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Tushan Chamber of Commerce was the largest chamber of commerce in the entire human society. Their business had developed to Midland and the four wastelands. This chamber of commerce was also the only human force that could compete against the phoenix-kind and the dragon-kind for wealth.

Tushan old man was the current leader of Tushan Family. His daughter had married Si Wen Ming, and they already had a son. Tushan Family was super wealthy, but not so powerful. Tushan old man married his daughter to Si Wen Ming because when the latter ascended to the throne, Tushan Family would attain a great power and a force of arms, strong enough to match their wealth.

Therefore, Tushan Family should be on Si Wen Ming’s side. Tushan Family people should be Si Wen Ming’s strongest supporters and allies, and should never betray him.

Si Wen Ming was leading countless human warriors, fighting against the vast flood, and defeating countless water-kind armies. With his solid accomplishments, he built his own sturdy path to the throne step by step.

However, as Si Wen Ming’s natural, determined supporters, who should never, ever possibly betray Si Wen Ming, a flag of the chamber of commerce run by Tushan Family people appeared in the water-kind camp in Kui Gate area. What had these Tushan Family People been doing? Supplying weapons to the water-kind? Colluding with the water-kind?

Ji Hao would never overestimate businessmen’s moral integrity. In both his previous life and current life, he met many businessmen. Some of these pursued nothing else but maximum profit, and would always do something unimaginable, unreasonable, and beyond normal people’ comprehension. Therefore, if Tushan Chamber of Commerce were truly colluding with the water-kind, that wouldn’t surprise Ji Hao.

Slightly pulling his long pair of feelers, Ji Hao slowly waved his hand, pointed at the Tushan Chamber of Commerce flag, and said, "Boys, let’s walk around and see if we can find something nice in this crappy place!"

Led by three seahorses, Ji Hao and the others walked towards the flag.

All the way, countless large, enormous spirit creatures looked at Ji Hao and his people in surprise. All the other spirit creatures in this market were followed by large groups of most fierce-looking water-kind spirit creatures, sharks, octopuses, whales, even poisonous snakes and jellyfishes. These fierce, brutal and violent water-kind creatures were the main force of a water-kind army.

But, what were those things behind Ji Hao? A hundred glowing, silver, eight-feet-tall, clean and orderly lined shrimp warriors, who seemed to be very…delicious?

The group of shrimp warriors walked through the market, which had countless strong and brutal creatures hiding in it. Some bloodthirsty ones even started twisting they wrists and attempted to grab a few shrimp warriors right now and eat them like desserts!

Sensing those unfriendly gazes from all directions, Ji Hao slightly and coldly snorted. He threw a sideway glance at a billhead shark man, who was preparing to attack those shrimp warriors. Instantly, a suffocatingly strong and cold power spread from Ji Hao’s body. That was a prehistoric level, a wild and fierce spirit creature power, which immediately swept across the entire market.

All the surrounding spirit creatures lowered their heads quietly, and walked on the street, minding their own businesses. No one dared to take another glimpse at Ji Hao’s shrimp warriors.

"Oi, Shermie, do you see all this ‘meat’ around us? Which one do you think it’s tastier? Just go get it, we’ll have it for dinner!" With an evil smile, Ji Hao said to Shermie loudly.

Shermie looked at those spirit creatures in the surroundings, not knowing what to do. Those spirit creatures were badly frightened by Ji Hao already, and now on hearing him, they fled straightaway. No one dared to get closer to Ji Hao anymore.

Suddenly, tens of strong streams of spirit power spread from the market. Wave after wave, the overwhelming power streams swept over. Ji Hao smiled and head his head high. From his head, a blue light rose into the air and released an unstoppable, destructive pressure, against those spirit creature power streams, seeming to freeze the entire world.

The air quaked slightly, then those strong power streams immediately drew back, as if they were bitten by a poisonous snake.

Muffled snorts and moans could be heard from every corner of the market, let out by strong spirit creatures whose souls were injured. Ji Hao combined a soul-shaking magic he learned from the great Dao of ‘evolvement’ and a soul-targeted sky devil magic, then cast the combined magic with the extreme negative power. This strong move was called ‘extremely negative soul-slaughtering divine light’, originally created by Ji Hao. This was the first time Ji Hao used this move, by doing which, he gave all strong spirit creatures in this market a heavy strike.

Secret orders were quickly given from the corners of this market, and soon spread across the entire market — ‘That old crayfish is very powerful. Be smart and don’t offend that old crayfish.’

Some enormous spirit creatures had their souls injured by Ji Hao severely. These spirit creatures warned their people hysterically, ‘Whoever dares to offend that old crayfish, chop yourselves to apologize to him’.

Strongly displaying his power, Ji Hao led the group of weak shrimp warriors and walked right in the middle of the street, past numerous shops.

Every time Ji Hao and his people walked past a shop, they would see a shop owner, smart and polite, standing by the door with sparkling eyes and a cunning face. Those shop owners silently stood by the doors of their shops and carefully observed Ji Hao, Shermie, and Heng Xing, memorizing every detail about them.

Some shop owners were holding some tiny spirit dogs or monkeys with sharp senses of smell. These gifted little things sniffed towards Ji Hao and his people and memorized their smells.

Looking at these extra cautious, vigilant shop owners, Ji Hao grinned, but explained nothing.

He clearly understood that these shop owners came here for money, and wouldn’t want to get involved in any conflicts that might threaten themselves. Therefore, these people would pay attention to any powerful being who showed up in this market, to make sure that they could stay away from troubles and earn profits, as much as possible.

As for those spirit dogs and monkeys which had been collecting the smells of himself and his people, Ji Hao glanced at them, but didn’t take them seriously.

With the Dao of evolvement, Ji Hao’s smell could change every second, infinitely, and he could look like anything. What could these little things possibly do to him?

Watched by the people in the market, Ji Hao and his people came to the shop next to the one run by Tushan Chamber of Commerce. The shop was owned by Xiu Clan people. Over ten strong Jia Clan warriors expressionlessly guarded in front of the door, each wearing six layers of heavy dragon skin armors, and holding hilted meteor hammers. Standing in a straight line, these Jia Clan warriors blocked Ji Hao’s way in.

"Without magic crystals, you can’t enter our shop!" A nearly six-meters-tall Jia Clan warrior spread his hand and snorted at Ji Hao with a muffled voice, "Magic crystals, low-grade, medium-grade, no deal… We accept only high-grade and top-grade crystals, of any nature. We also accept natural treasures with equal values!"

This was a weapon shop. Through the opened door, Ji Hao saw a series of armors in the shop; every armor had a high quality, covered by a water-like layer of faintly sparkling spell symbols.

Ji Hao was surprised. These armors were even better than the ones sold to the humankind by non-humankind businessmen in the Chi Ban Market.

Were these non-humankind beings sponsoring the water-kind in this way to weaken the humankind?

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