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Ji Hao withdrew his troops.

Right in front of those elite warriors from the twenty-one powerful families and clans, Ji Hao cursed out loud for a while, then left with his people. Watched by all those warriors, Si Wen Ming tried to persuade Ji Hao to stay for quite a while, but failed. Ji Hao still left. His last words made the faces of all people from the twenty-one families and clans turn dark.

"I’m going back. These years, I’ve been darting around Midland restlessly. I killed millions and millions of enemies. I didn’t fail Emperor Shun, didn’t fail Uncle Wen Ming, didn’t fail all human beings! I’m going back. My Yao Mountain territory might have been flattened already. My parents and my so many brothers are still waiting for me back there!"

"With you powerful ones, the nine final gates won’t be a problem. People, the future of the humankind is in your hands now. I’m heading back to Yao Mountain territory. Powerful ones from Cloud Sun Family, Wuchang Family, You Chao Family, Qiong Sang Family, and all the other families, I wish you can stop the flood as soon as possible, save us human beings from the disaster, and allow us to rebuild out homelands!"

After shouting these words with many hidden meanings, Ji Hao left with his people.

Probably for showing his strength or venting his rage before he left, Ji Hao beheaded the thousands of priests chained on the nine dragons chariot. He cast a magic to create an iceberg before the Kui Gate, and piled the heads of those priests on it.

Thousands of bloody and twisted heads were placed on the iceberg, staring at You Chao Yu, Qiong Sang Sheng and the others with lifeless eyes. Seeing this, the leaders of the twenty-one powerful families and clans even had their lips trembling in anger, yet they could do nothing to Ji Hao.

Ji Hao swaggered off, leaving a great mess behind.

Si Wen Ming failed to persuade Ji Hao to stay. He gave a long sigh, then gathered his troop after Ji Hao left, and slowly retreated towards Pu Ban City. Before he left, he sent a very sincere letter to the leaders of the twenty-one families and clans. In the letter, Si Wen Ming entrusted the entire flood-control mission to You Chao Yu and the other leaders. He clearly pointed out that he wasn’t capable enough to accomplish the mission, and he had worked so hard for years, so he was now tired, exhausted, and with not enough remaining energy to break the nine water gates.

Therefore, he entrusted everything to the twenty-one powerful clans and families, which popped up suddenly for the credit. Si Wen Ming had also clearly said in the letter that if these families and clans successfully broke the nine water gates and opened the channels to the Final Land, he would willingly give up the greatest credit for the flood-control mission!

Ji Hao left, and so did Si Wen Ming, neatly and carelessly. After that, the people from the twenty-one families and clans staying around the Kui Gate immediately went crazy. Si Wen Ming said pretty clearly that as long as they broke the nine water gates, he would give up the greatest credit! According to the agreement made by Emperor Shun and all clans and families from the alliance of human clans, the one who earned the greatest credit for the flood-control mission would be able to succeed to the throne!

The allied army started attacking the Kui Gate crazily. All of their most secret magics were cast. All of their ultimate skills that they didn’t want anyone else to know about were now put in use without hesitation.

Six hours after Ji Hao and Si wen Ming left, the water-kind army guarding the Kui Gate suffered a great damage. Every single moment, a hundred thousand water-kind creatures would be killed. Even Dark Water Serpent himself had a half of his head chopped off by You Qiong Yu, Qiong Sang Sheng, Ghost Chariot Green Grass and the other nine leaders, joint-handedly. These leaders had completely fallen into madness. They combined their powers and almost slaughtered Dark Water Serpent on the scene.

When this crazy battle was happening, Ji Hao sneaked into the Kui Gate with Heng Ling and Yuan Li.

The allied army attacked fiercely. Whacked by the crazy allied human force, the water-kind army under Dark Water Serpent’s command suffered a heavy pressure. Therefore, Dark Water Serpent sent Gong Gong an urgent request for help. Following Gong Gong’s order, countless water-kind spirit creatures began gathering towards Kui Gate.

Heng Xing showed his true body as a three-hundred-meter-long henggong fish. He trod on a strong gale, flying in the air, raising storms and shattering thunderbolts. Releasing a dense dark mist from his mouth, he arrived in the water-kind campsite on top of the Kui Gate from the northwest.

Yuan Li had also shown his true face. Carrying a large tree trunk and baring his teeth, he squatted on Heng Xing’s head and narrowed his eyes, looking at the other water-kind creatures on clouds with and unfriendly expression. Occasionally, some water-kind creatures moved close to Heng Xing ad Yuan Li, trying to make friends with them. But Yuan Li would swing the tree trunk straight down, and even break the bones of those poor water-kind creatures, making them scream in pain.

From Priest Hua’s results of Dao of evolvement, Ji Hao found a hundred and eight types of transformation magic. He cast one of those and turned himself into a water ape, looking about the same as Yuan Li. Creating a fierce coldness around him, Ji Hao sat on Heng Xing’s back expressionlessly, legs crossed while looking around with his blue pair of eyes. All water-kind creatures who saw him would quiver in fear.

The top area of the Kui Gate was flat. Hundreds of flags stood on the ground, emitting a strong spirit creature power vibration, creating hundreds of differently sized gates.

Tens of heavily armored water-kind spirit creatures stood under each gate. These creatures had human shapes, but more or less, they had scale-like patterns on their faces. Apparently, most of these water-kind warriors were snakes, boas and serpents, under the command of Dark Water Serpent.

Groups of water-kind spirit walked to those gates in big steps. The ones guarding under each gate shouted and asked them about their names and backgrounds. Those water-kind spirit warriors gave their names, then without asking further questions, those guards conveniently handed them pieces of bloody meat and let them into the boundless campsite behind those gates.

Heng Xing landed heavily outside a gate. In panic, two spirit snakes with dark armors glanced at him, then looked at Yuan Li and Ji Hao, who were sitting on his back. Instantly, these two slim guards bowed deeply to Heng Xing, Yuan Li and Ji Hao.


Before a guard could finish the word ‘Sir’, Yuan Li leaped down from Heng Xing’s head, slapped him away and yelled, "Si-what? We heard that Lord Gong Gong’s has ordered all water-kind creatures to gather in Kui Gate area to defend against the humankind, right?"

Before the other guard responded, Yuan Li continued loudly, "Hm, we’ve traveled from far. We’re tired, so we’ll go into the campsite to take a rest first. As for those human beings, tell us when they attack the camp."

Having finished talking, Yuan Li kicked the guard away. He still didn’t give the guard a chance to talk.

Heng Xing laughed loudly, transformed into a six-meters-tall, muscular man, politely bowed to Ji Hao, and said, "Big Bro, shall we get in and find a place to take some rest? Hehe, these snakes are scrawny. If you’re hungry, we can find large one later and grill him."

Hearing Heng Xing, a snake guard tremblingly walked over and said carefully, "Sir…Sir, our great ancestor, Dark Water Serpent has given his order…In the camp, spirit creatures can’t eat each other…"

Learning from Yuan Li, Ji Hao slapped this snake guard away. Then, all three of them laughed towards the sky and released strong power vibrations together. They straight into the camp and disappeared without a trace.

Countless snake warriors guarded in this area, yet none of them dared to say a word. They just let Ji Hao into the Kui Gate.

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