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The infinitude lotus world was agitated. Seeing Ji Hao rush up, all priests in the lotus world growled out, boosted up their powers as much as possible, and launched a life-risking counterattack.

Without Gold Water, the all worlds monument began losing control, releasing its power without limitation.

Different sized doors flashed around. Countless priests screamed like a group of startled ducks while rushing in or out of those doors. Meanwhile, colorful clouds had been rising from all doors. The eighteen ‘Zun’-level sky devils, and nearly ten-thousand sky devils, who suddenly showed up, had also been flashing around with the power of the all worlds monument. All kinds of sky devil magics were cast towards attack Ji Hao.

Man Man took back the sixty-four flaming beads, turned them into a thousands of meters long flaming door, and shielded Shaosi and herself while constantly launching attacks. All kinds of attack were swallowed up by the ferocious beast in the flaming door. Sword lights, magic talismans, thunder bombs, nothing could ever touch Man Man and Shaosi beside her.

Occasionally, the beast would pounce out of the door. Every time, three to five poor and slow priests would always be dragged into the flaming door and burned into ashes.

Shaosi’s eyes had been sparkling with a faint, gray light. She incanted a spell with a low voice, ceaselessly looting those priests’ fortune. Everyone targeted by Shaosi had his or her fortune declining speedily. Soon, many priests turned extremely unlucky. Some of them were injured by sword lights or thunder bombs released by their brothers and sisters, while some saw Man Man push the giant flaming door over. They turned around and attempted to run into a door, but ended up bumping on the doorframe!

All kinds of unimaginable unlucky situation happened. By simply making eye contact with Ji Hao and his friends, these priests would be hunted by bad luck, and be injured without knowing how.

Taisi was holding the Nailhead Seven Arrow Book, surrounded by a layer of gray air-ripples. Following his spooky spell-incanting voice, those priests that rushed out from the doors around him all fell not he ground with their faces turned pale, before they could even launch any attacks.

Feng Xing’s arrows darted all over the sky. From time to time, a large number of priests would fall to the ground, twitching and struggling, with hundreds of arrows stuck in their bodies.

From Yu Mu’s Disease God Streamer, strange waves of roars could be heard. Everyone who heard that strange roar would shake, then colorful, sticky liquid would begin oozing out of their pores. Some priests had been twitching, vomiting and being purged. Meanwhile, their skin was covered in pustules. Within a couple of breaths, these people were turned into dehydrated dead bodies.

More surprisingly, Yuan Li gripped his whip, and was madly lashing the few thousands of priests chained on the nine dragons chariot. These priests cried, but at the same time, activated their flying swords and daggers. Those flying swords and daggers transformed into strong light shields, defending the chariot against the attacks launched by their brothers and sisters.

While doing this, many chained priests had been crying and wailing heartbreakingly, "Brothers…Sisters…Run, just run. You can never defeat these monsters…Run…Ji Hao is cruel and evil. Look what he did to us!"

Groups of priests had still been flashing in and out of those doors, attacking Ji Hao and his friends, in cooperation with the eighteen sky devils.

Priest Corpse and Gold Water were both sent down to the netherworld by Ji Hao. All their efforts had been wasted, so these priests wanted to run. They didn’t want to put up any desperate fight against Ji Hao, but they had to, because Priest Hua had given his order!

Even worse, without Gold Water, the all worlds monument was almost out of control now. All the other priests who built this infinitude lotus world together alarmedly realized the fact that they could no longer find the exit. They had no idea how to walk out of this disordered giant formation.

Restrained by Priest Hua’s order, these people dared not to run.

The all worlds monument was out of control, which meant they couldn’t run.

Therefore, they could only fight desperately! Supported by the power of the great formation, countless sword lights transformed into long rainbows and descended along with waves of thunder bombs. In the great formation, the powers of these sword lights and those thunderbolts were hundred times greater than usual.

However, Ji Hao protected the entire chariot with the Pan Gu bell. No matter how strongly those priests attacked, Ji Hao stood on the chariot and remained unmoving. Occasionally, he would release one or two beams of sword light and make a large group of priests cry hysterically while jumping around.

The golden bridge floated before Ji Hao’s forehead, with countless tiny spell symbols sparkling on it.

Extremely thin beams of light shone from the golden bridge, scanning across the slowly rotating all worlds monument. Exposed under the light of the golden bridge, the all worlds monument was gradually turning transparent and hazy.

Many priests as powerful as Priest Corpse and Gold Water rushed up and tried to bring the monument back under control. However, a faint, scary, dark shadow existed around the monument. Any priest who dared to approach the monument would be killed suddenly by an invisible sword.

Yemo Shayi was hiding in the air, killing every enemy who dared to approach.

Among those priests, some became Priest Hua and Priest Mu’ disciples in the prehistorical era, and were even more powerful than Yemo Shayi. But, they were so frightened by Ji Hao and his friends that their hearts were shaken. As a result, their will became weak, and they almost died under Yemo Shayi’s sword many times.

An hour passed like this. Ji Hao laughed, "Thank you for this great treasure. It would be so rude to reject, so I will accept it."

Roaring resonantly, the golden bridge dimmed its light, shaking slightly, then released a thumb-sized stream of clear light which drilled into the monument. Dense clouds rose from the monument. Along with a rumbling friction noise, the monument quaked intensely and flew to the golden bridge inch by inch.

All surrounding doors disappeared one after another, and countless priests suddenly showed up in all directions, deeply confused.

Within a few breaths, the monument became a tiny jade talisman, swallowed by the golden bridge. After that, the golden bridge dazzled with a blinking light. Ji Hao’s embryos of Dao trembled intensely, as he sensed a wild joy from the golden bridge which was not concealable.

The all worlds monument was highly nourishing to the golden bridge. On swallowing the monument, the golden bridge was much more powerful than before, and was even more magical and mysterious.

Most importantly, by now, this infinitude lotus world was completely under Ji Hao’s control.

The golden bridge replaced the monument and became the core of this great formation. So now, all the changes of the formation were controlled by Ji Hao now.

"People, you spent so many efforts and came all the way here to give this all worlds monument to me. For such a great kindness, I can only thank you by taking your lives!" Looking at tens of thousands of priest and nearly ten-thousand sky devils who suddenly showed up, Ji Hao laughed out loud.

Next, he pointed up his finger. Following his move, two beautifully glowing doors appeared in front and behind those priests and sky devils. These two doors gently yet swiftly moved towards each other while generating a long series of puffing noise. At least eighty percent of those priests were crushed by the compressed space, and even thousands of sky devils were shredded, turning into colorful smoke and dissipating in the air.

The rest of the priests and sky devils howled together, falling into despair and fear.

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