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"Man Man, Shaosi, you don’t do anything. Let me try this new golden bridge!"

Ji Hao clearly sensed that the golden bridge had completely merged with the all worlds monument. In other words, the golden bridge had entirely devoured the monument. The golden bridge had the power of flashing across the space and flying around the world in a moment, but after it merged with the monument, it became even more magical.

Locking a desperately running priest with his eyes, Ji Hao then closed his eyes and randomly lunged his sword, releasing a beam of sword light.

A door coiled in a mist suddenly opened in that direction. The sword light darted into the door, and then blood splashed out from it. Over ten miles away, a door suddenly opened before that running priest, then the sword light dazzled out and penetrated his chest.

Before that priest could make any reaction, Ji Hao locked his left fingers together and sent out a Yu Yu divine thunderbolt. Once the thunderbolt flashed out, a foot-long door opened before it. Then, Ji Hao saw the injured priest tremble suddenly. He lowered his head in panic, trying to look at his waist. He couldn’t see it, but he clearly sensed that a tiny door had opened inside his body.

That Yu Yu divine thunderbolt went off inside this priest’s body. A cyan-purple bolt of thunder struck out from his stomach and tore his body apart. A bleeding primordial spirit flew into the sky, screaming ear-piercingly.

Ji Hao smiled and pointed out his finger. Above that primordial spirit, another door suddenly appeared and opened. The primordial spirit moved about five times faster than its physical body. It didn’t manage to stop, and consequently rushed into that door.

A warm light flashed across the nine dragons chariot. A door opened, and that primordial spirit rushed out, right before Ji Hao’s face. The primordial spirit screamed as if it suddenly saw a ghost. It locked its fingers together and attempted to escape at the highest speed. But standing aside, Man Man chuckled. A flaming door appeared behind that primordial spirit, from which, a fire wolf reached out its head and gripped the primordial spirit with its sharp teeth.

"Ji Hao my friend! Please, please don’t kill me! Please!" The primordial spirit screamed sadly, as loud as possible, "I’ve cultivated myself, with no pains spared, for three thousand years!"

Ji Hao raised his eyebrows, looking at the primordial spirit as he responded blandly, "Only three-thousand years? No wonder you’re so weak."

Pointing out his finger, Ji Hao sent out another thunderbolt which struck straight on the primordial spirit’s head, making dark smoke puff out from it. Baring its teeth, the fire wolf gripped the primordial spirit tightly with those sharp teeth and swiftly dragged it into the flaming door.

Floating behind Ji Hao, the golden bridge flipped slightly. Following a thought of Ji Hao, warm clouds rose from all directions, while countless lotuses bloomed in them. Golden, silver, cyan, and red, lotuses with all colors gathered together and merged into a thousand-miles-wide sphere that wrapped this whole space up.

The eighteen ‘Zun’-level sky devils screamed in panic. They cast all kinds of magic, trying to tear apart the space and run with the other surviving sky devils. However, the infinitude lotus world was a great, powerful formation, built by tens of thousands of Priest Hua and Priest Mu’s disciples with great efforts. Now, it was being controlled by the golden bridge, a genuine supreme treasure. Without a doubt, no matter how hard those sky devils tried, they couldn’t shake the formation, not even slightly.

Over ten-thousand surviving priests had been running desperately in the formation like headless chicken. But led by the golden bridge, the formation changed gradually, and a strong sealing force came to these priests from every direction.

Soon, only around ten powerful ones could still move freely, while all the others were frozen in the air with weird gestures, like flies in amber. Those powerful ones were famous since the prehistorical era.

Ji Hao waved his hand. The few doors around him disappeared. He took a few steps forward, standing on the nine dragons chariot as he said, "Surrender, then you can live! You are guilty of all kinds of evil. You harmed human beings. You may not die, but you will suffer for what you’ve done. If you are willing to repent sincerely and serve our humankind, you may live!"

A powerful priest glowered at Ji Hao. A cold light shone above his head, within which, a bead was faintly visible. Harshly, he shouted to his peers, "Don’t believe him! We have to remember that…"

Ji Hao raised the Taiji divine sword and launched a fierce hack.

No sword light flashed across the sky, and no sword power could be sensed. Instead, a door opened before Ji Hao’s body, and at the same time, another one opened before that priest’s face. Through the door, the Taiji divine sword penetrated the priest’s forehead, right through the middle of his eyebrows.

That bead above his head flew up and brought his embryo of Dao into a spinning golden lotus.

If the infinitude lotus world didn’t change, according to the priest’s calculation, this golden lotus should be an exit. By breaking the lotus, he could escape and survive.

Ji Hao shook his head and pointed his finger out once again. Following his move, the golden lotus became a golden door. Under the protection of the bead, the priest’s embryo of Dao flew into the door, then came out from another one, right in front of Ji Hao.

"Man Man, you and the others go outside and wait for me!" Ji Hao’s eyes sparkled with a dangerous light. An extremely strong intent of killing rose from his heart. Were Priest Mu and Priest Hua planning to borrow a knife from Ji Hao and send all these disciples of theirs to the netherworld, to let them reincarnate and become human beings? Were they planning to take a greater natural fortune, that belonged to the humankind, through this method?

Ji Hao sneered. The golden bridge started shaking, releasing a clear light that wrapped up the nine dragons chariot. The light sparkled; except for Ji Hao, all the others and the chariot itself were sent out from the infinitude lotus world.

"You stupid things. You colluded with sky devils and hurt human beings. You are so stubborn and impenitent. I think you should die!"

Raising the sword high, Ji Hao injected all of his power into the sword. The fierce sword intent swept across the entire space while dazzling sword light beams were generated. Before every beam of sword light, a tiny door appeared. Coming next were long-lasting screams and howls. Before each sky devil or priest, a door appeared as well.

Through the space, Ji Hao attacked tens of thousands of enemies with a single sword strike.

The bodies of all the priests were crushed. Their primordial spirits intended to escape, but ended up being stuck in the infinitude lotus world, unable to move.

Ji Hao swung the sword down over and over again, as sword light beams fell like a storm. The eighteen ‘Zun’ level sky devils had been roaring in rage. Their bodies were penetrated by sword lights, as the sun power and the extremely negative power drilled into their bodies, burning them up. They were powerful indeed, but a big half of their life-force was consumed by the two extreme types of power already.

Looked around, Ji Hao then raised his hand. Behind those primordial spirits and sky devils, a five-colored swirl emerged.

Inside Ji Hao’s body, the five-colored cauldron released a strong suction force. Colorful light streams dragged those primordial spirits and all the sky devils slowly into the cauldron.

The five-colored flame spun swiftly in the cauldron, burning ragingly. Soon, the original souls of a batch of priests were melted completely.

Ji Hao gripped the sword, facing the sky. He knew that this time, he had truly infuriated Priest Hua and Priest Mu. The original souls of tens of thousands of their disciples were destroyed, and their great plan about reincarnation was thwarted.

‘They might want to kill me themselves now.’ thought Ji Hao.

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