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Yu Chi’s body was boiling hot, his lips were covered in blisters. Under his skin, a faint grayness was visible. He could no longer breathe through his nose. When he opened his mouth and gasped for air, one could even see thin steams puffing out of his mouth, as his body temperature was awfully high.

Even worse, he had been twitching intensely, and his life-force was leaking out of his body wave after wave. As a Divine-Magus-level spirit creature, Yu Chi had abundant spirit blood and thriving life-force, which was the reason why he could hang out with girls in the Kui Gate camp all day long without exhausting himself.

But now, in an indescribable way, his life-force and spirit blood power was leaking out of his body. By the time Ji Hao dragged him back to his rock house from the brothel, Yu Chi was entirely softened. His muscular body had turned scrawny, that make him look like a dying tuberculosis patient, who had been ill for a long time. The short distance between the brothel and the rock house only took Ji Hao a few steps.

"An…Ancestor!" Ji Hao rushed to the rock house. A few Yu boys ran out of the house, seeming not to be so smart. Seeing Yu Chi grabbed in Ji Hao’s hand, their eyes immediately turned red. They started to gasp quickly while a fierce power vibration released from their bodies.

Yu were born with mysterious, lethal powers. But after all, they were bugs. No matter how strongly gifted they were, these young Yu boys were silly and uncourteous, and this was a fact which could not be changed.

Yu Chi were tens of generations older than these young Yu boys; in their eyes, Yu Chi was a young ancestor. Seeing their young ancestor become like this, these Yu boys instinctively thought that Ji Hao was the one to blame. Recklessly, they roared towards the sky and showed their original shapes. Seven to eight, over ten-meter long Yu with red shells crowded before the rock house, opened their mouthparts, and blasted clouds of poisonous sand towards Ji Hao.

"Idiots! I am your nice, friendly neighbor! Attacking me with your killing sand? Are your brains damaged?" Ji Hao lifted Yu Chi up irresponsibly to shield himself against the sand.

Yu Chi gave a shrill howl. He was already suffering the sudden illness, having a scarily high fever, and had been losing his life-force and spirit blood power at a despairing rate. But the poisonous sand released by the few Yu boys swished over, broke his skin, and left thousands of tiny holes on his face, squeezing thin streams of blood out of those holes.

"Ouch…You bloody idiots!" Yu Chi’s entire body was aching and limp. Because of the high fever, he was twitching intensely, and was about to fall unconscious. Hurt by the sand, he screamed out, then pointed at the few Yu boys in rage. He opened his mouth and let out a steamy hot breath.

"Young ancestor!" Yu Chi got angry, and the few Yu Boys panicked, screaming but not knowing what to do.

Ji Hao carried Yu Chi and rushed into the rock building with big steps. Yu Chi’s face was covered in blood now. Looking at him, another few Yu in the house were all frightened. They shouted and yelled, but none of them dared to do anything. They had cultivated themselves into human shapes not long ago, and their intelligence was only at the level of twelve years old human children. Added with the fact that they were born wild and rude, they had no ability to deal with the current situation at all.

A series of muffled footsteps could be heard from another room. A few old Yu rushed out of the room with dark faces and fierce, sparkling eyes. They stared at Ji Hao while quickly circling him up.

These few old Yu had cultivated themselves for two-thousand-years at least. They had lived long enough; therefore, they were much smarter than those boys. They surrounded Ji Hao up, then one of them shouted the question out, "What happened to our Ancestor Chi?"

Ji Hao raised hid eyebrows and responded, "Your Ancestor Chi is ill. I am your neighbor, and I often see him walk past my house. I saw him in the market with this serious illness. His mount knows nothing but killing irrelevant people…So, I kindly brought him back to save his life. Did I do something wrong?"

Another old Yu looked at the blood on Yu Chi’s face and yelled angrily, "What happened to his face?"

Ji Hao tilted his head and said straightforwardly, "Some idiots did this to him. Does it have anything to do with me?"

Thud! Thud! The few Yu boys kneeled on the ground, kowtowing to Yu Chi in a panic.

The few old Yu glanced at each other and then slightly loosened their tightened eyebrows. One of them reached out his hand, and attempted to grab Yu Chi as he said coldly, "Our Ancestor Chi is powerful. What illness can hurt him? We don’t need you, we will help him."

Swish! Swish! Shermie and a few little crayfishes rushed in.

Ji Hao laughed out loud. He slapped that old Yu’s hand away directly. Ji Hao put forth his strength, and almost crushed the old Yu’s hand. The old Yu screamed in pain, then stepped backward quickly while shaking his hand.

"Eh? What do you mean? I saved your ancestor, but aren’t you going to thank me with anything? You want me to go like this?"

Grabbing Yu Chi’s neck with his fingers, Ji Hao viciously stared at the few old Yu and shouted, "What? Don’t you want to pay me? I am telling you, I, Summer, have always been a nice man. But I am not like my nephew Shermie. He’s afraid, and doesn’t want any trouble, but I am never afraid of troubles!"

Yu Chi had already fallen unconscious. Shaking Yu Chi, Ji Hao continued yelling with a high-pitched voice, "I saved your ancestor, hehe, you’re gonna pay me for that. If you don’t pay, I will strangle him to death!"

Ji Hao raised his left hand high, and seemed ready to kill Yu Chi right now.

The few old Yu screamed out together. They hurriedly kneeled on the ground and kowtowed to Ji Hao, then shouted, "Sir, sir, please, don’t kill our Ancestor Chi…It’s our fault, all our fault. As long as you don’t kill him and let us save him…we can negotiate, anything can be negotiated!"

Ji Hao nodded in satisfaction, then said grinningly, "Right. I am Summer, and I am very kind-hearted. I can’t bear to watch people suffer, especially when we are neighbors. We live next doors, so we are neighbors, you know, good neighbors. We should be nice to each other, be friends, help each other, with purely kind hearts!"

He didn’t loosen his fingers. Dragging Yu Chi, he walked straight to the main living room with big steps while saying, "Come on, come on, don’t stand there and watch. Hurry, prepare things to save your ancestor! I relieved his symptoms temporarily. If we want to heal him…See, see, he passed out already! I don’t think it’s gonna be easy!"

Walking into the living room, Ji Hao immediately had his eyes on the altar in the middle, surrounded by golden-armored puppets, and those three asleep Yu on it. Narrowing his eyes, he walked to the altar and dropped Yu Chi directly on the ground.

"Hurry up now. What life-saving magic drugs and treasures do you have? Go get everything now, quick!"

"Ahyaya, your ancestor is very ill! If you want to save him, you got to take out the best things you have. This is your ancestor, don’t muddle through!"

Squatting beside Yu Chi, Ji Hao grinned like a blooming flower.

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