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Hao Tao directed a logistical support group himself, and built a metal wall with specially crafted tower shields.

These tower shields were inspired by those heavy shields used by Jia Clan warriors. Each shield was a foot and two inches thick, three meters long, and six-feet thick, crafted by Masters from the Magi Palace and strengthened by all kinds of spell symbols. The defensive effect provided by every tower shield was as great as a three meters thick alloy wall.

Twenty tower shields were overlapped. The strengthening spell symbols on these shields were activated, emitting a faint yellow glow.

Yi Di held his longbow with the left hand and a ‘wold tooth’ with the right hand, quite worryingly standing three thousand meters away from the shield wall.

The effects of the last two arrows he tried had gone far beyond his imagination. Those arrows were many times greater than masterpieces crafted by top-ranked Eastern Wasteland crafters.

However, in battlefields, ‘hurricanes’ were used for suppressing enemies from long distances and chasing fleeing enemies, while ‘volcano collapse’ arrows were used for delivering mass destruction to relatively weaker enemies.

Only ‘wolf tooth’ served as main arrows in battles between strong archers and powerful enemies, because a ‘wolf tooth’ could deliver a highly concentrated force, and a strong penetrating power. If Ji Hao’s ‘wolf tooth’ arrows were also many times greater than those masterpieces produced in Eastern Wasteland…

Yi Di had been shaking slightly. His heart was twitching, and he couldn’t imagine that scene. Strong enemies with heavy shields and armors getting penetrated one after another, and their heads punctured accurately and detonated by ‘wolf tooth’ arrows; countless powerful commanders of the enemy falling on the battlefields one after another, leaving those weak, low-grade warriors, waiting for death!

Raising his head, Di Yi looked at those hovering arrows. Gradually, his look turned especially strange and complicated.

If Ji Hao’s ‘wolf tooth’ was truly much greater than the regular ones he had, if all those ‘wolf tooth’ hovering in the sky had the same high quality, and if Ji Hao could truly provide this kind of arrow without a limitation…

"I’d even be willing to…" A terrifying thought flashed across Yi Di’s brain. His face turned faintly blue. Hurriedly, he cast that especially tempting thought out of his head, because he was afraid that this thought might turn into a fire of ambition, burning in his heart, eventually devouring his soul and his entire body.

He put the perfect ‘wolf tooth’ on the bowstring and slowly pulled open the bow.

Streams of light emerged around the longbow. The bowstring transformed into a dazzling beam of light, on which, ant-head-sized spell symbols shone brightly, while circling swiftly around the string.

Countless people fixed their eyes on Yi Di, subconsciously holding their breaths.

All Eastern Wasteland archers on the scene, including Yi Ren, who never had a good relationship with Yi Di, and those elders from Eastern Wasteland Clan and Ten Sun Country, had their faces turned red, glowing red. The blood even seemed to ooze out of their skins.

Just now, these people witnessed the effects delivered by the ‘hurricane’ and ‘volcano collapse’. The arrows provided by Ji Hao were so powerful that it even made the hearts of these Eastern Wasteland people shake.

Ninety percent of the power of an Eastern Wasteland archer reflected on his bow and arrows. Without bows and the arrows, Eastern Wasteland archers would be like lambs waiting to be slaughtered. But with a strong bow and enough arrows, an archer could become the most terrifying killing machine in a battle.

These hovering arrows in the sky, if all of them were as great as the two shot out by Yi Di just now…If all these arrows landed in Yi Di’s hands…How powerful would he become?

Countless elite Eastern Wasteland archers would passionately join Yi Di’s army for nothing else but these arrows, at all costs!

To Eastern Wasteland archers, powerful spell symbols arrows were even more attractive than money and beautiful girls. For better arrows, they would give whatever they had!

"Break!" Yi Di roared out and released the arrow.

The arrow tore apart the air and started an ear-piercing swishing noise. Following that, the yellow glow emitted from the twenty tower shields in the front was dimmed. Bang! A fist-sized hole was blasted open in the middle of each shield simultaneously.

A dazzling beam of light penetrated the twenty shields, screaming forward to ten miles, and struck on the fence wall of a building. Large twisted spell symbols sparkled on the wooden fence wall, immediately creating a three-foot-thick protective magic screen. The arrow light pierced into the magic screen and left a hole in the fence wall.

Furious beast roars rose straight into the sky, along with which, a winged bear flew out from behind the wall. The dimly glowing ‘wolf tooth’ arrow was stuck in the bear’s chubby butt, sinking into the bear’s skin five feet deep. A blood stream spurted out along the arrow shaft.

Fortunately, flying bears from You Chong Clan were strong and enormous, and their skins and fur were even stronger than armors. If the one shot by the ‘wolf tooth’ was an ordinary human warrior, his body would be punctured already.

The bear suffered an arrow shot for no reason; without a doubt, it was infuriated. With red eyes, the bear pounced on Yi Di, flapped its giant wings and started a violent hurricane.

Xie Zhi abruptly took a step forward from beside Hao Tao and let out a clear and resonant roar. Hearing his roar, the bear quivered instantly, then the redness faded away from the bear’s eyes. With lingering anger, the bear landed on the ground, roaring with a deep, rumbling voice while still having its eyes fixed on Yi Di.

A few flying bear knights hurriedly rushed over and gently patted the bear’s head, comforting it, while sending a large scoop of honey into the bear’s mouth. The bear chewed the honey, hummed and obediently lied on the ground.

"Twenty tower shields…and the magic screen…The magic screen equals to thirty tower shields…"

Yi Di stared at the holes on those shields in front of him in a soul-deep shock.

He didn’t use any magic power, and the great penetrating power came from the arrow itself. If added with magic powers, the penetrating power of the arrow would be raised by ten, even a hundred times, that could even kill a heavily armored Divine Magus with a single shot!

A ‘wolf tooth’ made by the most powerful arrow crafter in Eastern Wasteland could penetrate fifteen tower shields at most before it disintegrated. But the arrow provided by Ji Hao managed to break twenty tower shields and a defensive magic formation, which equaled to thirty tower shields. After that, the sword pierced into the body of a flying bear for five feet, who was famous for theirits armor-like skin and fur!

Even after all this, the arrow didn’t disintegrate, even though the glow of the shaft was dimmed a bit.

Obviously, the ‘wolf tooth’ sword Ji Hao provided didn’t only have an amazingly strong penetrating power, its quality was also incredibly high!

Yi Di had still been shaking slightly, in both shock and excitement. He started to imagine his two-hundred-thousand elite archers all with Ji Hao’s arrows…When ‘wolf tooth’ arrows covered the sky, roaring like a heavy rain, not even a million Magus Kings could ever approach his sword formation.

Slowly swallowing his saliva, Yi Di turned around and looked at Ji Hao, stunned.

In the distance, the looks of those Eastern Wasteland clan elders and Ten Sun Country high-grade commanders changed suddenly, as they all turned to Ji Hao passionately.

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