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"This!" Looking at the resealed iceberg, Ji Hao was shocked.

He quickly flew to the disappeared hole and touched the newly sealed ice with his hand. The surface of the ice was clean and smooth, and no coldness could be sensed from it. On the contrary, Ji Hao sensed a weak warmth drilling into his body.

The extreme of Yin could generate Yang. This iceberg created by the Flood Dragon King was not as simple as it looked like.

"Interesting!" Ji Hao closed his mortal eyes and opened the eye of Dao. His three-inch-long eye of Dao opened slowly and released a clear light. Within the light, strange glowing crinkles sparkled faintly; each one of these crinkles was a naturally formed mark of the great Dao, seeming to be mystical.

Showering under the light released from Ji Hao’s eye of Dao, the iceberg disappeared. A purely white sphere of cold mist remained above the city, flowing slowly. The white mist was an entirety, but had divided into millions of river-like streams, flowing around. This was a powerful, great-scale magic formation.

The Flood Dragon King let out a simple breath towards the city. In fact, through this breath, he activated the natural Dao and built a natural magic formation, a high-grade one. With Ji Hao’s current knowledge, he could only tell that this was a magic formation. As for where the core and entrance of this magic formation were, and the operation pattern of this magic formation, he had no clue.

"The Flood Dragon King!" Ji Hao frowned, but then he gave a big warm grin while waving to Man Man and Shaosi through the thick ice to ease their worries. Afterward, he stood up, activated the Taiji Universe mirror.

"Go!" The Taiji Universe mirror released a white and misty beam of light, immediately expanding into a ten-miles-wide column of light, shining on the iceberg in front of Ji Hao.

Following a sizzling noise, the dazzling light column created a ten-miles-wide path in the iceberg, speedily extending down. Within seven to eight breaths, hundreds of miles thick ice layer were penetrated, and the path led straight into the city.

However, countless more gray-white beams flashed across the iceberg, dazzling like fishes. Within a blink of an eye, the path was filled back up with ice, and this time, this entire iceberg was added with a faintly sensible white glow.

What made Ji Hao speechless was that faint white glow was actually the purest extremely negative power!

This iceberg created by the Flood Dragon King could absorb all attacks coming from the outside, transform the enemies’ powers into his own, then strengthen and upgrade itself, making itself even harder to destroy. And apparently, the Flood Dragon King had also gained a rather deep understanding of the extremely negative power. Otherwise, this iceberg would never be able to absorb the extremely negative power Ji Hao released.

"We have trouble now." Ji Hao sent the Taiji Universe mirror back into his spirit space, then gasped deeply. The pair of fire snakes coiled on Ji Hao’s shoulder glanced at each other and raised their heads together. They widely opened their jaws each let out a golden stream of raging flame towards the iceberg. The lava-like flame streams struck on the iceberg and sent up puffs of fire crystals.

The pair of snake gasped loudly for air while continuously flaming the iceberg. They had been around Ji Hao for years. Therefore, the fire they spurted out already contained a trace of sun power, which made it hundreds of times more powerful.

Nevertheless, this raging fire merely managed to melt a thin layer of ice on the surface of the iceberg.

Flaming the iceberg for a quarter of an hour, the pair of snakes were exhausted. They weakly lied on Ji Hao’s shoulders while the iceberg remained unchanged at all. Strands of white glow rose slowly from the iceberg. Because of the intense fire attack launched by the pair of snakes, the extremely negative power contained in the iceberg was strangely raised.

Ji Hao pondered for a short while, then let out the nine dragons chariot. Treading on the chariot, he boosted up the power of the chariot as much as he could and allowed the chariot to shine dazzlingly like the sun. The iceberg was instantly covered in a bright golden light. The iceberg was entirely transparent; the golden light went straight through it, twisted, and refracted in the iceberg, giving the enormous iceberg a splendid look, like a golden mountain. Trying for a whole hour, Ji Hao consumed up his power. As for the result, a sixty miles thick layer of ice was melted. Other than this, nothing else happened to the iceberg.

The sizzling noise could be heard once again as those gray-white beams flashed across the iceberg and quickly healed it. The iceberg was not only healed, the thickest part of it had even grown to around two-hundred-miles thick!

"This!" Ji Hao scratched his scalp, Yemo Shayi and the others were stunned as well. In the city, Hao Tao, Tao Sha and all the others, none of them knew what to do. The Flood Dragon King was too cruel, such that with a single breath, he almost wasted this city.

Divine Magi and Magus Kings had long lifespans. Therefore, those warriors commanders in the city would be fine, even if they have to be sealed in the iceberg for three to five hundred years. However, those elite warriors were all Senior Magi, and Senior Magi still needed to breathe for life!

The iceberg sealed the entire city. Although the Pan Gu Defense magic formation was still protecting the city, allowing a large space for the city, according to Ji Hao’s estimation, the air left in the city could last no more than half a month.

If the iceberg couldn’t be dealt with soon, this elite human force might die in there.

"Flood Dragon King…" Ji Hao gritted his teeth and activated the golden bridge. The golden bridge was able to travel across the space, and was best at breaking all kinds of magic seals. Back then, with the golden bridge, Ji Hao even managed to sneak into the Heaven and steal the breathing earth. The Heaven was guarded by the divine heaven and earth great formation, yet the golden bridge easily went through it. Based on this fact, it was not hard to imagine how powerful and magical the golden bridge was.

As a faint golden beam of light flashed across the air, Ji Hao merged into the iceberg, descended towards the city.

Following that familiar sizzling noise, countless soft yet strong white beams coiled the golden bridge up. Ji Hao controlled the golden bridge, continuously diving down. He felt that his body was wrapped in thousands of soft tentacles, and could only move in a very slow speed.

From the faint golden beam transformed from the golden bridge, countless arrow-like clear light streams suddenly darted out and flew forwards, silently shattered countless white beams. Afterwards, Ji Hao felt his body was light and flexible again. After twenty minutes, Ji Hao finally went through the iceberg and returned to the city.

"Eh?" Man Man and Shaosi both knew how powerful the golden bridge was. Normally, with the gold bridge, even a million-miles could only take Ji Hao only a second. But why did this two-hundred-miles-thick iceberg take Ji Hao such a long time?

They hurriedly walked to Ji Hao and held his hands.

"Hm, we’re in a little trouble now." Ji Hao smiled bitterly. He could indeed bring people in or our with the golden bridge, but with his current power, he could carry no more than fifty people with the golden bridge. This was a huge city. With so many warriors and mounts in it, how could Ji Hao bring all of them out all by himself?

This was an unbreakable iceberg. Would the entire army truly be stuck in the city by this

iceberg till death?

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