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"Kill him!" All of a sudden, and old water willow man leaped up and pointed at Ji Hao while screaming.

"Kill him!" A billhead shark man jumped out of the crowd, excitedly wielding his oddly-shaped sword, gritting his teeth and yelling at Ji Hao. Behind him, a blood-red mist puffed out, within which, an enormous, strange-looking billhead shark was faintly visible, roaring madly.

"Kill him! Kill him! Kill him!!!" In the auction house, at least half of all ‘spirit creatures kings’ began shouting and yelling. Under their commands, countless spirit creatures raised their weapons, pointed at Ji Hao, and growled ‘kill him’ in chorus.

The vast space inside the auction house was based on a building carved out of an entire piece of rock, created by tens of thousands of deep sea pearls. By now, the entire space was quaking due to the thunderous roars of hundreds of thousands of spirit creatures. The merman slightly frowned. He took out a cyan-colored bead and quickly whispered a few words in it.

The faces of the group of dark water serpents were slightly blushed. Hearing so many spirit creatures shouting at them, these dark water serpents surely wouldn’t know that this was because of the strength that Ji Hao had shown earlier. Earlier, Ji Hao violently killed the ‘dragon whale king’, forcing his followers to renegade right in front of everyone else. Watching this, all the other ‘spirit creature kings’ were badly frightened. They dared not to even to talk anymore, which made them feel unprecedentedly humiliated.

At this moment, the group of dark water serpents took the lead to be against Ji Hao, and this ‘old crayfish with a lowly bloodline’ was actually stupid enough to challenge the Dark Water Serpent Family. To those ‘kings’, this was the best chance to get Ji Hao killed.

Hearing the roars of all surrounding spirit creatures, the group of dark water serpents proudly smiled and held their heads high, looking at the ceiling. They were almost facing the ceiling with their nostrils. In their eyes, this was all because of the great fame and influence of the Dark Water Serpent Family. They believed that everyone against them would be universally condemned, while they would always be supported by the whole world!

The three leaders laughed out loud together. Their laughter sounded like rumbling thunders, which immediately silenced the roars of hundreds of thousands of spirit creatures. Sitting in the middle, the tallest one among the three said proudly, "You’re right. This guy challenged our Dark Water Serpent Family, so we should kill him!"

The other dark water serpents breathed deeply, then yelled, "Yeah! Kill him! Kill all crayfishes and shrimps in Kui Gate!"

On the stage right in the middle of the auction house, shrimp warriors who were responsible for escorting those human girls onto the stage as samples gripped their spears nervously. These shrimp warriors could be counted as elites among their kind. Therefore, they were much smarter than the ordinary ones, almost as smart as human adults.

They looked at Ji Hao in despair. They deeply understood that because of the arrogance of this old crayfish, all crayfishes and shrimps in Kui Gate would be destroyed.

How many water-kind spirit creatures were stationed at Kui Gate? No one had ever counted! But the number of shrimp warriors was always the largest among them all. The number of shrimp warrior in Kui Gate area was about ten times bigger than the number of registered spirit creature in this area. Millions and millions of shrimp warriors, they were all going to be chopped, only because of Ji Hao’s arrogance!

Following a series of metal clangs, shrimp warriors in the auction house quickly circled up into a defensive battle formation. They gritted their teeth and pointed their highly poisonous spear tips towards all spirit creatures in the surroundings.

These shrimp warriors were merely trying to protect themselves, but their behavior made countless spirit creatures in the surroundings laugh.

Tiny shrimp warriors, the strongest one among them was only at the level of Senior Magi. In the tremendous water-kind society, this shrimp warrior could be no more than a low-grade commander, who was slightly influential.

As for those dark water serpents who swore to kill all shrimp warriors, even the weakest one among them was as strong as a peak-level Magus King! A powerful spirit creature like this could easily slaughter countless shrimp warriors.

"They actually dared to fight back!" A dark water serpent pointed at Ji Hao and laughed, "Summer, right? Did you give them the courage? Eh? So unruly! You lowliest shrimp warriors, how dare you even fight back?"

Ji Hao coldly stared at those dark water serpents. Flood flying knives darted out of his body one after another. Nine three-foot-long blood-red light beams nimbly hovered around Ji Hao like butterflies. Gradually, the light beams turned thinner and thinner, eventually turning into hair-like, blood-red threads, which caused ear-piercing, shrill noises in the air.

"From now on, all shrimp warriors in Kui Gate, and the other scaled ones who are willing to follow me, are my boys. If anyone dares to touch even one scale of them, I will kill…And I will kill a lot!"

Ji Hao silently cast a sky devil magic. While he was talking, bone-piercing cold streams of air swished into the souls of all spirit creatures on the scene. The shouts and yells suddenly paused, and no one could say another word. Even those confidently laughing dark water serpents suddenly shut the mouths. Ji Hao’s words sealed their mouths like a heavy block of ice. They tried to move their lips, they tried very hard, but still failed to say even one word.

"Carry on, the auction continues!" Standing by the edge of the stone pillar, Ji Hao said coldly, "Or…"

Silently, a water ape, whose long fur was blood-red colored, showed up beside the merman. The merman threw a complicated glance at Ji Hao, then turned around and said to the few dark water serpents, "The few lords said, Kui Gate market is for us to make money. Whoever dares to break the rules…will have to die. Ancestor Dark Water Serpent sent me to tell you kids To stay out of trouble. If there’s something you have to do, wait untill after the auction!"

The group of dark water serpents were dumbfounded. They blinked their eyes quickly, as they couldn’t believe what they just heard.

What a joke?! Did their own great ancestor forbid them to do whatever they wanted in here? Why? What the hell?

The water ape glanced at Ji Hao coldly once again, then warned him as well, "Summer, right? No matter what you are, you are not allowed to cause troubles in Kui Gate. Otherwise, you will be destroyed."

Pausing briefly, the water ape announced with a harsh tone, "The batch of human girls belongs to Summer, settled! Nothing happened just now. And right now, we are going to introduce you the first treasure from the Dragon Palace in the East Sea — The milkyway soul-splitting hand fan’."

The water ape took a few steps backward, and allowed two slim and beautiful clam girls to carry a long jade tray onto the stage quietly.

Placed on the stage was an eight-feet-long folding fan. On the halfway spread fan, starlights merged into a magnificent, sparkling river, surging across the fan. Colorful starlights spun quickly in the river. By glimpsing at the fan, one would have a frightening feeling, as if both the body and the soul were suddenly emptied.

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, while Netherworld Hierarch gasped in shock.

This was a supreme spirit treasure that was generated when the world was created, and had absorbed the natural reward power for the creation of the world!

How could any ordinary spirit creature ever attain such a supreme treasure? This might truly be from the Dragon Palace!

Which black sheep among the dragon-kind dared to do such a thing?

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