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Three Jia Clan battle kings and hundreds of Jia Clan warriors trod on metal plates, rose into the sky, and pounced on the nine archers while roaring like beasts.

Those metal plates were glowing brightly, releasing a deep buzzing noise. With an especially high flying speed, these metal plates reached to less than three-hundred meters away from those archers almost instantly.

The nine Eastern Wasteland archers laughed out loud. Fierce gusts of wind blew out of their feather cloaks. The turbid gusts of wind condensed into a pair of wings on the back of each archer; that was a pair of swan wings.

Slightly shaking their bodies in a very weird way, the nine archers darted away, easily lengthening the distances between those Jia Clan warriors and themselves while leaving twisted, arc-shaped traces in the air. They nimbly hovered around in the air, leaving hazy shreds of afterimages. In the mist, the afterimages cerated by them were partly hidden and partly visible, extremely hard to catch. Tens of Jia Clan warriors had strong crossbows gripping in their hands, yet none of them managed to launch a single shot.

What enraged those Jia Clan warriors even more was that the metal plats they trod on had been fully activated already, but they still failed to catch the few Eastern Wasteland archers, who moved as fast as loaches in the mud.

The nine archers laughed so loud that their eyes had been squeezed into curved lines. They used to be under Yi Ren’s command, but now, they were Yi Di’s warriors. Their feather cloaks had been upgraded by Ji Hao, and were modeled on the swan cloak. With these cloaks, they flew like the wind. Sensing the magical and pleasant feeling, they almost cheered out. This wasn’t their highest speed yet; They could raise their speed by two-hundred percent at least, but those large Jia Clan beings were already left behind by them, and they could even make fun of those silly Jia Clan warriors!

In wars that happened in the past countless years, Jia Clan warriors could fly in the sky by treading on those metal plates. The rectilinear flying speed of those metal plates was rather high, even higher than the speed of many Eastern Wasteland archers. A giant number of Eastern Wasteland archers were slaughtered rudely by these Jia Clan warriors treading on those metal plates!

However, the feather cloaks upgraded by Ji Hao gifted these archers with an absolute advantage of speed, with which, these archers could easily cast off these strong Jia Clan warriors, even laugh at them!

"If all our brothers can have a feather cloak like this…our Eastern Wasteland archers will become the strongest warriors!" The low-grade Divine Magus, who killed Dishi Mo earlier, raised his longbow and growled out in excitement.

The other eight archers laughed wildly out to respond to their leader. These archers were like airily flying butterflies, guiding large groups of ferocious Jia Clan warriors and a hundred metal warships deeply into the dense fog.

Flying and chasing all the way, within around ten minutes, the Jia Clan commander who rushed ahead of the others abruptly burst with a loud shout and hurriedly stopped his metal plate.

In the front, around ten miles away, a dark shade grew over. Muffled water-clattering noises could be heard clearly from a distance away, as waves had been crushing down. This Jia Clan commander fixed his eyes on the shade. Next, he saw ten thousand enormous starry void spirit turtles approaching in ordered lines.

A tall watchtower stood on the head of every spirit turtle, and standing on every watchtower, were seven to eight Eastern Wasteland archers with longbows. In those small-scale forts built on these spirit turtles’ backs, large groups of heavily armored human warriors had been staring at the metal fleet.

What was even more shocking was that behind these spirit turtles, a wooden city had been moving over slowly. On the city wall, torches soaked in beast oil burned brightly. The torches were connected in a straight line, dispelling the dense fog and allowing these Jia Clan warriors to see those Eastern Wasteland archers with feather cloaks and longbows, hovering above of the city.

With their rich battling experiences, these Jia Clan warriors estimated the area of this city on the water at first glance.

As an over one thousand miles square city, how many human warriors could it contain? Not to mention the ten-thousand small-scale forts carried on the heads of those spirit turtles; each of these small forts could at least contain thousands of elite warriors.

The nine archers had been flying swiftly, but abruptly, they stopped and turned around. The Divine Magus raised his right arm high, straightened his right forefinger and middle finger, then swung his arm forwards, while bursting with a resonant growl, "Wolf Tooth!"

On the heads of the first row of spirit turtles in the tall watch towers, hundreds of archers raised their bows, and put splendidly glowing ‘wolf tooth’ arrows on the strings. They didn’t even have to aim; instead, they easily released the arrows simply with their muscle memories gained through millions of times of shooting.

The arrows swished over. Among the three Jia Clan battle kings, the two more experienced ones raised their shields and covered their vital body parts, while fully activating their armors, releasing a thick defensive magic screen to protect their entire bodies.

Another Jia Clan battle king was relatively younger. As a young man, he was inevitably a bit arrogant. He didn’t raise his shield; instead, he pulled out his enormous machete and growled ‘Supreme Blood Moon!’. Then, he led hundreds of Jia Clan warriors and launched a frontal attack.

Hundreds of clangs happened almost simultaneously. Among all attacking Jia Clan warriors, a small half suddenly froze in the air. Sharp arrows penetrated their helmets, accurately piercing into their foreheads.

Along with shrill swishing noises, ‘wolf tooth arrows’ went through their heads, blew up their heads, then screamed further away with hundreds of meters long streams of blood.

Same as the others, the Jia Clan battle king, who initiated the charge, paused in the air as well. His body was punctured tens of times, which left fifty to sixty holes on his body, and six holes on his head.

The six holes on his head were located in his four eye sockets, the middle of his forehead and his mouth. The powerful arrows stirred his brain. Even though his head didn’t explode, he died immediately after the arrows hit him.

Over two-hundred Jia Clan warriors fell from the sky, with blood spraying out from their bodies. Only the killed Jia Clan battle king remained standing steadily on the metal plate. The metal plate carried his speedily cooling corpse and kept flying forward.

"Attack! Attack! It’s an army of those bloody barbarians!"

The rest two Jia Clan battle kings roared out in both shock and fury. They were shielding themselves and luckily didn’t suffer the first wave of attack. At the moment, they wielded their arms, giving orders to the other warriors. From the one hundred metal warships behind them, countless large, frog-like, barely human-shaped spirit creature slaves leaped down while croaking, treading on the water surface with their large feet, and marching towards the wooden city.

These frog-like spirit creatures had thick webs between their finger and tows. They ran surprisingly fast; with a leap, they could reach nearly a hundred meters away.

Over a million spirit creature slaves rushing on the water surface, seeming to be quite formidable.

"Volcano collapse!"

The Eastern Wasteland Divine Magus growled thunderously once again!

This time, not only archers in the watchtowers on the heads of those spirit turtles, archers on the city wall of the wooden city had also raised their bows.

Tens of thousands of ‘volcano collapse’ arrows were sent roaring into the air. In a short while, all these arrows dove down from nearly a thousand meters high in the sky, accurately falling into the thickest groups of spirit creature slaves.

The arrows blasted, raised raging fires that covered miles of area. Within the coverage of the fire, all spirit creature slaves were turned into ashes.

After the massive explosions, only around seven-thousand spirit creature slaves were left on the water surface.

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