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The watery mist was dense. Even the heavy rain roaring from the sky failed to shorten this thousands of meters tall wall of mist by half an inch. On the contrary, the mist turned denser and denser, sticker and sticker, as annoying as a spider net.

Eyesights were weakened badly by the mist. In the mist, A Senior Magus couldn’t even see things three-hundred meters away.

On the city wall of the water city, sentries were all Magus-King-level archers under Yi Di’s command. Eastern Wasteland archers cultivated their eyes since they were little kids with special secret methods. Therefore, an Eastern Wasteland Magus King could hazily see things ten miles away, even in a dense mist like this.

The over a thousand miles long wooden city slowly drifted across the water surface. The strong waves slapped the wooden city wall, shattering themselves along with thunderous booms.

No edges of the three-hundred-meters tall wooden city wall could be seen, neither in the left, nor in the right. The dark defensive magic formation based on the city wall was sparkling with a faint light, lighting the area three to four miles around the city, together with the torches hanging on the watchtowers on the wall.

Ten thousand starry void spirit turtles held thick ropes in their mouths, moving forward in ordered lines as they dragged the enormous city forward, very slowly.

Elite forces were stationed in those small-scale forts built on the backs of those spirit turtles as well. On watchtowers in those small forts, elite archers had also been vigilantly looking around.


From the front, high up in the air, blood-eyed vultures' screams came. The sound of this kind of a bird was not quite pleasant to hear. Thousands of meters high in the sky, a blood-eyed vulture with the wingspan of over thirty meters had been hovering, along with a strange track at an acute angle.

This meant that enemies had shown up. Blood-eyed vultures making sharp acute angles in the air was a common alarming signal used by archers from all Eastern Wasteland clans.

On the backs of the frontal line of spirit turtle, in those watchtowers, Magi Palace Magi raised their wooden staffs and incanted spells with deep voices. Human-head-sized fireballs swooshed out from their wooden staffs and roared up into the sky, then exploded intensely.

A massive fire was started by each of these tiny fireballs through the explosion. The fire covered the area with a radius of over three hundred miles. Hundreds of fireballs exploded one after another, and instantly after that, even the sky was burned red.

From the front, a blood-red light dazzled across all of a sudden. The blood-eyed vulture hovering in the sky burst with a shrill scream, while its giant body quickly slanted, diving down swiftly while intensely flapping its wings.

A blood-red beam flight flashed across the vulture’s wing. The highly corrosive blood-red light crushed a half of the bird’s wing and made the vulture’s enormous body slantingly fall into the water.

Ten Eastern Wasteland archers with feather cloaks roared towards the sky. Nine of them flew straight up, swiftly moving to where the blood-red light came from, while the last one held up the wounded vulture and dashed to the city while cursing loudly.

On the water surface, a whole hundred metal warships slowly moved across. On those three-thousand-mile-long warships, thousands of sails fluttered in the air. Those blood-red, gigantic sails were swollen by the strong wind, letting out rumbling, swooshing noises.

A thirty-meter-tall divine tower stood on the head of every warship. On top of each divine tower, an erect blood-red eye had been spinning slowly. Just now, one of these divine towers released a blood-red beam and severely wounded that vulture.

These warships were from the Blood Moon. When the nine Eastern Wasteland archers swished over, all these metal warships were filled with non-humankind warriors with blood-red armors. When they saw no one else but nine Eastern Wasteland archers rush over, these non-humankind warriors with exquisite and luxurious armors couldn’t help but laugh out loud together.

A Yu Clan young man in an extravagant long robe, with a blood-red staff held in his hand, laughed aloud, "Ah, I thought this would be a lame and boring patrolling mission, but I didn’t think that something so funny would happen! Nine brave warriors! How scary! There’re nine of them!"

"Hehe, haha, hahaha!"

Countless non-humankind warriors laughed out wildly, even burying their bellies in their hands.

They came with a whole hundred warships, and on each warship were a hundred Yu Clan nobles, a thousand Jia Clan warriors and three-thousand dark-kind warriors, with a large number of non-humankind slaves for them to command.

But nine Eastern Wasteland archers rushed over, even ready to launch an attack against such a great non-humankind army. How ridiculous!

"Kill them!"The Yu Clan young man scornfully waved his hand and ordered his people, "Cut their heads off, get their skulls, and I will make those skulls into beautiful wine containers myself…So that in my dear father’s birthday party, I will be able to proudly…"

One of the nine archers was a low-level Divine Magus, who had just grown his first inner spirit star, while the rest eight were all Magus Kings. Before the Yu Clan young man finished, the nine archers pulled open their longbows together. Put on their bowstrings were ‘wolf tooth’ arrows, those produced by Ji Hao!

They had already reached less than ten miles away from the warship. This was the perfect distance for ‘wolf tooth’ sword to deliver the greatest effect.

Seeing them pulling open the bows, two Jia Clan warriors growled out and raised heavy tower shields. Each of them took a sideway step and shielded the Yu Clan young man, who was talking before. The three-foot-thick tower shields looked like two doors, perfectly protecting this young man.

A foot-thick layer of light shone on each of the two tower shields, as the two Jia Clan warriors activated the defensive magic formations based on the tower shields.

"Break!" The Eastern Wasteland Divine Magus gave a resonant growl, then injected a stream of power into his longbow. A dazzling beam of light flashed across the head of his ‘wolf tooth’ arrow, before the arrow tore apart the air and darted out.

Dong! The two Jia Clan warriors holding tower shields roared out loud, with their eyes fixed on the fist-sized hole where the two shields connected. They were enraged, and also shocked. The ‘wolf tooth’ sword penetrated their shields. The edge of the hole on their shields was as smooth as a mirror, without any roughness at all. The half-body armor worn by the Yu Clan young man shielded by the two Jia Clan warriors released a dim light, but before the defensive power of this armor was completely triggered, the arrow had already pierced straight into the spot between his eyebrows.

Pop! The head of this young man was blown up, then his tall and slim body thudded loudly on the deck!

"Dishi Mo!" Tens of Yu Clan commanders around the young man shouted and screamed in shock. Their eyes were even popping out from their sockets.

Dishi Mo wasn’t talented, neither was he capable, but he had a great family background — He was given birth by Dishi Yanluo’s youngest brother, and a lover of that brother. In other words, he was Dishi Yanluo’s nephew, and Dishi Yanluo was the current Emperor in power of the Blood Moon!

This patrolling mission was a good one for Dishi Mo to build his military exploits. However, he ended up being killed with an arrow. Even his soul was wiped out!

The rest eight Eastern Wasteland archers burst with a thunderous roar while eight ‘wolf tooth’ arrows swished out simultaneously. Following a series of booms, over twenty Yu Clan commanders around Dishi Mo fell to the ground. Many of them had their bodies strung together by one arrow.

"Kill them all!"

A Jia Clan warrior with a sharp power vibration pulled out his weapon and roared in fury, pointing heavily at the nine archers.

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