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Westin Family was unimaginably influential in the non-humankind society. When White Feather give Ji Hao the list of all armaments his family could provide, Ji Hao had a deeper understanding about this mysterious family.

Ji Hao now had a snow-white bone scroll in his hands, one foot and two inches long, six-inches wide, and three-inches thick. Fiddling with the scroll, Ji Hao had a closer look at the capabilities of the Westin Family.

The scroll was made from the bones of Bai Ze, an ancient divine beast. Westin Family people made an ancient divine beast’s bones into nothing more important than scrolls.

Pointing his finger at the scroll, a warm light was released from it. Lines of small characters and a large number of pictures appeared in the air in front of Ji Hao. Each high-quality image was only as big as Ji Hao’s palm, but very clear and detailed. Armors, helmets, arm protectors, leg protectors and all kinds of small defensive tools; blades, swords, longbows and arrows, strong spears, all kinds of shields, the heavy ones and the light ones; Yu Clan divine towers, flying mountains, all types of purely metal, flying forts… The largest flying fort was ten-miles squared in are, divided into fifty layers, and could accommodate over a million warriors.

Beside every picture were small characters, explaining the excellences of the weapon in the picture. For example, what lethal spell symbols were used on a spear to allow the spear to penetrate a thick steel heavy shield, or what spell symbols were used on a shield to allow the shield to withstand a certain number of full-power attacks of Senior Magi, Magus Kings, or Divine Magi, without breaking.

"Mr. Summer, our family members all have faith on the future of Gong Gong Family. We believe that Gong Gong Family will replace the humankind, and become the new owner of this world." said White Feather smilingly to Ji Hao, "We also know that water-kind armies are great in numbers and scales, but the only weakness is their lack of good weapons. Human beings have way better armaments than you do."

Breathing deeply, White Feather continued honestly, "Therefore, we made a very friendly price policy for you. For example, in this batch of dragon-slaying blade, each blade can cause severe damages to any Magus-King-level dragon-skin armor. Before, we charged a million top-grade magic crystals for one blade, but this time, we will give you twenty percent discount!"

"Twenty percent for all armaments, twenty percent off on the old prices." White Feather smiled, looked at Ji Hao, and continued, "In this market, our stock is enough to arm one million warriors, added with three-thousand divine towers, for both defense and offense, one fort, ten flying mountains, and hundreds of millions of crossbows and arrows."

"One million?" Ji Hao scornfully glanced at White Feather, and said, "Mr. White Feather, do you know how many shrimp warriors we have? Do you know right here in this Kui Gate camp, how many shrimp warriors my nephew, Shermie has under his command?"

Proudly holding his head high, Ji Hao crossed his legs again, and said, "I only purchase the right things, without asking prices. Not only shrimp warriors, crabs too... They’re just as miserable as us. I am planning to recruit a few strong crab families…so…"

"So, I have already brought you all stock information of all chambers of commerce run by the friends of our family, who also have shops in the nine water gates area." White Feather waved his hand, then the bone scroll released a bright light. Countless pictures and characters immediately filled up the entire room.

The pictures of tens of millions of types of armament appeared before Ji Hao’s eyes, labeled with features, storage quantities, and prices. All these armaments were made by Xiu Clan masters.

"These are all the armaments produced by Xiu Clan masters, stocked in the nine water gates area." White Feather smilingly looked at Ji Hao and said, "I have to admit one thing, their techniques and skills lag far behind ours. Therefore, I will give you twenty percent discount for our products, and forty percent for theirs."

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and looked at White Feather, then asked blandly, "Mr. White Feather, can you make the call for them?"

White Feather smiled mildly and confidently, puffing up his chest. His five eyes sparkled with a sharp light as he responded, "Any member of Westin Family can make the call for those families."

When saying the word ’those families’, White Feather didn’t try to hide the scorn on his face.

"Great, I’ll take them all!" Ji Hao pointed at those images floating in the air and said generously, "All of these, I’ll take them all. Give me a total price!"

The reception room fell into a deathly silence. White Feather popped out his eyes and stared at Ji Hao in shock. The few maids stood aside were also dumbfounded. Even Shermie and Heng Xing were stunned, staring at Ji Hao as if he were a monster.

"These can arm…over one hundred million warriors!" Stuttered White Feather, "Mr. Summer, you…"

"Over a hundred million? How many shrimp and crab warriors do we have in this nine water gates area?" said Ji Hao carelessly, "I’ve lived for long, and I am soft-hearted…I can’t bear watching our boys become corpses, lying all over the world; I can’t bear watching those crab boys be smashed into meat pies."

Raising a finger to wipe his eye corners, which were not moist at all, Ji Hao then sighed towards the sky and said, "Ah, soft-hearted, soft-hearted… I don’t know if it’s good or bad."

White Feather’s eye corners twitched intensely. He hurriedly gave Ji Hao a thumb up and said, "Good, it’s definitely good! Mr. Summer, you are kind and merciful…I think this is why you can be so wise and so powerful, right?"

Quickly calculating with his ten fingers, White Feather gave Ji Hao a scarily high price, then asked, "Mr. Summer, this is the total price for these products…Are you gonna pay with crystals or other treasures?"

Ji Hao slightly flicked his finger on the coral roundtable, tinkling the table with his fingernails. Pondering briefly, Ji Hao responded in a bland tone, "I’ll pay the deposit first, then I will collect the products in batches. After I collect a batch, I will make a full payment for it."

White Feather raised his eyebrows. This was a very reasonable mode of payment, and he was glad that Ji Hao chose to pay in this way.

However, Ji Hao carried on, "But, these armaments are mine now. I’ve placed an order. Except for me, don’t you let anyone take even one arrow."

White Feather’s smile seemed to freeze on his face. This requirement Ji Hao made was…

But before White Feather started a negotiation, Ji Hao took out eighteen goose-egg-sized silver beads, glowing brightly as they floated in the air. Wherever the misty light of these beads reached, the air temperature dropped rapidly. A terrifying, extremely negative power swept across the entire room. Followed by a creaking noise, the floor, the ceiling, and the walls were all covered in a transparent, silver layer of ice.

"These eighteen soul beads of the extreme negative are a part of the deposit!"

Ji Hao threw White Feather a sideways glance.

White Feather remained silent for a while, then nodded heavily and said, "No one will be able to take one arrow from these armaments before you collect them, Mr. Summer. You have the word from our Westin Family."

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