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Surprisingly, beyond the water eye, a hundred-thousand-miles-wide whirlpool was rapidly spinning, but the water pressure inside the water eye wasn’t that great. Staying on Yuan Li’s furs, the water pressure Ji Hao sensed was even smaller than the water pressure in the White Dragon River.

The water in the bottom of the White Dragon River was extremely great, that it could even compress the essence water power into pre-world six Ren threads. But unexpectedly, nothing special existed in this water eye, except a dark swirl that went through the entire water eye.

Another thing to be mentioned was that the swirl created a strong suction force. With Yuan Li’s current power, he could not free himself from this suction force, and could only helplessly let it drag him all the way down.

The swishing noises caused by rapid water currents could be heard without an end. Ji Hao observed those dark currents, chuckled and said, "Is Yuan Sheng your brother? He is bad-tempered, isn’t he? Your father, Wuzhi Qi, doesn’t he care?"

"He’s my brother, the oldest one, with the worst temper among all my brothers and sisters." murmured Yuan Li, "I had many brothers and sisters who were much older than him, but they all died long ago. My Abba…He gave us lives, but he never raised us. So…"

"His much stronger than you." said Ji Hao with a low voice, "Who’s his Shifu?"

Yuan Li opened his mouth. A silver beam of light flashed across Yuan Li’s eyes as he wielded his fist towards the swirl and generated a white sharp water stream. "When I was little, he bullied me almost everyday…Later on, he couldn’t beat me for a long period. But this time, he improved way too fast. It has only been eight-hundred years. How can he be so much stronger than me already?"

Yuan Li sounded especially angry and unhappy. Therefore, Ji Hao could only nicely comfort him, "Don’t worry, your Shifu has given you a great scripture to learn from. As long as you work hard, you will certainly be more powerful than Yuan Sheng."

Narrowing his eyes, Ji Hao thought of the ‘fine tradition’ followed by many of Yu Yu’s disciples. With a mean smirk, Ji Hao continued, "Besides, we have many powerful brothers and sisters in our sect. Next time when Yuan Sheng bullies you, we can find a large group of brothers and sisters to teach him a lesson!"

Yuan Li blinked his eyes and shook his long silver furs, then laughed out loud. Monkeys had changeable moods, and so did water apes. Comforted by Ji Hao, Yuan Li quickly forgot about all his unhappiness, then took out a human-head-sized juicy peach from an unknown source and started biting.

Before he finished the peach, he saw a faint light from the bottom of the swirl. Yuan Li threw the peach, which was half-eaten, then straightened his body, diving down towards the bottom of the swirl along with the flow of the water.

The loud water-clattering noise disappeared abruptly, while Yuan Li felt that his body was suddenly lightened. He came to an enormous water cave. The cave was hundred-miles in radius, tens of thousands of meters deep. The rock around the cave was dark and cold, yet this dark and smooth rock had been glowing with a bright light, illuminating the entire water cave.

"Be careful, be extra careful." Ji Hao told Yuan Li to stay calm and not act rashly.

The entrance of the water eye was only guarded by Yuan Sheng and a group of water-kind spirit creatures. Yuan Sheng was indeed strong, but Ji Hao believed that people sent here by Emperor Shun were also top-grade ones. Undoubtedly, Yuan Sheng was able to discover those people, but if one said that Yuan Sheng was powerful enough to kill every last one of them, Ji Hao wouldn’t believe it. Therefore, this ordinary-looking water cave must be seriously dangerous. Again, Ji Hao told Yuan Li to stay careful and cautious, and not fall into any traps. Ji Hao had read countless secret records in the Magi Palace, from where, he learned that many magic spells created by human Maguspreists were brutal and evil, and could perish a living soul instantaneously.

Ji Hao didn’t want anything to happen to Yuan Li in this place.

Carefully, Ji Hao let out the Pan Gu bell. He dared not to fully activate it, as he didn’t want to disturb anyone who could be in the cave right now. Therefore, he could only shrink the bell into the size of his thumb, then hung it above Yuan Li’s head like a tiny wine cup. The bell released faint streams of Chaos power and wrapped Yuan Li up.

Yuan Li did not dare to underestimate this place either. He held his breath and let his eyes sparkle with a misty silver light, shining on the surrounding area. The silver light landed on the dark rock wall around him, which instantly emitted a dark light. The dark light hid deeply inside the rock wall, restrained, containing countless faintly sparkling silhouettes of dragons, serpents, giant carps and other water-kind creatures. The power vibration that came from every silhouette was terrifyingly great.

"This is…" Except for the scripture Yu Yu gave him, Yuan Li gained all of his powers through self-guided cultivation. Honestly, he was a foundationless, free-styled cultivator. The power vibrations that came from those water-kind creature silhouettes in the dark rock wall was scary, but he could tell what it was.

"Dark divine killing magic... Indeed cruel and fierce. These water-kind creature silhouettes in the wall, they were living beings, as powerful as Divine Magi. But they were killed by someone, and their souls were pulled out and sealed in the wall with the dark divine killing magic, nourished by the inexhaustible cold power and being tortured forever. They can never reincarnate and live again. Therefore, their souls get twisted gradually, and turn into extremely dark ghosts. They can destroy your soul from ten-thousand miles away, and kill you before you even notice."

"Their power will linger in the bodies of any living being it touches, until the soul of that living being is extracted from the body. I get it. I know how Emperor Shun’s people died. They were hunted by the dark divine killing power and couldn’t cast it away. Even if they could escape from this water eye, even if they could run a million miles away, once they failed to suppress the dark divine killing power inside their bodies, their souls would be dragged back here, becoming the food of these evil souls."

Yuan Li’s face twisted badly. Tremblingly, he asked, "So dangerous? What should we do then?"

Ji Hao snorted and responded blandly, "No ordinary powers and magic treasures can suppress this dark divine killing magic. However, the extremely positive power and the extremely negative power can end it. With the extremely negative power, you can absorb all these evil souls, which will be very nourishing. With the violent extremely positive power, you can burn all of them out, and destroy them for good."

Yuan Li sighed in relief and laughed relaxedly, "That means we don’t have to be afraid them!"

Ji Hao stayed silent. He carefully reached his spirit power to the deeper area of this water cave, then paused.

The enormous water cave was almost empty, with nothing else but a round-shaped, dark jade altar, with three black coffins placed in the middle. The three coffins were made from cold wind bronze, and were covered in embossments of a dragon.

The things kept in this water eye were three dragon coffins.

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