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Ji Hao told Yemo Shayi to prepare his sword to kill, then secretly gathered nearly ten-thousand Jia Clan elites, who were best at killing. In the meanwhile, he sneakily prepared nearly a thousand divine towers in Si Wen Ming’s campsite.

He was hundred percent ready to start a great battle against those families and clans. However, those families and clans made no reaction.

The commander who had his arm kicked broken by Ji Hao was transferred back to the army. Now, those warriors sent over to watch Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao had stopped following closely behind them everywhere. Instead, they moved to further areas. Many early warning formations around the tent were taken away too.

Ji Hao lost his temper, but somehow, this seemed to make those people realize that they shouldn’t push Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao too far. Therefore, they didn’t do anything about it, but focused on the Kui Gate.

Three days had passed. Ji Hao was evilly preparing for a great fight, but now, he disappointingly looked at the Kui Gate, which was burning with the flame of war. He sighed helplessly. Seeing this, the warriors responsible for watching him hurriedly turned around, in case Ji Hao saw them and beat them up in front of everyone else.

Standing by the entrance of the gate, and having watched for quite a while, Ji Hao saw the raging flames around the Kui Gate, and arrows darting in the air. All kinds of weird magics were cast, and all types of powers bumped against each other in the sky. From time to time, warriors from different clans and families ganged up and rushed to the Kui Water disorderly. But, before they could do anything useful, the water-kind army guarding the gate would attack and force them back.

Si Wen Ming’s trusted guards had been rushing in and out, reporting the war situation to him.

The contents of their reports varied. One said that a young elite from Cloud Sun Family was killed; one said that a Magus from Chu Wu Clan was injured seriously; one excitedly rushed over and reported that over ten dark water serpents, boas, and snakes were taken out. But soon, the same man returned with a dark face and told that a squad of the human army was wiped out, and the situation was not good.

The situation was not good indeed, like wet gelatin, sticky and muddy. Everyone was stuck in this gelatin, and couldn’t release the power, but could neither get out of it.

Another twenty-four hours later, Ji Hao couldn’t restrain his anger anymore. He flipped his hands, walked into the tent, and cast a sealing magic. He insulated the sounds inside the tent, then sat heavily in front of Si Wen Ming.

"Gong Gong does have capable people under his command. They‘ve prepared properly around the nine final water gates. Armies, formations, they have all the advantages. Breaking the gates…Those people can never do it."

Si Wen Ming had a long scroll spread in front of them, glowing with a dim light. It was a blueprint, the entire ‘all streams to the final land’ great formation was drawn on it. Si Wen Ming pointed his finger heavily on the area of the nine water gates.

"Those people, they have one thing wrong. For the battle of the nine gates, our purpose is not destroying Gong Gong’s armies as much as possible. Instead, we have to break the nine gates!" said Si Wen Ming with a deep voice, "What we should be doing is damaging the nine gates and creating a broad water channel for Midland."

Snorting coldly, Si Wen Ming continued a bit helplessly, "If we want to destroy Gong Gong’s armies, we can kill them all anytime we want when the flood is gone, and those water-kind creatures become food on chopping boards."

"But good for them, they now want to kill Dark Water Serpent and all of his offsprings. They are only thinking about how to completely wipe out the water-kind army before the Kui Gate," said Si Wen Ming with a bland, slightly taunting tone.

"Look at them. Attacking strongly, luring the enemies into traps, besieging, provoking…They’ve used all kinds of strategies, and indeed killed a large number of water-kind creatures under Dark Water Serpent’s command…But, what’s the point?"

Spreading his hands, Si Wen Ming gave a bitter smile, then looked at Ji Hao and said, "Seriously, we can’t count on them. We’ve fought so hard for today. If we are stuck here by the final nine water gates…One more day the flood last, one more day our people will suffer."

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and looked at the blueprint. Carefully looking at the nine water gates area for a while, he responded with a deep voice, "Let them play. They want the credit, let them risk their lives for it. We focus on what we should be doing. Breaking the nine gates? Hmm, this area has such a strong earth meridian power. It won’t be easy for us to damage these tens of miles long mountain ranges!"

Si Wen Ming took out a whip-like, dark yellow thing from his sleeve. The object was coiled in a mist. It seemed to be metallic, but not entirely, and was covered in complicated patterns.

"This is a ‘mountain driving whip’, a treasure that belonged to the Earth Emperor. It has the power to move earth meridians and control the flow directions of the earth power." Stroking the six-foot-long whip, Si Wen Ming said frowningly, "It’s just…"

Ji Hao reached out his hand, grabbed over the whip, and swung it in the air.

He immediately sensed a special heaviness from the whip. He felt that he wasn’t holding a short whip, but instead, lifting a continent. The whip was not heavy, only about one hundred and fifty kilograms, but Ji Hao could barely hold it.

Ji Hao sent his spirit power into the whip, then spread out towards all directions. All of a sudden, Ji Hao’s spirit power drilled into the ground magically and smoothly, like fishes returning to the water.

One hundred miles, one thousand miles, ten-thousand miles…A million miles…His spirit power moved freely underground, through all earth meridians. Holding the whip, Ji Hao’s spirit power easily scanned across all mountains and hills within the area ten million miles in radius. By using his spirit power, Ji Hao could now recognize every single mountain in this area. All those mountains and hills seemed to become docile puppies, and as long as Ji Hao gives his order, they would follow his mind and moves.

"This…" Ji Hao grinned happily, "Uncle Wen Ming, we have such a powerful treasure, then what are you worrying about?"

Si Wen Ming shook his head, smiled bitterly and said, "The only problem is that mountains can only move slowly under the effect of this treasure. Every twenty-four hours, a mountain can move thirty to fifty miles at most. To make the Kui Gate broad enough to allow the flood go through, it will take at least a month."

A month, it was not long, but not so short either. A month would be enough for Gong Gong to come up with all kinds of solutions, and for those powerful human clans and families to cause more troubles.

Neither Gong Gong nor those powerful clans would give Si Wen Ming enough time to move those mountains away with the whip and create a broad water channel.

About obstructing Si Wen Ming, those powerful human families and clans were on the same side with Gong Gong!

"Uncle Wen Ming…I have an idea! Hmm, but you may have to bear some blame for it!"

Ji Hao gripped the whip, pondered for a while, then laughed.

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