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"It’s a deal then!"

Holding his hands behind his body and bending his waist, Ji Hao slowly walked out of White Feather’s shop step by step. With eighteen soul beads of the extreme negative, and a pile of top-grade magic crystals, Ji Hao purchased all armaments produced by the non-humankind, stocked in the nine water gates area.

Even if White Feather and his family wanted to replenish the stock from Liang Zhu City, Ji Hao believed that transporting so many armaments wouldn’t be easy to the non-humankind. It would require a lot of time. And time was essential to both the humankind and the Gong Gong Family under the current circumstances.

Ji Hao controlled this batch of armaments. Therefore, those water-kind creatures could only continue fighting against elite human warriors with their roughly crafted wooden clubs and bone knives, defending themselves with their shells and scales against the swords and blades of human warriors. Ji Hao froze this batch of armaments, like taking away the firewood from under a cooking pot. As a result, the water-kind armies stationed in the nine water gates area were weakened by at least thirty percent. Because of what Ji Hao did, their casualty number and rate would both soar.

What Ji Hao paid was not even worth mentioning. He looted those crystals from the nests of strong water-kind beings; as for the eighteen soul beads, he created them easily with his embryo of Dao of extreme negative. As a possessor of an embryo of Dao of extreme negative, producing those soul beads only cost Ji Hao some energy. He could have as many of those beads as he wanted. But to the ones with no capability to understand the great Dao of extreme negative, the eighteen beads were truly priceless treasures.

"Sure, it’s a deal. Mr. Summer, please trust us. Without your word, no one can take even an arrow that belongs to you." White Feather followed behind Ji Hao and grinned warmly. His five eyes were even squeezed into five curved lines.

In the reception room, Ji Hao’s one hundred carefully selected shrimp warriors put on exquisitely crafted spell symbol armors produced by the Westin Family, along with light dragon scale shields, then each carried a specially designed ‘dragon-stabbing spear’ on the shoulder. The spears were seven to eight times longer than their own bodies.

Their whole bodies were covered in armors. A fist-thick layer of spell symbol light spread on these armors. These armors were top-grade ones, and could withstand Divine-Magus-level attacks seven to eight times! These shrimp warriors were weak, but suddenly, a fierce power vibration released from their bodies, which made them look strong.

Their shields were designed for Divine-Magus-level attacks too, added with those ‘dragon-stabbing spears’ forged with the secret technique created by the Westin Family, and a highly lethal poison on the spearheads. With this gear, these shrimp warriors now had the power to threaten Magus-King-level enemies on battlefields, even though they were no stronger than ordinary Junior Magi.

"Good, Shermie, you make some efforts these days and get our boys armed." Ji Hao bent his waist, satisfyingly looking at those shrimp warriors lined up orderly in front of him, and said smilingly, "Select one hundred shrimp warriors, arm them with heavy armors and long spears, and prepare them for close combats. As for the others, regardless of the number, give them light armors and bows!"

‘Amazing.’ Standing aside, White Feather silently praised Ji Hao. He didn’t think that this old crayfish could know about military strategies.

For these shrimp warriors, no matter how strong their armors were and how sharp their weapons could be, they were still weak shrimp warriors. Their reaction speeds, agility, strength, and magic powers were all still weak. Therefore, on frontline battlefields, their powers would still be limited. However, with a giant number of spell symbol arrows and strong bows, by shooting ceaselessly and aimlessly, even shrimp and crab warriors had the chance to kill Magus Kings.

"Mr. Feather, there’s one more thing to trouble you with…Please put poison on every arrow!" Ji Hao smilingly turned around, lowered his voice, and said to White Feather.

White Feather smilingly nodded and responded seriously, "Mr, Summer, please don’t worry. Our Westin Family will handle your request. We will put the strongest poison on each of your arrows. On battlefields, the faster poisons work, the better… the more lethal, the better!"

Ji Hao smiled too. Glancing at each other, both Ji Hao and White Feather chuckled.

Then, White Feather put his right hand into his left sleeve, and gently took out an invitation card made from a thin jade slip, with complicated golden inlaid patterns. Handing the invitation card to Ji Hao, White Feather smiled and said, "Mr. Summer, you are our most horned guest. The large auction tomorrow night, you must come. Otherwise, the auction will be dull."

Ji Hao slightly flicked his long feelers on the chin. He had just purchased a giant batch of armament from White Feather, and now he got an invitation card for the large auction? This was good through. Now, he didn’t need to spend time and efforts to try to find everything out himself. Looking at the exquisite invitation card, Ji Hao gave a faint smile and said, "Auction? Here? Hehe, it seems that I need to prepare some more crystals!"

"It will be worthwhile, and you won’t be disappointed!" White Feather grinned brightly. Intentionally or not, he continued, "You will be able to see a supreme treasure from the Dragon Palace in the auction tomorrow night. That treasure is very helpful for water-kind creatures, you don’t want to miss it."

A supreme treasure from the Dragon Palace? Had someone from the dragon nest started selling their treasures too? Ji Hao looked at White Feather and pretended to be surprised. "Is that so? Then I will get that treasure tomorrow night." Ji Hao laughed.

Supported by Heng Xing and Shermie, Ji Hao ‘tremblingly’ climbed onto the back of his seahorse, then gave a deep shout. Airily, the seahorse moved forward. White Feather and a group of his people stood by the door of the shop, smilingly and deeply bowing to Ji Hao. They watched Ji Hao and his people turn around a corner, then walked back into the shop, with their smiles still on their faces.

Once Ji Hao moved around the corner, a handsome middle-aged man walked out with big steps, and grinningly blocked Ji Hao’s way. The man was wearing a cyan-colored long shirt.

"What do you want? Do you want to rob me?" Looking at this handsome middle-aged man, who had a smooth, white skin, Ji Hao said with a weird tone, "But don’t you see so many warriors behind me?"

Instantly, the one hundred shrimp warriors straightened their spears simultaneously, pointing the spearheads against the man’s long shirt. If they put forth their strengths slightly, those spears would pierce into the man’s body.

"Mr. Summer, please, in this place, how dare I do something so bad? No, no, no, even outside, I Tushan Inkstone, will never do such bad things." The middle-aged man hurriedly cupped his hands, smiled to Ji Hao, and said respectfully, "I am Tushan Inkstone, the manager of shop run by Tushan Chamber of Commerce in Kui Gate. Mr. Summer, I am here to invite you to our shop, to see a treasure!"

"See a treasure?"

Ji Hao smiled. He showed so many crystals before the shop of the Westin Family, for nothing else but catching the attention of the Tushan Chamber of Commerce. It seemed that he had succeeded, and the Tushan Chamber of Commerce was hooked.

"Tushan Chamber of Commerce…What treasures do you have?" asked Ji Hao lazily, "I’m not interested in ordinary treasures."

"Great treasure, a great treasure. You will surely like it!" Tushan Inkstone said hurriedly, "Please follow me. If you don’t like the treasure, you can smash our shop."

Ji Hao flicked his long feelers and said carelessly, "In this case, I’ll go take a look!"

Guided by Tushan Inkstone, Ji Hao and his people walked into the shop run by Tushan Chamber of Commerce from the back door.

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