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The rock wall was dark, with dark evil souls hiding in it, well-prepared for killing. The water was clear, tens of thousands of meters deep. At the bottom of this water was a dark altar, with three black bronze dragon coffins on it, releasing a strong, cold power. The atmosphere in this quiet water eye was evil and strange.

Yuan Li saw the three coffins as well. He floated in the water like a hard rock, while his long silver fur stood straight up like iron needles.

A pressure started spreading from the three coffins. To Ji Hao, this pressure was faintly sensible, like the scent of blood that came from a drop of blood in an ocean. But to Yuan Li, this pressure was overwhelming. Under this pressure, Yuan Li felt that the sea was roaring under his feet and the sky was collapsing above his head, while ten-thousand raging dragons were roaring inside his soul.

Suddenly, Yuan Li’s knees were softened, that almost made him kneel down.

That was fear, a fear that came deeply from his bloodline, as if he were born with that fear. Because of the bloodline level pressure, a shrimp would be as frightened as Yuan Li was now, when it encountered a true dragon.

"Things in those coffins…are not human beings!" With difficulty, Yuan Li murmured.

As Yu Yu’s disciple, Yuan Li had been cultivating himself severely these days. The power he gained through the scripture Yu Yu gave him automatically activated. Inside Yuan Li’s body, a prehistorical, wild, and fierce power surged up. His eyes suddenly turned glowing red, and a fire of anger began burning his body uncontrollably. As his muscles swelled, he slowly straightened his body.

"Brother, whatever is inside those coffins, those are definitely not human beings," said Yuan Li with a firm tone.

Ji Hao frowned. Just now, he clearly sensed the change happen to Yuan Li’s body. Both Yuan Li’s power and spirit withered for a short moment, then a great anger burst from his body, stimulated his spirit power and physical strength, and washed off that fear and weakness he had just now.

Yuan Li’s soul was oppressed somehow, yet Ji Hao felt nothing.

On Yuan Li’s furs, Ji Hao released his strong spirit power. Faintly visible golden and silver glows emerged around Yuan Li’s body. Ji Hao fully activated his spirit power, scanning across the surrounding area.

At last, Ji Hao sensed an extremely weak spirit pressure, which was too weak to be noticed. Did this weak spirit creature almost crush Yuan Li? If what Yuan Li learned from Yu Yu didn’t stimulate his anger and his will to fight, Yuan Li could even fall unconscious under this weak spirit pressure.

"This is a bit strange… Be careful!" said Ji Hao, "Hm, don’t move."

Ji Hao silently activated the Taiji Universe mirror and sent a stream of spirit power into it. A dim silver light darted out from the mirror and covered Yuan Li’s body. Yuan Li cast the extremely negative power invisibility. With the help of the silver light that came from the mirror, he disappeared suddenly, without leaving a trace.

Ji Hao rummaged in his bangle for quite a while. He had been through a few wars these years, and had collected countless strange things.

A quarter of an hour later, Ji Hao took out a small wooden puppet. This was a spirit puppet made by a green-kind ancestor soul from Pan Xi world, and was rather functional. The puppet itself was powerful enough to fight a newly promoted Divine Magus.

Ji Hao put a top-grade green magic crystal from Pan Xi world into the spirit puppet, then incanted a spell and threw it out. After that, he spent another while in his bangle, then took out a series of small things. He filled those things up with magic crystals and threw them out one after another.

Once the puppet was thrown out, it glowed with a beautiful green light. Flashing across the water, the tiny puppet instantly expanded to eight-feet tall. The puppet looked just like a living human being, except for its light-green skin, hair and eyes. The puppet sank into the deeper area of the water cave, leaving a large series of bubbles behind.

This water cave was tens of thousands of meters deep, and the puppet hadn’t been sinking quickly. Around an hour later, the puppet approached the three coffins. It stopped twenty miles away from the altar, then lowered its head and observed the three coffins.

Ji Hao locked his fingers together and incanted a spell. Following his hand motion and voice, the puppet locked its fingers together as well, then the water around it began rippling intensely. A thin bolt of lightning sparkled inside the puppet’s body, and soon, following a deep, rumbling noise, a water-tank-sized sphere of lightning bolt emerged on the puppet’s hands.

"Green…Evil-breaking thunder!" The puppet slightly opened its mouth and said a few words with a very dry voice. The green evil-breaking thunder, for green-kind people in Pan Xi world, was the most commonly used thunder magic in battles. If this magic were cast in a forest, the rich green power in the forest would be absorbed by it, and the caster could easily launch a strike that would be tens of thousands of times more powerful than it was supposed to be. This was a great thunder magic to use in any battle.

In the water, this thunder magic would surely be less efficient. But as the water power could naturally generate green power, a pure water power from the surrounding area had been merging with the lightning bolt sphere created by the puppet. Gradually, the purple lightning bolt sphere was added with a deep blue luster.

The pure green thunder magic was now upgraded by a pure after-world water power, and was softer, more restrained.

Following a sizzling noise, the puppet spread its arms. The lightning bolt sphere split the water and struck a dragon coffin. It moved swiftly, and within a blink of an eye, it reached less than ten meters away from the coffin.

A man-shaped silhouette abruptly appeared upon the dragon coffin and sent up strong streams of cold power while wielding his right hand, grasping the lightning bolt sphere.

"Wuzhi Qi’s offspring are getting weaker and weaker. Anything can get in now!" The silhouette smirked coldly with a hoarse voice, "Wuzhi Qi himself is not bad, but how can his offspring be so weak? Aren’t those water monkeys his children?"

As he laughed, the silhouette rubbed his hands and crushed that sphere of lightning, turning it into countless thin electric bolts that dissipated in the water. That was a man-shaped creature, in a dark cloak. He raised his head and showed a twisted, hideous-looking, pale face.

The skin of that face was nearly transparent; the face was thickly covered in tiny scales, forming strange patterns on it. That didn’t look like a human face; instead, it was more like a a mixture of a lizard and a toad. This creature had an awfully long mouth, almost ear to ear, and his lips were weirdly purple.

"Not a living being? A small puppet?" This man murmured to himself, sounding not like a sane person at all. "But facing my soul-hooking sands, no matter how far you hide, it’s useless, useless, truly useless!"

The man laughed with a hissing voice, then suddenly opened his mouth and sprayed a puff of sand towards the puppet.

The puppet was wrapped in the sand. In the following moment, it disintegrated into countless tiny wooden pieces.

Staying on Yuan Li’s furs, Ji Hao’s heart suddenly twitched. Somehow, he sensed a great danger.

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