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In the higher sky, a relatively small sized Kun Peng bird transformed into a large fish, drifted in the dark clouds. When the Kun Peng bird transformed into its fish shape, it looked like a whale and sounded like a dragon. Wherever it reached, countless whirlwinds had been roaring, shredding the clouds in the sky.

Yemo Tian was wearing a long robe that belonged to an ancient divine emperor, which looked very strange on him. He was also wearing a golden hat that was embossed with nine dragons. He was holding an exquisitely crafted jade board, which was used by an ancient heavenly God in the divine court, and had a series of jade accessories tied around his waist. With all those brightly glowing accessories, he proudly stood on the head of that Kun Peng bird, looking down at everyone else.

Yemo Luoye’s look slightly changed, then that pretty face of her was immediately filled with a warm smile.

"Yemo Tian, my dear young brother. I sent you to bring your little sister home, but where have you been these days?"

Yemo Luoye smiled warmly and sweetly; that smile seemed to come straight from her soul, and made her look like a gentle and caring girl who was truly worried about her brother.

"B*tch, I'm so tired of your show since many years ago."

Yemo Tian was rather straightforward. He squatted, pressed his left hand on the bird’s head, then cursed out loud while pointing his right forefinger at Yemo Luoye, "You bloody b*tch! If you didn’t have the few old dogs around you, I would have stabbed you in the back and killed you long ago! Or, I would drug you and sell you to those jerks who have been drooling over you for years, such as Fan Hai, Dishi Yanluo…"

Hearing these awful words, Yemo Luoye could no longer pretend to be not angry. Her face turned cold and dark instantly, showing the stateliness that belonged to the Emperor in power of the Dark Sun. She raised her head, looked at Yemo Tian, and said coldly, "You colluded with Dishi Cha, what are you going to do? You colluded with Gong Gong too. You don’t think that they can help you to replace me, do you?"

Yemo Tian smilingly shook his head, clicked his tongue and responded, "What a brainless woman with big boobs. If we didn’t share the same mother, I would want you too, and I wouldn’t be able to help myself. You’re pretty enough, at least."

While smirking, Yemo Tian continued in that strange tone, "Well, women, brains are useless to you anyway. Large bosoms and pretty faces, those are all you need, and those all make up your value."

Yemo Luoye clenched her fists. She wanted to say something to Yemo Tian, but Ji Hao was out of patience. He made a whistle, then said loudly, "Guys, if you want to review the warmth between a sister and a brother, you can always do that after you have fulfilled your promise, right? That little girl, yeah, that silver-scaled little thing, giver her back to me now!"

Ji Hao pointed at Snow, who was still gripped in the Jia Clan warrior’s hand, and shouted, "Release her now, then I’ll leave with my people. After that, you can love each other, and you can also kill each other, I wouldn’t care."

Yuan Li hurriedly shouted, "Release her! Now! Release her! Oi! Your Emperor has sworn with her blood! How can you not release her? Do you want your Emperor to die with a perished soul?"

Ji Hao’s heart missed a beat. He swiftly threw a threatening glance at Yuan Li ‘This water monkey, does he even know how to talk? Under this circumstance, right in front of Yemo Tian, how could he say something like that?’ Thought Ji Hao.

Yemo Luoye instantly showed a deep panic on his face. She turned around immediately, yelled at that Jia Clan warrior, who had Snow holding in his hand, "Release her, now! Now! Just release her!"

A weird dim light flashed across Yemo Tian’s eyes. Slowly, he sighed and said, "I see. No wonder you’ve even lost an old dog of yours to someone else. Yemo Shayi, hehe, that’s one less old dog around you, am I right?"

The Jia Clan warrior made no response to Yemo Luoye’s order. Instead, he raised his head, looked at Yemo Tian.

Yemo Luoye’s look changed suddenly. She screamed shrilly, then suddenly transformed into a large black and bumped into that Jia Clan warrior, "You damned thing! You betrayed me? You chose to follow Yemo Tian, that b*stard?!"

Yemo Tian squatted on the Kun Peng bird’s head and carelessly waved his hand as he said, "Kill her!"

When Yemo Luoye was still around a mile away from that Jia Clan warrior, Ji Hao had already activated the golden bridge, transformed into a golden beam, and dazzled towards that Jia Clan warrior.

Ahead of Yemo Luoye, Ji Hao reached to that Jia Clan warrior, raised his right arm and hacked fiercely down towards him, leaving a slightly dark sword light in the air. In the meanwhile, Ji Hao growled resonantly, "Yemo Tian, I know you want to die, and you will!"

Yemo Tian slightly quivered. Subconsciously, he took out a fist-sized, diamond-shaped crystal piece, and gripped it in his hand.

Seeing Ji Hao didn’t come to him and rushed to the Jia Clan warrior instead, Yemo Tian laughed scornfully, "Wanna kill me? It’s not gonna be easy! Can you survive my destructive weapon? Soft, lowly barbarian, you can do no more than yelling and shouting!"

"Until…" Yemo Tian continued laughing with a vicious tone, "Till then, you will all beg to die. Everyone who has said awful things to me, everyone who has made me unhappy, everyone who disrespected me, you will all beg to die!"

That Jia Clan warrior stared at Ji Hao’s sword light in despair. Even Yemo Shayi’s Dark Sun magic was torn apart by Ji Hao, no to mention him, an ordinary Jia Clan warrior. He tried his best to draw back and struggled to dodge Ji Hao’s attack, but at the same time, he never slowed his hands down. When Ji Hao and Yemo Luoye launched attacks to him almost simultaneously, this Jia Clan warrior had put forth his strength through both hands.

A series of bone cracking noise was a loud and quick as the sound of popping corns, following which, Snow’s three-meter-long body was crushed by the Jia Clan warrior. Glistening blue blood splashed out. Snow screamed for the last time. From her head, a thumb-sized pearl bead flew out, darting towards Yuan Li along with a faint cold stream of mist.

"Ah? A dragon spirit pearl?"

Yemo Tian cheered out excitedly, "Interesting! Get it for me!"

Ji Hao roared resonantly. The sword light emitting from his arms dazzled suddenly and extended, hacking that Jia Clan warrior into two. Next, Ji Hao turned around and flew back to Yuan Li, leaving a clear stream of light in the air. In the meanwhile, Ji Hao shouted out loud, "Yemo Shayi! Protect the pearl!"

All of a sudden, a blood-red silhouette showed up beside Snow’s spirit pearl. That was Dishi Cha. He laughed maliciously while reaching his hand to the pearl.

Yemo Shayi also showed up beside the pearl, no later than Dishi Cha. The sword hung around his waist had already been pulled out of the sheath, sweeping at Dishi Cha along with a dim and heavy stream of light.

Dishi Cha sighed deeply. He had just stepped into the stage of Sun and Moon, and could not yet rival old powerful beings like Yemo Shayi. Helplessly, he quickly stepped back and dodged Yemo Shayi’s fierce attack.

Snow’s spirit pearl bumped into Yuan Li’s arms. Yuan Li held the pearl with both hands, and his eyes were instantly red-rimmed. Heartbreakingly, he wailed with a hoarse voice.

At the same time, Yemo Luoye howled out loud too, as blood spurted out from all over her body.

"Retreat! Retreat! Except for the ones I promised to Marquis Yao, all Dark Sun warriors, protect me and retreat!"

Yemo Luoye screamed weakly, while transforming into a black beam with difficulty, and flying north.

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