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In large human families, sons of concubines did not have the right to inherit the power and wealth of the family. Similarly, a spirit creature with a low-grade bloodline couldn’t possibly become a ‘king’ or a ‘queen’, who had his or her own territory, and hundreds of thousands of spirit creatures under his command. Even if spirit creatures like fishes, shrimps, toads, and water snakes managed to reach the level of ‘king’ on cultivation, and attained the strength to rival peak-level Divine Magi, those spirit creatures with ‘noble’ bloodlines, such as sharks, sea turtles, and poisonous serpents, still wouldn’t recognize their status. Not to mention the even ‘higher level’ ones, such as dragon whales and enormous turtles, or the ones with dragon descent, or the descendants of Chaos monsters; these spirit creatures were so proud, how could they ever take a crayfish seriously?

‘Summer’, the old crayfish, showed his power outside the auction house, defeating the four men and letting over ten-thousand spirit creatures follow his lead, calling him ‘king’ willingly. If ‘Summer’ were a flood dragon instead of a crayfish, these ‘king-level’ spirit creatures would love to see him rise as a ‘strong friend’. However, ‘Summer’ was a lowly crayfish who lived in the mud, searching for food in the mud. No matter how powerful ‘Summer’ was, those ‘kings’ didn’t think that he had the qualification to gain an equal footing with themselves.

As this dragon whale said, ‘Summer’ didn’t have the right to ‘recruit followers’, neither could he become a ‘king’.

Spirit creatures powers condensed into different colored mountains and roared down towards Ji Hao. Because of the strong pressure, all Tushan guards and shrimp warriors, and those spirit creatures who willingly followed Ji Hao, tremblingly fell to the ground.

Hundreds of ‘kings’ released their powers together. Facing these ‘kings’, the souls of some relatively weaker spirit creatures were even shattering.

Ji Hao showed the whites of his eyes while laughing out loud with his hissing voice. He sounded cold and emotionless, like two frozen iron sticks rubbing against each other. That voice of his was indescribably unpleasant to hear. "Big ones…So, I guess you don’t like me, do you?" Ji Hao clicked his tongue and said, "So scary!"

A silver-blue, frosty stream of spirit creature power rose from Ji Hao’s head. The nearly one hundred meters thick power stream rolled up for hundreds of meters high, then became an iceberg with a radius of hundreds of meters, floating above Ji Hao’s head.

Those differently colored mountains condensed from the powers released by the hundreds of ‘kings’ bumped against the silver-blue, crystal iceberg, and generated a thunderous series of booms. Those mountains disintegrated one after another, and not a single one managed to cause any harm to Ji Hao’s iceberg.

"But, I, ‘Summer’, am a bad-tempered man! If you are nice to me, I will surely be nice to you. But if you push me with violence, I have no choice but to give you a stab."

While speaking, Ji Hao suddenly boosted up his power, releasing a suffocating, dominating power vibration. Thankfully, threatened by Great Freedom, Priest Hua gave Ji Hao his results of Dao. The great Dao of evolvement could generate all kind of transformations, including the series of magic that Priest Hua created back during the prehistorical era by observing countless Chaos monsters in the world.

Thinking about those powerful, ferocious, enormous Chaos monsters who lived in the prehistorical era, Ji Hao silently cast a secret magic. Slowly, the powers that belonged to those Chaos monsters emerged in Ji Hao’s body. The sense of power released from Ji Hao’s body gradually turned terrifying. The powers that belonged to tens of thousands of Chaos monsters merged into one in his body, directly triggering a thorough transformation.

Violent, fierce, arrogant, blood-thirsting, brutal…The silver-blue spirit creature power stream rising from Ji Hao’s head suddenly turned purely dark. Meanwhile, the iceberg that floated above his head expanded rapidly, turned tens of times larger, dark as ink. Countless water-tank-thick spirit creature power streams surged out of the iceberg, twisting in the air like countless tentacles of a giant octopus.

The hundreds of ‘kings’ had been releasing their strong powers, yet, their powers bumped against the dark iceberg and shattered. They fell like shooting stars and became drifting clouds, dissipating in the air. Ji Hao laughed loudly while his dreadful power swept across the entire area. The hundreds of ‘kings’ and a part of their followers, who were the strongest in the auction house managed to stand still, while the rest of the spirit creatures were pressed down to the ground by that overwhelming power released from Ji Hao, shaking in fear.

The power released from Ji Hao had changed; it was even reaching directly to the ‘original great Dao’ of spirit creatures.

The Dao of spirit creature existed in Pan Gu world, which was the reason why spirit creatures existed in Pan Gu world. While thinking about tens of thousands of Chaos monsters, Ji Hao combined their powers into one. Unconsciously, his own spirit creature power was purified largely, almost reaching the level of ‘Dao’.

To the other spirit creatures, the power they sensed from Ji Hao at this very moment, was the source of all spirit creatures in the world, and Ji Hao had already become a ‘spirit creature ancestor’. A true ‘spirit creature ancestor’ had never existed in Pan Gu world. For this exact reason, the power released from Ji Hao’s body was so irresistible, so strong.

Laughing again with the hissing voice, Ji Hao looked at the hundreds of ‘kings’, who had been trying hard to remain standing. Even he was surprised by himself. He didn’t spend too much effort on this. Instead, with the ‘spirit creature turn’ secret magic, he thought about those Chaos monsters, and simply gathered their powers. But, how did he suppress hundreds of ‘kings’ and countless spirit creatures so suddenly and easily?

There must be something important that Ji Hao had yet to find out. But now, he shouldn’t spend time on this; even if he did dig deep and found out the truth, that wouldn’t mean too much to Ji Hao. Ji Hao never thought about being a true spirit creature, did he?

Laughing out loud, Ji Hao pointed his finger at the dragon whale who yelled at him just now. Nine blood-red blade light beams darted out. The nine blood-red light beams that were hundreds of meters long sliced across the dragon whale’s body, along with shrill screams that sounded like the cries of ghosts in hell. One one-inch-deep slash were easily left on the dragon whale’s thick skin.

The strong power released from Ji Hao was restrained by himself, as Ji Hao took back the nine blood flying knives.

Standing still silently, Ji Hao crossed his arms over his chest, narrowed his eyes and looked at those ‘kings’ who were shocked and confused. These ‘kings’ glanced at each other, then looked at the nine shadow slashes on the dragon whale’s body, which looked like nothing in comparison with his nearly thirty-meters-tall body.

Abruptly, ten ‘most honest’ or ‘silliest’ ‘kings’ laughed aloud.

"Hahaha, Summer, old crayfish, you’re quite smart!"

"Indeed, your bloodline is lowly, which means you have no chance to become a ‘king’. But follow me, and I can make you a commander!"

"Wrong, wrong, follow me! Make as much contribution as possible in Kui Water, then I can gift you a girl from my family. Thus, your bloodline will be improved through generations, right? Eventually, your offsprings will have their chance to become ‘kings’."

The group of muddleheaded ‘kings’ yelled at Ji Hao, intending to recruit him.

All of a sudden, the dragon whale’s body twitched. Puff! His giant body fell heavily from the top of a stone pillar, with streams of dark blood spurting out of his body. When the dragon whale’s sturdy, gigantic body fell on the ground, even his bones had melted into the dark blood.

The bloody soul of the dragon whale struggled up from the puddle of blood, but once it reached about three meter high, it let out a despairing howl. Followed by that, it suddenly became a faint blood-red strand of mist, silently dissipating in the air.

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