just happened. In their eyes, with the power and influence of the Dark Water Serpent Family, forcing a small crayfish to stop bidding and surrendering the item, was not even a thing!

Surrounding spirit creatures were agitated. Spirit creatures were born brutal and fierce. Their blood boiled inside their bodies as they excitedly looked at Ji Hao, hoping for him to react in an expected way.

Ji Hao kept his legs crossed and eyes narrowed. While sneering, he looked at that dark water serpent man, and responded slowly in a strong voice, "I can’t bid again? Alright, well, that guy…"

Ji Hao directly poked his fingers into the rock that he was sitting on, conveniently dug out a fist-sized piece of rock, then flicked his fingers and sent it away. Followed by a muffled ‘pop’, the rock swished across the air, causing an air blast as it flew towards the merman who was hosting the auction.

The merman’s look changed slightly. His eyes sparkled with a deep blue light. Above his head, the tens of enormous pearls released strong streams of water, merged into a glistening water shield, and defended the merman against the rock.

The moment the rock bumped heavily into the water shield, the shield froze into a thick ice shield, and the rock exploded, turning into fine powder, drifting down from the air. Countless different sized cracks were left on the ice shield.

Ji Hao stood up, also walked to the edge of the pillar top, then pointed his finger at that mermen from a distance away and yelled, "Oi, what kind of auction are you holding? Eh? Someone forbade me to bid, aren’t you going to do anything about it?"

His shrill voice echoed across the broad auction house. All the other spirit creatures, who had nothing to do with this, remained silent, looking at Ji Hao and those dark water serpents with evil smiles on their faces.

The merman frowned. Sighing slightly, he turned around and sighed again towards those dark water serpents on the extra tall stone pillar, then said, "Gentlemen from the Dark Water Serpent Family, I assume you all know that this auction is supported by many powerful beings together, such as…"

The three dark water serpent men sitting on the three giant rocks were obviously the leaders of the group. One of them, who was about nine metes tall, had his upper body bared, with a dark flood dragon coiled around his waist. He stood up, crossed his arms over his chest, then sneered at the merman with his head held high.

"Of course, we will not offend those powerful beings. After all, some of them are our brothers."

Pointing heavily at Ji Hao, that dark water serpent man gave a large grin, then let out his foot-long fork tongue and quickly licked his nose tip as he continued, "But, we don’t like this old crayfish. We think he doesn’t deserve to bid in front of us…This doesn’t count as hindering the auction on purpose, does it?"

The group of dark water serpents laughed out loud together. They puffed up their chests, their eyes shining fiercely as they glanced at surrounding spirit creatures. Some of them even aggressively released their dreadful powers.

The mermen had nothing to say in reply. He clearly understood that these dark water serpents were not going to follow any rules, because they wanted to buy out the first item with the smallest price, to own the two-hundred and forty-thousand girls. However, their excuse put the merman in a difficult position. As they said, they were not trying to hinder the auction on purpose. Instead, they just simply didn’t like this old crayfish, and wanted this old crayfish to stop bidding. After all, Kui Water area was ruled by the Dark Water Serpent Family. This auction was indeed supported by a considerable number of strong forces, but the Dark Water Serpent Family was one of them!

Therefore, the merman could only helplessly spread his hands, turn around, and say to Ji Hao regrettably, "Sir, you…"

The merman didn’t finish his speech, but his talking eyes explained everything. He was trying to tell Ji Hao, ‘You can kill one ‘king’, but you can never defeat the entire Dark Water Serpent Family. Therefore, be smart, just take a dive and sit down.’

Ji Hao chuckled. If this first item was anything other than human girls, and if this item was useless to him, he could indeed give up for now for his plan. After all, he came to Kui Gate undercover with a purpose, which was definitely not a massacre. Nevertheless, the first item was two-hundred and forty-thousand living human girls! The worst things that could ever happen to them in human clans would be serving the others as maids, doing hard work all day and being betrothed to strange men to bear sons and daughters. But, if they fell into the hands of these spirit creatures, their end could be easily imagined. Even Ji Hao couldn’t bear to imagine that miserable, hell-like scene.

Sighing slightly, Ji Hao narrowed his eyes. Sometimes, he didn’t seek for troubles, but troubles sought him. In this case, he had no choice but to try his best!

Ji Hao straightened his stooped body. Strands of cold, silver-blue air spread from Ji Hao’s body as he started growing taller and bigger, inch by inch. Soon, he reached the height of fifteen meters; he was even as large as the strongest dark water serpent man in the front.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Ji Hao looked at those dark water serpents. "Did you say that you will wipe out all crayfishes and shrimps in Kui Gate? You can try! Wanna bet? Would you like to make a bet with me about whether crayfishes and shrimps or dark water serpents will die out the first in Kui Gate?"

The entire action house was stirred. Countless spirit creatures roared out in excitement.

It happened! This arrogant old crayfish challenged those dark water serpents! He actually did it!

This was too exciting! Stimulating! Those shrimps, who survived on the bottom of the food chain, how dare they challenge the Dark Water Serpent Family?!

Spirit creatures roared in chorus, and shouted as loud as they could insanely.

Those dark water serpent men were all stunned. They couldn’t even say a word.

What did they hear?

This old crayfish, was he arrogant enough to…actually challenge the Dark Water Serpent Family?

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