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Ji Hao watched those fire crows transform into flowing fiery light streams and drown the allied army.

The one hundred and eight pyramids belonging to the You Chao Family buzzed deeply. The formation that had Dark Water Serpent trapped in it suddenly collapsed. Those dark pyramids darted in the sky and formed a mountain-shaped formation above the army, releasing a strong light shield that covered the army firmly.

Fiery crows cawed noisily while bumping rampantly on the defensive formation. But, not even a ripple of light was stirred up from the defensive formation. Warriors stood in the formation and pointed at enemies above the Kui Gate. Some even laughed out loud intentionally, even louder than those fire crows.

Dark Water Serpent was freed from the pyramid formation. He fiercely released dense clouds of poisonous gas towards the army. After finding out that the poisonous gas couldn’t drill even an inch into the defensive formation, he disappointedly shrank to about ten miles long, slowly raised a dark cloud, and flew back to before the Kui Gate. Coiled again on the dark cloud, he closed his eyes and seemed to fall asleep.

Fire Crows had been diving down from above the Kui Gate ceaselessly. Half of the sky was burned red by the fire.

Protected by the defensive formation, the army had nothing to fear. Leaders of all clans and families gathered together, arguing against each other.

"We can’t count on them!" Ji Hao shook his head as he glanced at the hundreds of warriors in the surroundings, who were put here to watch Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao. Holding his hands behind his body, Ji Hao walked back into the tent behind him.

Si Wen Ming gave a long sigh. Looking around at his warriors, who had regained their strengths and energies, he remained silent for a while, seeming to be thinking about something. Following behind Ji Hao, he walked into the tent as well.

Soon, what almost infuriated Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming happened — The leaders of those clans and families actually sent two to three hundred warriors from each family or clan to Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao’ campsite, and surrounded their tent.

A few Chu Wu Clan Magi even set up all kinds of early warning formations around their tent. The alarms would go off immediately after Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao left the tent for about three steps far. In the sky and underground, this entire area around the tent was now filled with all kinds of early warning formations.

A Cloud Sun commander stood by the entrance of the tent. He grinningly and quickly bowed to Ji Hao, who had an extremely dark face, and said, "Marquis Chong, Marquis Yao, thanks for your hard works in the past few years! You must be exhausted. As for the final nine water gates, you can just watch."

After saying this with a nice face, this commander’s look changed so suddenly, which made him even like a crazy dog. With a sulky face and a grim tone, he continued, "Marquis Chong, Marquis Yao, please remember this. You better stay in this tent these days. We will send you the foods and the drinks. If you want women, we will get you any type of woman you want!"

"Breaking the nine water gates, everyone cares so much about that. Marquis Chong, Marquis Yao, please don’t do anything that might make we misunderstand….If, I said if, any conflict happens between your people and us…"

Ji Hao made a step forward and threw a slap straight to the face of this commoner, who was totally above himself.

Si Wen Ming almost foresaw this. He flashed to Ji Hao, but didn’t have the time to drag Ji Hao’s arm. Therefore, he could only stand before Ji Hao to protect that commander.

Ji Hao’s palm almost slapped on Si Wen Ming’s head. He hurriedly took back his hand, twisted his body and slipped nimbly away from Si Wen Ming, fast as a loach. Then, he raised his right foot and kicked violently on this commander’s crotch.

That Cloud Sun Family commander slightly curved up his lip corners, as if he were glad to see this happen. In the meanwhile, he scornfully snorted while launching a heavy elbow strike with his right elbow to Ji Hao’s foot.

This time, Si Wen Ming didn’t manage to stop it.

Boom! Ji Hao’s flood dragon skin boot was shattered into bits, while the commanders’ one-inch-thick metal arm protector sparkled with a dazzling group of spell symbol, then being quaked into thousands of bits by Ji Hao’s foot.

A blood mist spread in the air as the commander’s elbow crushed under Ji Hao’s foot. His left forearm fell on the ground, with fingers twitching intensely.

"You…" The commander’s face turned pale, while around three-hundred warriors under his command pulled out their blades and approached Ji Hao.

"You say one more useless word, I will lead my army join the water-kind and kill you all!" Ji Hao’s eyeballs turned into a scary pure silver color. He sent the extremely negative power to every corner of his body, generating a thin cracking noise from the air around him. Thin blue ice flakes emerged in the sky, and slowly drifted down to the ground.

The air temperature dropped rapidly. Even the air was frozen by the cold power released from Ji Hao’s body.

"Do you believe that I will join the water-kind and kill you all?" Ji Hao stared at the commander’s pale face with a dark, evil look. "Do you believe it?"

"You, do you dare to?" The commander tremblingly pointed at Ji Hao.

"Wanna try? Point at me with that finger of yours again. Do I dare? Wanna try?" Ji Hao gave a frigid, vicious grin, then laughed with a cold voice, "And you can make a bet with me, whether Emperor Shun will punish me or not after I kill you all."

A silver light sphere rose from Ji Hao’s head. A terrifying cold power swept across the entire mountainside. Soon, this whole area was covered with a thick layer of ice. Muffled cracking noises could be heard from frozen rocks on the mountain.

"Or, you can make a bet whether…Emperor Shun will be able to punish me after that?" Ji Hao was so angry that he said this straightforwardly.

The commander stared at Ji Hao stunned. He even forgot to trigger spirit blood to heal his wounds in panic. He looked at Ji Hao, sensing his power and the cold silver light in his eyes. Did he truly offend someone that was hard to deal with?

But according to the information about Ji Hao that was with the Cloud Sun Family and some other clans and families, Marquis Yao Ji Hao didn’t have a great background! He was just a lucky boy from a small Southern Wasteland clan. Supported by Si Wen Ming, he earned his small territory and low position. How could he release a power that was even scarier than the power of the Master Elder of Cloud Sun Family?

"I…I…" The commander dared not to say anything else. Commanders sent over by the other clans and families to watch Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming dared not to talk either.

"Piss off!" Ji Hao slapped on this commander’s face and sent him flying far away, then shouted fiercely, "Remember, we will not eat or drink whatever you give us! We will tell you what we want, and you have to bring those to us! If we want to eat dragon livers and phoenix guts, you bring those to us. If we want to drink dragon marrow and phoenix blood, you bring those to us!"

"If I want a woman, even if the one I want is your mother, you bring her to me! If you don’t, I will kill you!"

Nearly a hundred warriors had approached him. Glaring at those badly shocked warriors, Ji Hao sneered and suddenly moved. Almost simultaneously, he gave each warrior a heavy slap on the face, and sent all of them flying away.

"Phew!" Ji Hao let out a heavy breath, then laughed out loud towards the sky, "Finally feels better…We need to find something to do!"

Si Wen Ming helplessly looked at Ji Hao. But somehow, Ji Hao felt that Si Wen Ming was trying so hard to not laugh, wasn’t he?

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