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The four men apologized, while White Feather was standing beside Ji Hao, saying nice words with a gentle voice. Ji Hao said nothing but laughed coldly with his hissing voice. On his silver-blue shell, strands of silver, cold light had been twisting, which looked like countless extremely long strands of silver water grass, fluttering wildly in the sky.

Seeing his not-so-pretty crayfish face and that human-head-sized hole on the flood dragon man’s chest, Ji Hao’s laughter seemed extremely cruel and cold. More and more spirit creatures in the surroundings were frightened by Ji Hao’s laughter, and had their legs softened, even kneeling on the ground.

Ji Hao’s intent of killing was true.

While facing the great salvation seal earlier, if the Pan Gu bell hadn't protected his embryos of Dao and primordial spirit, and if the mysterious man didn’t teach him the ‘all living beings reincarnate’ move, allowing Ji Hao to combine all his powers and energies, and launch that amazing strike, he would have become a passionate follower of these four men, right? Becoming a disciple’s disciple of Priest Mu from Yu Yu’s disciple? If this truly happened…

Thinking of the consequences and the possible effects, Ji Hao’s fine hair stood straight up. The great salvation seal, such a disgusting magic!

Should he kill the four men? This was a water-kind spirit creature market in the Kui Gate, and this place was perfect for Ji Hao to kill them. White Feather couldn’t stop him, neither could those powerful spirit creatures who were hiding in his market.

He had the nine blood flying knives gifted from Netherworld Hierarch now, and he would love to find out what those knives could do.

Seeing Ji Hao’s eyeballs rolling in his eye sockets, glowing with a fierce light, the looks of the four men slightly changed. Simultaneously, they took a few steps backward. With each step, they drew back for nearly a hundred meters, and soon, they had moved hundreds of meters away, vigilantly looking at Ji Hao.

White Feather hurriedly blocked Ji Hao’s way. Grinning from ear to ear, he cupped his hands, bowed to Ji Hao, and said, "Mr. Summer, Mr. Summer, we’re all friends, all friends…Please, don’t be angry…What about…what about I make the call, that whatever you buy from the auction, you can have ten percent discount?"

Ji Hao smiled, then threw a taunting glance at the four men.

He had already attained an embryo of Dao of space. Therefore, he had a much deeper understanding about the great Dao of space than any ordinary being in the world. Added with the magical power of the golden bridge, Ji Hao could reach straight to their faces instantly, with a single thought of his, even if these four men were standing ten-thousand miles away.

Could hundreds of meters of distance truly bring those men a sense of security? So ridiculous!

As for White Feather…Ji Hao reached out his hands, then scornfully, even insultingly and evilly, patted White Feather’s face and said, "Recklessly stepping into my business…If I were younger, you would have become a meat pie already. Ten percent discount? Do I lack that bit? I don’t even know what you are talking about."

When the coiling silver-colored power streams gradually faded around Ji Hao’s body, Ji Hao turned around and glanced at Netherworld Hierarch.

If Netherworld Hierarch weren’t here, he could have killed these few disciples of Priest Mu without any worry. However, after all, Netherworld Hierarch was a powerful being, at the same level as Priest Hua, Priest Mu, and Yu Yu. Killing Priest Mu’s disciples right in front of him? More or less, Ji Hao was still afraid of Netherworld Hierarch. It was just like how kids could fight, bully, and do whatever they wanted sneakily, when no adult was watching. But pulling out a small knife and stabbing another kid right in front of an adult? To be honest, Ji Hao wasn’t sure about that.

But on turning around, Ji Hao suddenly saw Netherworld Hierarch’s brightly sparkling eyes, and the excitement on his face. He seemed too eager to watch Ji Hao slaughter the four men…Was he accidentally excited? Did he want to see the four men be killed?

Clicking his tongue, Ji Hao curbed the thought of killing anyone.

Netherworld Hierarch’s reaction was a bit weird. Abruptly, Ji Hao didn’t want to kill anybody anymore. Or in other words, even if he still wanted to take out these four men, he should wait till he was alone, then do it sneakily without catching any attention. That would be the best end of this whole thing, Ji Hao believed.

"I don’t lack that small money, neither do I like the others getting involved in my business. You’re a polite man, and you’ve shown respect. Let’s call an end of this. But, if things like this happen again, hehe…" Ji Hao laughed evilly, patted heavily on White Feather’s shoulder, and said, "Westin Family people should all be smart."

White Feather laughed embarrassedly, while his left hand tightly gripped a golden jade talisman in his sleeve, which already had countless thin cracks on it. That was a defensive jade talisman made by a Westin Family elder himself. Under any physical attack, the talisman would trigger automatically to protect its owner. The talisman was shockingly powerful. Nevertheless, Ji Hao quaked the talismans suddenly into a useless piece, by doing noting but slapping on White Feather’s shoulder, before the talisman could release any power.

Ji Hao’s power was immeasurable, that in White Feather’s heart, the danger level of Ji Hao immediately went to the top. Meanwhile, White Feather also put Ji Hao into ‘the most important potential business partner’ list.

"Oi, you four, what trick did you play earlier to drive all these small things crazy? Undo that now. Otherwise…" Ji Hao pointed at those spirit creatures who kneeled devoutly on the ground, then snorted coldly and slightly.

The four men glanced at each other, and cast a spell in chorus. Then, their bodies emitted a warm light. Affected by the great salvation seal, these spirit creatures were forcibly turned into disciples of the four men, but their faith wasn’t solid. The four men lifted the seal, after which, those spirit creatures quivered and woke up.

Waking up from that passionate, insane state of believing, the thousands of spirit creatures suddenly realized how strange and terrifying things were a minute ago. At the same time, they were highly grateful to Ji Hao, who saved them from that unreasonably passionate and crazy state.

Thousands of spirit creatures kneeled on the ground, kowtowed to Ji Hao, and called him ‘King’.

More and more spirit creatures were affected by this abruptly occurring, worshipful atmosphere, at the same time, awed by the strong spirit creature power released by Ji Hao. They kneeled down one after another, following each other blindly, and kowtowed to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. Once again, he released his frigid, overwhelming spirit creature power. Leading his guards, Ji Hao broke into the rock building in the front, which was the venue of the auction that was to take place soon.

Those spirit creatures kneeled in the surroundings stopped and burst with a thunderous roar, then stood up and lined up disorderly but formidably, following behind Ji Hao’s guards with rumbling steps, marching into the building like an army.

Stepping into the building with such a high profile, Ji Hao’s eyes shone immediately. He saw tens of thousands of different sized deep sea pearls glowing with a strong blue light, creating a broad space, which was enough to contain a million people.

The venue was filled with rocks and stone pillars. The tops of many tall pillars had already been occupied by some spirit creatures, who seemed to be greatly powerful. Those spirit creatures were all surrounded by tens, to over one thousand relatively weaker spirit creatures.

As Ji Hao broke in suddenly, hundreds of dreadful streams of spirit creature power rose, transforming into differently colored mountains and descending to Ji Hao.

Hundreds of ‘king’-level spirit creatures joined hands and attempted to give Ji Hao’s warning.

An enormous dragon whale laughed out loud, "You’re nothing but a crayfish. Where did you get the guts to recruit guards?"

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