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"Oi, Oi, Uncle Flood Dragon!" Yuan Li looked at the Flood Dragon King in confusion, but the Flood Dragon King only took a quick glance at him and told him to ‘conduct himself well’. Then, he flew into the sky with the group of ice flood dragons and soon merged into the dark clouds in the sky.

Yuan Li stood on the water surface, without knowing what to do. What happened just now was like a dream, hazy and misty, that he couldn’t remember it clearly. Soon, nothing else but some very vague memories were left in his head. Snow seemed to be sent to a safe place by the Flood Dragon King, but where did she go? And what exactly had happened just now? Everything faded from Yuan Li’s brain.

"Uncle!" Yuan Li raised his head and shouted sadly towards where the Flood Dragon King disappeared, "How’s Snow now? What happened earlier? Why did you freeze that city?"

The Flood Dragon King didn’t respond. He had gone far away with his people.

Yuan Li helplessly sighed. He took a few circles, but he didn’t know what to do. Then, he lowered his head and looked at the enormous iceberg under his feet. This iceberg was over ten-thousand miles in radius, and the thickest part of it was nearly a hundred miles wide. However, this tremendous iceberg was perfectly transparent. Through the thick ice, Yuan Li clearly saw people in the city angrily banging against the ice. Hundreds of thousands of human warriors roared in anger, bashing the ice with their weapons. Yet, the ice remained perfectly unharmed.

Next, tens of Eastern Wasteland Divine Magi pulled out the strongest ‘wolf tooth’ arrows and shot the iceberg from the inside. Not a single scratch was left on the ice, while those arrows all shattered on it. Afterward, Divine Magi from the other clans all launched their moves. At first, they didn’t use all of their powers, but saw the ice remain completely motionless under their attacks. These Divine Magi were enraged. Without hesitation, they all launched full-power attacks to the ice.

At the moment, raging flames, thunderbolts, hurricane and hails all blasted above the city, added with all strange types of magic powers, striking on the ice along with dazzling lights.

Nevertheless, nothing happened to the iceberg, which was created by a breath of the Flood Dragon King. All strong human warriors in the city joined hands and tried for a whole quarter of an hour, but failed to leave even a mark on the ice.

"Is it truly so hard?" Through the tens of miles thick ice, Yuan Li saw those people in the city, but heard nothing. He stared at the unharmed iceberg and curiously pulled out the dragon staff, the one Yu Yu gave him.

"Ha-yah!" Yuan Li burst with a great roar. His long silver hair stood straight up one after another while he carried the staff up and flicked, then bashed violently on the iceberg, sending out waves of warm light. He spared no effort for this strike.

The dragon staff landed thunderously on the iceberg. Followed the loud bang, Yuan Li managed to leave a fist-sized dent on the iceberg with the powerful treasure given by Yu Yu. However, a shrill howl of Yuan Li came right after that. The dragon staff was sent flying away by the great counterforce, while Yuan Li’s arms were nearly blown up. He cried so hard in pain that even had his face covered in tear and snot. Seeing This, Yemo Shayi excitedly pulled out his heavy sword.

"Great supreme Dark Sun, please gift me the inexhaustible power of destruction! Let every living creature in this world witness your greatness and dreadfulness."

Yemo Shayi murmuringly cast a spell. Meanwhile, his body transformed into a dark stream of mist that wrapped up his heavy sword, then hacked fiercely down. Yemo Shayi was as powerful as a Supreme Magus, and for this strike, he activated all of his power, one hundred percent.

After another thunderous bang, Yemo Shayi howled out loud in pain, exactly the same as Yuan Li.

The heavy sword clanged against the iceberg, and screamed weirdly, after which, an over ten-miles-long, a foot wide, and three feet deep crack appeared on the iceberg, while the sword was sent straight into the sky by the counterforce. Yemo Shayi’s arms were severely damaged as well, with the blood splashed everywhere.

"This…That flood dragon…He is…Is he truly so powerful?" Yemo Shayi raised his head in shock and glanced at where the Flood Dragon King disappeared. "Great supreme Dark Sun, I was weak back then when we invaded this world. Fortunately, I didn’t encounter this terrifying creature!"

Yemo Shayi quivered slightly. He now had a clear understanding of the Flood Dragon King’s power, and was shocked. Back then, when the non-humankind invaded Pan Gu world, some powerful non-humankind beings traveled across the space and helped the invading forces. Silently, Yemo Shayi considered himself lucky. Fortunately, those powerful non-humankind beings helped.

Ji Hao trod on a stream of light, flashed across the air, and returned to the city. From a long distance away, Ji Hao saw the city was sealed in an iceberg, while Yuan Li and Yemo Shayi were both with a pair of damaged, bleeding arms. Blood had still been flowing out from their wounds. People in the city saw Ji Hao coming back; Man Man and Shaosi had been waving to Ji Hao through a thick layer of ice.

"Break!" From around ten miles away from the iceberg, Ji Hao flicked his wrist and sent out the Taiji divine sword. The Taiji divine sword transformed into a silver and golden, long streak of light, which pierced into the iceberg along with a high-pitched swishing noise. Following a sizzling noise, the three-thousand-meter-long sword light sank into the iceberg for over a thousand meters deep.

"Explode!" Ji Hao swiftly locked his finger together, then spread them out. The golden light and silver light transformed from the Taiji divine sword quickly merged together. The essence sun power and the extremely negative power clashed against each other, and immediately generated hundreds of fist-sized Taiji thunderbolts which blasted in all directions.

Those Taiji thunderbolts drilled deeper into the iceberg, as easily as sizzling in the air. Along with a few muffled booms, those thunderbolts expanded to hundreds of miles long. From each Taiji thunderbolt, a trace of extremely negative power spread out, which instantly triggered the thin yet extremely pure pre-world cold power contained in the iceberg.

A puffing noise could be heard without an end, as a hundred-miles-wide area of the iceberg was torn down by those Taiji thunderbolts. The ice was evaporated, and became clouds of steam, rising into the sky. A ten-miles-wide hole was opened up on the iceberg, beyond the city, and was large enough for warriors in the city to going out and in.

"Haha! I knew this bloody iceberg is not a problem for Ji Hao!" Man Man was always confident about Ji Hao. She excitedly raised her pair of hammers and banged the two hammers against each other while shouting for Ji Hao.

"This…This is probably because his power can naturally suppress the ice power, right?" Yemo Shayi watched Ji Hao break the iceberg, but still, he couldn’t believe his eyes. A full-power strike launched by himself only managed to create such a tiny crack on the iceberg, but what Ji Hao had achieved was way more than that!

"It’s because of the magic he cast and his powerful sword, but has nothing to do with his own power…My dear master is indeed strong, but his cultivation...He is only a Divine Magus after all…A top-grade magic, a top-grade sword… so enviable." Yemo Shayi bowed deeply to Ji Hao and paid his highest respect to Ji Hao.

As people in the city were cheering and shouting for Ji Hao, countless gray-white beams of light flashed across the iceberg, sealing the large hole Ji Hao created back up with a thick layer of ice.

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