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Human beings were the owners of the natural fortune of the world. Therefore, the humankind was powerful and prosperous. The population size of the humankind was great. Clans developed thrivingly, and people lived happy, peaceful lives. Spirit creatures were not protected by the natural fortune, but they had all kinds of natural abilities. Spirit creatures mostly lived in wild, dangerous places, where treasures could be found easily. Therefore, many spirit creatures were treasure collectors.

For saving Yu Chi, the few old Yu took out all magic herbs they had, useful or not. Standing aside and looking at those herbs, Ji Hao’s eyes even turned greedily green. Some of these herbs were legendary treasures in the knowledge system of human beings; a few kinds could even bring the dead back to life!

For example, according to a legend, a ganoderma lucidum with nine leaves could make the dead come back to life, but an old Yu directly took out a ganoderma lucidum with a hundred leaves and one with a thousand leaves. Ji Hao couldn’t even imagine how old the two plants were. Another example was that of a ten-thousand-year-old stone milk, which could strengthen physical bodies and primordial spirits, nourish internal organs, and build stronger foundations for cultivators, improving their overall potentials. But another old Yu took out some ten-million-years-old stone milk, which had already turned transparent, sparkling, full of spirit power, and was now hovering in the air like a clear stream of water!

The problem was, no matter how old that stone milk was, it wouldn’t do any help to Yu Chi.

Why would Yu Chi suddenly fall ill? It was because he was cursed!

Why would he be cursed? Because Ji Hao gave his three hair to Yuan Li, who sent them to Taisi. Taisi had already returned to Pu Ban City. With the faith power from countless refugees living in Ji Hao’s palace in Pu Ban City, Taisi built an altar, and cast a magic curse in cooperation with Yu Mu. They sent a trace of the toxic power from the Disease God Streamer into Yu Chi’s body, through the long distance…

The magic curse, and the toxic power... By now, Yu Chi had a high fever, and his body was twitching, covered in blisters. His spirit blood power and life-force were still leaking. But, if waited too long, not even Ji Hao could tell what new symptoms would present in him.

Standing beside Yu Chi, and seeing the few old Yu taking out all kinds of magic herbs, Ji Hao’s eye corners had been twitching from time to time. Ji Hao’s great Dao of sun cultivation was guided by Priest Dachi. Apart from that, Priest Dachi had also taught Ji Hao some of his magic-drug-concoction knowledge. In Priest Dachi’s eyes, Ji Hao might not be talented on magic-drug-concoction. Therefore, eighty percent of the knowledge he taught Ji Hao was about all magical herbs and plants in the world, instead of real techniques.

Ji Hao recognized those magic herbs taken out by those old Yu at one glance. Among those herbs, there were tens of kinds were materials for Priest Dachi’s famous ‘nine-turn golden pill’. These herbs were old and powerful, even beyond the requirements of the ‘nine-turn golden pill’. Not to mention concocting these herbs into golden pills, one could even directly eat each of these herbs to get great effects.

"What a waste! You are really a bunch of brainless spirit creatures." Ji Hao sighed silently, but without stopping these old Yu. He squatted beside Yu Chi, then conveniently poked a finger on his body. By doing this, Ji Hao stopped Yu Chi’s blood and power flow. Yu Chi instantly straightened his body, his facial muscles tightened, and teeth gnashed tight, grinding and causing loud noises.

Ji Hao stood up and said in a deep voice, "You take a look first. Choose something appropriate to the situation and feed your ancestor."

While coughing, Ji Hao made a serious face and continued, "Don’t give him the wrong drug. If you accidentally feed him the wrong drug and poison him to death…He is burning now. You got to give him some febrifuge. I think you can give him that one-hundred-years-old bitter water snake vine!"

‘He is burning so he needed febrifuge?’ Ji Hao sounded like a quack doctor who might kill the patients. But these old Yu knew nothing about pharmacology. They had no choice but to try. They hurriedly cut off a three-meters-long section of vine, then tried to open Yu Chi’s mouth, prepared to put in the vine.

Ji Hao smiled. One-hundred-year-old bitter water snake vine was the least valuable one among all these herbs. It was bitter and cold, and could indeed serve as good febrifuge, also effectively deal with the miasm in Southern Wasteland jungle. But apparently, the vine was completely ineffective to Yu Chi. It might give him diarrhea, but would never deliver any curative effect.

But the vine was the least valuable thing among them all, so what could Ji Hao do?

Yu Chi gritted his teeth tight, while the few old Yu pulled his chin hard. His teeth remained unmoved. No matter how hard the few old Yu tried, his teeth remained gritted, without loosening even a slight little bit.

Those old Yu screamed in panic, not knowing what to do. They surrounded Yu Chi and tried everything they could.

Ji Hao stood up, then took a few steps towards the altar. All old and young Yu in the room were busy saving Yu Chi, and none of them noticed Ji Hao. Ji Hao took a few more steps towards the altar, but all of a sudden, the eyes of those golden-armored puppets shone.

Cold beams of light emitted from those puppets’ eyes, locked on Ji Hao. In the meanwhile, a thin layer of golden light spread out from those puppets, with fist-sized spell symbols sparkling in it faintly. Clearly, these puppets were from the heaven, because these spell symbols released from their bodies were similar to the ones in the heaven and earth great formation.

Ji Hao made another step forward. The tens of puppet moved simultaneously, gripping their weapons.

Ji Hao stopped risking. One inch forward, and those puppets could be triggered. Staying where he was, Ji Hao released his strong spirit power and covered the altar like a torrent. Invisible silver light spread rapidly in the air. Ji Hao merged the extremely negative power with his spirit power and slightly twisted the space. Without triggering anything, thin threads of silver light, that only Ji Hao could see, drilled deeply into the altar.

In the core area of the altar, Ji Hao ‘saw’ a human-head-sized sphere of dark-blue light.

Countless tiny ancient spell symbols had been rotating and sparkling quickly in the light, while a cold sense of power came straight at Ji Hao’s face. Without hesitation, Ji Hao sent a strand of spirit power into the dark-blue light sphere.

Smoothly, his spirit power drilled windingly into the dark-blue light. Nothing was triggered, and no change was caused.

After a quarter of an hour, Ji Hao’s spirit power invaded into the core of the formation buried in the altar. Immediately, he sensed another eight dark-blue light spheres. He memorized the locations of the other eight lights. According to the blueprint of the ‘All Streams to the Final Land’ formation, the other eight light spheres should be existing in the core areas of the other water gates, behind the Kui Gate.

‘Helping those old Gong Gongs to return to Pan Gu world with the powers of the nine water gates?’

Ji Hao pondered silently, ‘In this case, Yu Ancestor did survive the curse of the Nailhead Seven Arrows Book somehow.’

By using his spirit power, Ji Hao hid his Yu Yu sword intent in the core of the formation inside this altar. Once he planted nine sword intents, an old Yu yelled out at him, "Mr. Summer, please take a look at our ancestor. Can we still save him?"

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