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"Great! A marvelous Qiong Sang man!" Qiong Sang Sheng took a long glance at Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming with obvious unfriendliness, and said, "Minister Si Wen Ming, Marquis Yao, go rest aside. Our Qiong Song family men will take the nine water gates!"

Qiong Sang Sheng pushed it further. It seemed that Si Wen Ming and Ji Hao acted a bit like pushovers just now. As a result, Qiong Sang Sheng waved his hands, and following his move, seven to eight Qiong Sang Family warriors flew over.

Pointing at Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming, he said blandly, "Escort these two ministers to rest. Take a good care of them, and don’t let anything happen to them. If they get hurt, even by a single hair, you shall chop off your own heads!"

‘Don’t let anything happen to them?’ Didn’t that mean Qiong Sang Sheng wanted these warriors to follow Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming everywhere and to watch them day and night?

Si Wen Ming remained expressionless. He rubbed the large clay bowl with both his hands. Because of the thick calluses on his hands, a loud frictional noise was caused.

Ji Hao sneered, showing the whites of his eyes and squinting at Qiong Sang Sheng.

If they truly let Qiong Sang Sheng and his people take the nine water gates, what would people say? Without a doubt, Gong Gong would send down all his strong commanders and ministers down to guard the nine water gates and fight human beings. In order to break through the nine water gates, Qiong Sang Sheng and his people undoubtedly had to kill or seal those famous, powerful water-kind spirit creatures under Gong Gong’s command.

If this did happen, in the future, Qiong Sang Sheng could proudly say in front of Emperor Shun that his warriors killed Xiang Liu, chopped Kun Peng, took out Wuzhi Qi, peeled Dark Water Serpent, and made his skin into jackets. What about Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming then? In the past few years, they fought countless battles in the storm with no efforts spared. Millions and millions of water-kind creatures died in their hands, but at last, when people were to be awarded according to their contributions, what could they say? ‘Well, we killed so many nameless weak water-kind creatures…’

Most people in the world only had their eyes fixed on the ones with high reputations. Why would they care about those nameless weak water-kind creatures? They wouldn’t care how many those water-kind creatures were, or how strong they were, neither would they care about how many efforts did it require to wipe those water-kind creatures all out.

The dirtiest, most exhausting, and troublesome works were all done by Ji Hao and Si Wen Ming, but the nine final water gates, which could be considered as a giant, juicy and fleshy piece of meat, Qiong Sang Sheng wanted it all for himself and his family!

Ji Hao slightly flicked his fingers and released a faintly sensible sword intent. Beams of dazzling light were generated, clashing against each other. Everyone’s eyes were blazing suddenly. At the moment, they saw nothing but countless dazzling swords, flying all over the sky and clanging against each other.

Once the sword intent was released, Si Wen Ming’s look changed, while Yemo Shayi raised his eyebrows, then his erect eye turned purely dark. Yemo Shayi’s body gradually turned hazy and blur, while a strong power was released, seeming even to devour and destroy the world.

Back on the mountainside, Feng Xing, Yu Mu, and Yuan Li were resting. Sensing Ji Hao’s sword intent, they leaped straight up. They had their eyes on this area since long ago. Once Ji Hao released that sword intent, they trod on a cloud and flew over swiftly.

From about a hundred miles away, Feng Xing became invisible. But an extremely sharp, violent arrow intent had already locked on Qiong Sang Sheng. Yu Mu pulled out the Disease God Streamer, waving it slowly. Tens of meters long locusts flew out, spraying a poisonous gas while hovering around Yu Mu.

Yuan Li flipped in the air and landed beside Ji Hao, holding his dragon staff with both hands, looking at Qiong Sang Sheng from head to toe as he said, "Eh? What does this fur-less guy want? What? Does he want to fight us?"

Qiong Sang Sheng frowned slightly as he glanced at Yuan Li. Obviously, he despised Yuan Li. In his eyes, Yuan Li was nothing but a talking water monkey, a lowly spirit creature. Qiong Sang Sheng didn’t even want to look at him.

Looking at Qiong Sang Sheng’s proud face, Ji Hao ignored Si Wen Ming’s hint given with the eyes, and said word by word, "Yeah, this guy wants to die, and he wants us to help him !"

Qiong Sang Sheng paused in shock, and so did his warriors.

Si Wen Ming’s look changed again, as he sighed helplessly. He knew that what Qiong Sang Sheng did and said had truly enraged Ji Hao. Si Wen Ming couldn’t help but throw an angry glance at Qiong Sang Sheng, ‘Do you truly think that no one dares to do anything to you only because you’re a descendant of Shaohao?’ thought Si Wen Ming.

"You…What did you say?" Qiong Sang Sheng paused for a while, but still couldn’t believe his own ears. Or maybe he just wasn’t willing to believe it. He popped out his eyes, stared at Ji Hao, and asked word by word, "What did you say just now? Marquis Yao Ji Hao, can you say it again, clearly?"

"Do you want to die?" Ji Hao took two steps forward, almost forcing his nose against Qiong Sang Sheng’s, as he asked, also word by word through gritted teeth. A frigidly cold airstream was even squeezed out of his mouth. He opened his erect eye and released a trace of the power of destruction from the embryo of Dao of destruction. Just like Yemo Shayi, Ji Hao had his erect eye turned purely dark. Looking at that eye, people would be despairing because of the sense of terror given by it.

"If you want to die, and you want to drag the entire Qiong Sang Family into hell with you, I can surely help!" Ji Hao raised his hand, pointed his finger heavily on Qiong Sang Sheng’s nose, and said coldly with a fierce, dagger-sharp gaze, "When you die, I will let Emperor Shun tell the world how you bravely fought Gong Gong to break through the nine water gates, but ended up drowned in Gong Gong’s saliva!"

"You!" Qiong Sang Sheng panicked a little bit. His eyes dazzled, and he didn’t even dare to look straight at Ji Hao’s eyes.

In Ten Sun Country, no one dared to talk to him like this. He seemed to be young, but in fact, he had lived for over a thousand years. He was called ‘Master Magus’ in Ten Sun Country. In Ten Sun Country people’s eyes, he was the closest to divine gods in the heaven. He was a breath away from the level of Supreme Magus. He was truly, extremely powerful.

He had a high social status, and he had a great power. Therefore, he considered everybody and everything beneath his notice.

When his social status and power were both neglected by someone, and when someone rushed up wildly against him, Qiong Sang Sheng suddenly didn’t know what to do. He did want to order his warriors to hack Ji Hao to death though.

However, Yemo Shayi and Feng Xing had already made themselves invisible. Yu Mu wasn’t holding the Disease God streamer, while Yuan Li had that dragon staff in his hands. Each one of these people, even including Si Wen Ming, who stood aside silently, had terrifying power rising inside their bodies. Somehow, Qiong Sang Sheng felt that if he dared to attack Ji Hao right now, Si Wen Ming would definitely try to kill him with all of his power, regardless of Ten Sun Country and his position!

Qiong Sang Sheng felt like he was going crazy.

Si Wen Ming was a man from You Chong Clan. Indeed, You Chong Clan people were descendants of the Yellow Emperor, but that clan was only a self-founded branch clan which originated from the You Xiong Family. It was only a branch clan, even if the recent few generations had been doing pretty well. But, Qiong Song Family was the family of Emperor Shaohao! Qiong Sang Family people were the direct descendants of Shaohao, and Qiong Sang Family was ten times, a hundred times, or even a thousand times more powerful than You Chong Clan!

How could Si Wen Ming ever want to kill him? Was Si Wen Ming out of his mind?

In the front, Dark Water Yao Yao burst with a great growl, as a half of his face was sliced off by Qiong Sang Shuang’s bowstring.

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