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Looking at Qiong Sang Sheng’s handsome face, Ji Hao even had an impulsion to smash it with the Pan Gu bell.

A strong, heavy power vibration could be sensed. Holding a large clay bowl with a big breach on the edge, Si Wen Ming quickly walked to Ji Hao and grabbed his wrist with his left hand. With a mild smile, Si Wen Ming slightly lowered his head and said, "Qiong Sang Master Magus from the Qiong Sang Family came to help, that is for the best."

Si Wen Ming grinned and glanced at those warriors resting on the mountainside, shaking his head slightly as he said, "The past few years truly exhausted those boys. It’s good for them to have a chance to take some rest."

Ji Hao narrowed his eyes and quickly glanced at Si Wen Ming.

He heard dread from Si Wen Ming’s words. Instantly, Ji Hao understood that this Qiong Sang Sheng was not easy to deal with. But ‘Master Magus’? Was that his nickname? Was he a Supreme Magus?

Ji Hao silently looked at Qiong Sang Sheng from head to toe. Qiong Sang Sheng chuckled, shaking his head as he said, "It seems that not too many people remember my name these days…It’s time to come out and take a walk."

All of a sudden, Qiong Sang Sheng raised his right hand, reaching to Ji Hao’s left wrist.

A dark shadow flashed out of Ji Hao’s shadow. With a frigid power vibration, Yemo Shayi straightened his five left fingers and created five thin and dark space cracks in the air, slapping against Qiong Sang Sheng’s hand.

Yemo Shayi’s left hand bumped against Qiong Sang Sheng’s right hand, causing no noise. Translucent dark ripples spread out from their fingers. Following a series of creaking noise, the space around their palms suddenly turned purely dark.

In the next moment, the twisted and darkened space recovered to normal. Yemo Shayi and Qiong Sang Sheng had split their palms already, as if nothing had happened at all. Yemo Shayi took three steps backward and stood behind Ji Hao, while Qiong Sang Sheng knitted his eyebrows and silently made three steps sideway, keeping himself tens of meters away from Ji Hao.

"Marquis Yao, indeed marvelous! I didn’t think that you have a sun and moon stage non-humankind being under your command, a powerful one from the strongest, cruelest Dark Sun…Impressive, truly impressive!"

Looking at Qiong Sang Sheng’s slightly blue face, Ji Hao wanted to laugh. Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao said blandly, "My virtue is like a towering, divine platens tree. Naturally, phoenixes will travel far and wide to just build a nest on the tree. A few powerful non-humankind beings are moved and inspired by my virtue. Therefore, they chose to follow my lead sincerely. This is just a reasonable thing."

The large clay bowl held in Si Wen Ming’s hand swayed slightly, as he almost crumbled it.

Qiong Sang Sheng’s face twitched. His right hand was still suffering a piercing pain because of Yemo Shayi’s counterattack just now. Hiding that hand in his sleeve, he silently clenched his fist, ‘Ji Hao, do you still have a sense of shame? Do you mean that your virtue and fame has spread far, which makes you like a divine tree, illuminating the world so much that even phoenixes fly all the way here to you, to nest on your virtuous tree?’

Yemo Shayi’s face was slightly darkened as well, as he took a glance at Ji Hao’s back with a hidden bitterness. Yemo Shayi could even swear with the souls of all his ancestors that he did not follow Ji Hao because of Ji Hao’s virtue! Yemo Shayi wanted to tell Qiong Sang Sheng that he was ‘moved and inspired’ by Ji Hao’s power, true, violent power. With no other choice at all, he made a blood oath and became Ji Hao’s slave. He followed Ji Hao because of Ji Hao’s power, solid power, which had absolutely not a damn thing to do with virtue.

When Ji Hao, Yemo Shayi, and Qiong Sang Sheng silently exchanged a blow over here, the fight happening between Qiong Sang Shuang and Dark Water Yao Yao was getting intense.

Ji Hao covered the battlefield with his spirit power and carefully observed Qiong Sang Shuang’s moves. Ji Hao’s eye corners twitched slightly. Was this a secret fighting skill of Ten Sun Country or Qiong Sang Family?

Yi Di and the most of Eastern Wasteland archers liked killing their enemies from tens of miles away the most. Some powerful archers even liked to kill their enemies from hundreds, even thousands of miles away, with their marvelous archery skills.

Without their bows and arrows, or by letting the enemies approach, most of Eastern Wasteland archers would lose at least eighty percent of their powers.

However, Qiong Sang Shuang and Dark Water Yao Yao were now doing a close combat.

He was holding a glowing-white longbow, emitting a strong cold power. The silver bowstring was barely visible. Qiong Sang Shuang would grip the bow with both hands or wield the bow with one hand, and the hair-thin bowstring would slice through the air, causing a sharp buzzing noise along with dazzling beams of cold lights. Those light beams would weave into a dense net that covered Dark Water Yao Yao’s entire body.

Dark Water Yao Yao let out his fork-tongue, gripped his long blade, and released bright blade lights to defend himself.

Qiong Sang Shuang leaped around Dark Water Yao Yao, as nimbly as a flea. His afterimages were all over the sky. At first glance, one would see at least three-hundred Qiong Sang Shuangs flashing in the sky.

Unlike the other spirit creatures, Dark Water Yao Yao hadn’t been roaring madly on a rampage. Instead, he floated in midair and remained perfectly unmoved. No matter how intensely Qiong Sang Shuang attacked, he would do nothing more than wielding the blade and defending himself steadily.

Blade lights and the bowstring clashed against each other. The tinkles gradually became a long-lasting, sharp scream, which brought everyone else on the scene a piercing ear pain.

"Qiong Sang Shuang is a talented young man of our family." said Qiong Sang Sheng abruptly, while watching the fight, "He has the potential to become a prince. Give him ten years, and he will be qualified for the position of emperor."

Qiong Sang Shuang smiled and said, "This boy is so passionate about the well-being of the humankind. Hearing that Gong Gong has sent down his people and blocked the way of the flood-control army in here…See, we had just arrived in Pu Ban City, and didn’t even have the time to drink some water. But, he already dragged us here to help Minister Si Wen Ming!"

"So passionate!" Looking at Qiong Sang Sheng right in the eyes, Ji Hao said word by word, "However, I’m afraid that he doesn’t have ten years. Qiong Sang…Master Magus? You should know that Emperor Shun…"

Qing Sang Sheng waved his hand, interrupted Ji Hao, and looked at him blandly as he said, "You can’t be sure so soon about some things. Who knows how the future be like? Things are changing like the drifting clouds in the sky. We are only mortal human beings, how can we predict the future?"

Ji Hao wasn’t preparing to show a sign of weakness. Instead, he continued coldly, "The future is indeed unpredictable, but not as unpredictable as human hearts, right?"

Qiong Sang Sheng smiled and said carelessly, "Are human hearts unpredictable? Marquis Yao, I think you are wrong. We have one heart, only one, that is the heart of love towards the humankind. We have no other hearts, but the heart of passion and love. All people in the world can see through our heart clearly with one glimpse!"

Waving his hand, Qiong Sang Sheng pointed at the Kui Gate and said loudly, "Minister Si Wen Ming, and Marquis Yao, you go rest aside, and let our Qiong Sang Family get these nine water gates! At least, we should let all human beings know that our Qiong Song Family are indeed making some contributions to the humankind!"

Once he finished, a howl could be heard. Qiong Sang Shuang suddenly twisted his longbow and sliced a large piece of meat off from Dark Water Yao Yao’s arm.

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