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Magic Crystals? Ji Hao had plenty.

Not to mention those super crystal mines in Yao Mountain territory, these years, Ji Hao’s position grew higher and higher in the alliance of human clans, and so did his power. Therefore, each year, tons of gifts would be sent to Yao Mountain City by almost all human clans in Midland, and among those gifts, high-grade and top-grade crystals could pile up into mountains.

Besides, in the past few years, Ji Hao had nearly swept across the entire Midland, and wiped out countless powerful water-kind beings who had their own territories. The war trophies Ji Hao gained after he destroyed those powerful water-kind beings amounted to an astronomical figure. Therefore, crystals were truly nothing to Ji Hao.

Slowly getting down from the back of the seahorse, Ji Hao held his hands behind his body and slowly walked to those Jia Clan warriors, who had the door blocked. Showing the whites of his eyes, Ji Hao looked at those Jia Clan warriors, who were much taller than himself. Trembling slightly once, Ji Hao activated his spirit blood power. Following a series of creaking noise, Ji Hao suddenly grew about five-feet taller. Even with his body bent, Ji Hao was now at the same height as these Jia Clan warriors.

Seeing this, the pupils of those Jia Clan warriors shrunk suddenly. In the surroundings, all the other spirit creatures gasped in shock as well.

In original forms, spirit creatures could control the sizes of their bodies freely. For example, if Dark Water Serpent showed his original shape, he could be hundreds of miles long, and could also be three-feet long. However, once a spirit creature transformed into its human shape, its size would be almost unchangeable. This was not about the power and cultivation of a spirit creature. Instead, this was about the suppression and limit given to spirit creatures by the great Dao of nature; this was about a spirit creature’s understanding about the great Dao of nature, and its abilities to use some secret magics.

Any spirit creature who could freely change its body size in its human shape was a terrifying, top-grade one!

"You are strong, but…without crystals, even you can’t get in!" The Jia Clan warrior standing in front of Ji Hao sounded much politer than before. Mildly, he slightly bowed to Ji Hao, and said respectfully, "This is the rule of our shop, please…"

The Jia Clan warrior abruptly shut his mouth, because he didn’t need to say anything anymore.

Ji Hao raised his hand. His hand was covered with a thick shell. From that hand of his, wisps of deep blue spirit creature power spread out towards all directions. The strong, dense, suffocation spirit creature power condensed into a hemisphere, which covered the area with a radius of three-hundred miles.

Sizzle! As the spirit creature power released from Ji Hao’s palm suddenly faded, a three-hundred-meters in diameter, a twenty-five-meters-tall pile of top-grade crystals appeared in front of everyone on the scene.

These were raw crystals. The small pieces were the size of human heads, and the large pieces were as huge as water tanks. All raw crystal pieces were partially covered with a layer of rock with different thicknesses. Uncovered deep blue crystals exploded in the air, emitting a pure and strong water power. They generated a visible, blue mist that suffused the entire street.

"Wow! You’re our most honored guest. Please, come in, please. You can buy everything you want in here!" The Jia Clan warrior immediately gave Ji Hao a large grin, then bowed deeply and said to Ji Hao with an extremely humble tone, "Please come in, my honored guest. You will find anything you want in our shop."

Ji Hao snorted and wielded his hand, taking back the giant pile of crystals. He then held his hands behind his body and walked into the shop with Shermie, Heng Xing, and those shrimp warriors, with his long pair of feelers swagging slowly on his chin.

In the broad shop, a five-eyed Xiu Clan old man in a black robe, and tens of young and beautiful human girls, were already waiting. The eyes of the Xiu Clan old man were sparkling with a light of wisdom.

Seeing Ji Hao, the Xiu Clan old man crossed his hands on his chest, slightly bowed to him, and said, "My honored guest, welcome to the shop of Westin Family. Armors, weapons, flying forts, or any armament you need, you can find the best in our shop."

The Xiu Clan old man smiled and continued with a deep voice, "If you have heard about Westin Family, you should know that we are the wisest, most knowledgeable ones in Yu Dynasty. Our family has a special social status in Yu Dynasty, and everything produced by our family is the best."

Ji Hao paused in surprise. He looked at the Xiu Clan old man, then raise his head, and looked at the signboard hanging outside the door.

In the middle of the black, alloy signboard, was a faintly glowing erect eye. Ji Hao nodded. This was indeed a shop of Westin Family.

Ah, the Westin Family... Ji Hao didn’t think that this randomly found shop, which was the nearest to the shop run by Tushan Chamber of Commerce, actually belonged to the Westin Family, the famous and special non-humankind family.

Yu Dynasty had twelve branches, each branch having an emperor in power. These twelve emperors held the social power of Yu Dynasty firmly. Countless Jia Clan and Xiu Clan Families lived under the protection of the twelve Emperors’ families. All the wealth, military forces, resources, and land belonged to the twelve emperors’ families.

The Westin Family was the only family out of this system. They were special. They were not affected by the powers of the twelve emperors. On the contrary, every emperor would carefully build a good relationship with this family.

According to the intelligence gathered by the alliance of human clans these years, Westin Family people were the keepers of the non-humankind culture, same as the star guards for the humankind. They were responsible for protecting, continuing, passing on, and rejuvenating the non-humankind culture under disastrous circumstances.

Back then, the non-humankind expedition army invaded Pan Gu world was formed by a group of failures, and among those failures, one was from Westin Family. He was a wise man, expelled from his family because of a serious crime he committed.

This man had an extraordinary wisdom. He had the crystallization of the non-humankind culture in his brain. He rebuilt the non-humankind culture system in Pan Gu world. Because of him, the Yu Dynasty had unfair advantages while facing human beings.

He had children in Pan Gu world, and built a branch of Westin Family in this world. Naturally, his family earned a special status in Yu Dynasty. Every member of the Westin Family was respected by all non-humankind beings, like the master Maguspreist in every human clan.

"The Westin Family. I’ve lived so long, of course, I’ve heard about your family." Ji Hao looked at that Xiu Clan old man and sensed his power. His power was completely different from the powers of the other Xiu Clan masters. "Are you a member of the family which is called ‘the light of wisdom’?" asked Ji Hao curiously.

‘The light of wisdom’, the Westin Family had many titles, and this was the most commonly used one. Human beings also called this family in this way.

The Xiu Clan old man smiled mildly and said, "I am White Feather Westin, and you can call me White Feather. I guess this way fits your communication habit better. Indeed, I am a member of the Westin Family. I am responsible for all transactions happening in this market."

White Feather smiled while shrugging and continued, "I will not meet every ordinary customer myself. But you are an honored guest. Therefore…Do you prefer fresh blood, or strong liquor, or any other drink? We can sit down and talk about your needs with no rush."

Ji Hao curved down his lip corners and then laughed, "I’ve lived for so many years, I know about graceful lifestyles. Fresh blood, liquors, forget about those. Bring me some tea! You’re right, we can take our time."

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