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Ji Hao didn’t want to pay any attention to those commanders from Ten Sun Country and the other Eastern Wasteland clans.

The Taiji Universe mirror released a clear mist, wrapped up all arrows hovering in the sky and sent them back into the mirror. Ji Hao then crooked his finger towards Yi Di and said ‘follow me’ with a low voice.

In the headquarters, a white tiger skin was paved on the ground. That was a white horned tiger. Ji Hao sat on the tiger skin with his legs crossed, and loudly flicked the dark golden horn on the tiger head.

Along with the loud silvery clang, Ji Hao looked at Yi Di from head to toe. Standing in front of Ji Hao, Yi Di had never been so quiet and humble. His hands dropped on both sides of his body, eyes fixed on the horn of the tiger head, as if that horn were a great treasure. It was because he dared not to look directly at Ji Hao.

Ji Hao had shown his power.

He simply put his hands on Yi Di’s shoulder, but Yi Di and the two peak-level Divine Magi failed to even move his arms. Clearly, Ji Hao’s individual strength had already broken some kind of a limit.

Ji Hao was a young man who came from a mid-scale Southern Wasteland clan. He couldn’t possibly have too many rare resources for him to use in the early stage of his cultivation, neither could he be guided too much by real powerful people. However, he possessed such a terrifying strength at this young age. This proved that Ji Hao’s real background was immeasurably strong.

The one standing behind him was probably a Supreme Magus, who would know?

Besides, Yi Di tried to extort fifty-thousand spell symbol arrows for each of his two-hundred-thousand warriors, and Ji Hao truly prepared the arrows for him. Furthermore, those arrows were extraordinarily powerful, even much greater than the masterpieces produced by the greatest arrow crafters in Eastern Wasteland.

As Marquis Yao, Ji Hao was an upcoming human leader in the alliance of human clans, but could any young man who built his independent territory less than ten years ago possibly afford so many spell symbol arrows? Not to mention Ji Hao, even Emperor Shun wouldn’t be able to provide so many spell symbol arrows with an amazingly high quality, would he?

Apart from all the above, all those arrows were perfectly crafted, and were seriously flawless. Could craftsmen ever do that?

In Yi Di’s eyes, Ji Hao was now covered in a dense dark cloud, that had been pressing down on him, disabling him from seeing the latter’s true face. What a terrifying man! He had been hiding his powers so well!

No wonder Yi Shen and Yi Tian, who had bright futures yet were against Ji Hao, both died because of him.

"You should thank me!" Ji Hao took out two magic pills which those were coiled in blood-red mist, and threw to the pair of fire snakes coiled on his shoulders. Ji Hao burned countless water-kind spirit creatures with the Taiji Creation caldron, then made these pills with their spirit blood.

The two snakes swallowed the pills, excitedly shaking their heads. Every single scale of the two snakes stood straight up, with thin strands of fire power puffing out from under them.

"I do!" Yi Di pondered carefully, then politely nodded to Ji Hao, agreeing with what he said.

"Yi Shen and Yi Tian, if they didn’t die, you and Yi Ren wouldn’t have a chance to take over the greatest power of Eastern Wasteland." said Ji Hao while seriously looking at Yi Di. "Therefore, you should thank me, instead of being stupid enough to see me as your enemy, to hate me and want to build your throne with my head, just like those elders of yours who probably had their brains damaged."

Scornfully smiling, Ji Hao continued in a cold voice, "To be honest, first, you can’t kill me; second, if you Eastern Wasteland people truly get me killed at all cost, all Eastern Wasteland clans would be facing a destructive disaster…Believe it or not!"

Yi Di’s heart twitched. Looking at Ji Hao’s confident face and thinking about all the unbelievable things he had done and the extraordinary powers he had shown in these years, Yi Di grinned embarrassedly and said, "Our elders might have been taking things too easy."

"They are foolish!" Ji Hao crossed his legs and pinched the tails of the two fire snakes, making a bowknot with their tails.

The two snakes gasped loudly, staring at Ji Hao and showing the whites of their eyes.

Mr. Crow squatted on Ji Hao’s head, looking down at the two snakes. He was quacking like a duck, laughing at the two poor little things which had been trying to unlock their tails yet failed over and over again.

Yi Di remained silent for quite a while. He narrowed his eyes and carefully reviewed all conflicts that happened between Ji Hao and Ten Sun Country, and the causes of those conflicts. Finally, he slowly nodded and said, "Together, Eastern Wasteland clans are extremely powerful; Ten Sun Country is the dominator of the east. The Eastern Wasteland has one voice, one will…Gong Gong from the Northern Wasteland and Zhu Rong from the Southern Wasteland, they’re sworn enemies of each other. They have been suppressing each other and consuming each other’s power, but Eastern Wasteland has no enemy."

Taking a long gasp, Yi Di continued in a deep vice, "Eastern Wasteland has no enemy; it has one voice, one will. Therefore, Eastern Wasteland is strong. All human emperors respected Eastern Wasteland, and because of this, Ten Sun Country acted all these years overbearingly."

Before Ji Hao said anything, Yi Di went on, "And, because of Yi Feng, because he took away the supreme divine bow of Ten Sun Country, even though he’s chosen by the divine bow itself as its owner…"

Yi Di didn’t finish this, but his point was clear.

Yi Feng was Feng Xing’s old name. He was an ordinary kid born to an ordinary family in Ten Sun Country. Nevertheless, he was chosen by the supreme divine bow as his owner. Without a doubt, this proved Feng Xing’s extraordinary talents and potential. But how could those noble beings in Ten Sun Country tolerate this? How could those people let him live?

They destroyed his home and slaughtered his families. From their point of view, that was reasonable.

Yi Shen and his people found out that Feng Xing and Ji Hao had become friends, brothers, who fought side by side. Therefore, they put Ji Hao’s name on their killing list as well…As a result, Yi Shen and Yi Tian both died, while Ji Hao and Feng Xing we still alive and thriving.

This was the reason why those Ten Sun Country leaders hated Ji Hao so much, that Yi Di, Yi Ren and the other their princes had to kill Ji Hao for an opportunity to ascend to the throne of Ten Sun Country!

Whoever killed Ji Hao would become the next dominator of Ten Sun Country.

"This is stupid." At last, Yi Di gave his conclusion. He agreed with Ji Hao regarding what he said about those Ten Sun Country leaders.

He witnessed Ji Hao’s great power and sensed his immeasurably strong background. After that, he suddenly wanted to laugh. Those Ten Sun Country leaders, those noble people, did they really know about the man they had been offending? Didn’t they know how the word ‘death’ was spelled?

Ji Hao clearly saw the change of Yi Di’s attitude, and he was quite pleased with it.

"Good, now you think those people are stupid, and agree with me. So, follow my lead!"

Ji Hao said straightforwardly, "I can provide you with the best bows, the best arrows; I can turn your warriors into a strong army. I can even…"

Remaining silent for a while, Ji Hao laughed, looked at Yi Di, and said, "I can even take a disciple for my Shifu, to turn you into a brother of mine! From now on, we’re families. I will help you become the king of Ten Sun Country…And you, will give nothing but friendship and loyalty!"

Ji Hao stood up and reached his right hand to Yi Di.

Yi Di didn’t respond for a while, but then, he reached out both hands and tightly held Ji Hao’s.

Their hands held together, tight, very tight…

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