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Under the water city, a few patrolling flood dragons discovered Ji Hao.

Their water-tank-sized eyes shone brightly in the water. Blandly, they glanced across Ji Hao’s body. A flood dragon dashed up and gently slapped Ji Hao’s arm with its tail, then silently swam away.

Ji Hao opened his erect eye. Wherever his eyes reached, the turbid water turned clear. With a single glance, Ji Hao clearly saw everything within the area tens of thousands of miles in radius.

Underwater, large groups of water-kind creatures had been heading south as well. These water-kind creatures hadn’t cultivated themselves into spirit creatures yet, but they were indeed affected by spirit creatures power, and were all enormous in shape. These scary-looking water-kind creatures silently and quickly moved south along the flood in large groups.

Ji Hao dove deeper. He took out a jade talisman and pointed his finger at it. A dim light flashed across, displaying the map of the entire Chi Ban Mountain area. Chi Ban Mountain range and the broad plain area on the north side of it was the main line of defense of the humankind. In the past countless years, the humankind had gotten a clear picture of this area, including every inch of the earth and those mineral resources buried under it. The humankind knew everything about the slightest load in this area.

Following the map, Ji Hao searched around the mountain range. Soon, he found a magic crystal mine that extended for over a hundred thousand miles.

"Treasure, treasure, you came to me, and your spirit grew up with me. This proves that we’re destined to be together." Ji Hao gently patted his own belly, while softly stroking the cauldron wrapped in the five-colored flame, "Do me a favor. To you, it won’t be hard!"

The cauldron stayed moveless, but its lid suddenly flew up. Followed by a deep buzz, a five-colored, dense glowing mist puffed out and filled every single pore of his. Next, the glowing mist suddenly transformed into a colorful torrent, covering the entire mine.

In that area, the mountains quaked slightly. Thousands of meters tall mountains were instantly turned into thin air streams by the glowing mist, then were swallowed by the mist. Along with thunderous cracking noise, raw magic crystals started shaking in the mine. Within a couple of breaths, tens of billions of different sized raw magic crystals rose from the bottom of the water. The sizes of these crystal pieces varied, from the size of a fist to the size of a hill.

Glowing mist streams tightly wrapped those raw crystal pieces, bringing them to Ji Hao’s body. Through the glowing mist, those raw crystal pieces flew into Ji Hao’s body and quickly fell into the cauldron. Through the opening of the cauldron, Ji Hao saw these raw magic crystals quickly hover inside, before the coarse rock layer on their surface disappeared, and the sparkling crystal was exposed.

Strands of five-colored glowing mist flushed and scoured these magic pieces like water streams. Within a couple of breaths, these magic crystal pieces began shrinking speedily, yet their qualities had been improved to a stunning degree.

Inside the cauldron, every piece of magic crystal had become flawlessly clear. Within the outer crystal surface, thick spirit liquid seemed to drip out at any time. What surprised Ji Hao more was that faintly visible marks of natural law had been emerging from the surfaces of these magic crystals, making these crystals shine splendidly, like gemstones.

"A little too much... But perfect for awing some people!" Ji Hao murmured. Within seven to eight minutes, the entire mine was emptied. Even the mountains on the mine were turned into nothingness by the colorful glowing mist from the cauldron.

Ji Hao took out the jade map talisman, heading to the next mine, which was a jade mine.

The arrowheads of spell symbol arrows had to be made with both magic crystals and jade; only these two materials could allow the arrow to contain all kinds of powerful spell symbols. For producing the arrowheads, the consumption of jade was ten times greater than that of magic crystals.

Ji Hao spent two whole hours and emptied twelve enormous jade mines, finally attaining enough amount of jade.

Next, iron ore mines, bronze mines, tungsten mines…With the amazing purifying power of the cauldron, Ji Hao emptied over a hundred metal mines in half a day. By now, a giant quantity of alloy was already contained in the cauldron.

No one was disturbed. Ji Hao made himself invisible with the Taiji Universe mirror, then sneakily went back into the headquarters.

Inside the cauldron, the materials he collected had been through a thorough transformation. This cauldron had an unimaginable power of creation, and the power of creation was the most original motivation for all transformations in the world.

Mountain-huge piles of alloy had been melting speedily and splitting up. In the cauldron, an invisible force had been pulling the melted alloy, shaping it, and solidifying it.

Everything happened almost simultaneously. Within a quarter of an hour, ten billion six feet long, thumb-thick alloy arrow shafts were shaped. Ji Hao covered the cauldron entirely with his spiritual power and concentrated on the changes happing inside the cauldron.

Mysterious streams of power had been rolling and surging. However, Ji Hao couldn’t understand the power. He didn’t know where the power came from; he couldn’t tell what, or who had been controlling that power. But indeed, within a quarter of an hour, ten-billion arrow shafts were made.

Those spell symbol arrows he brought from the warehouse in Pu Ban City were all handmade by human blacksmiths. Therefore, more or less, the arrow shafts were slightly different from each other; some might be a bit thicker, and some might be an inch longer. On some arrow shafts, those carved spell symbols had distinct personal styles that belonged to their makers.

If one compared two ‘wolf tooth’ arrows made by two different blacksmiths with exactly same materials, it would be highly possible that one of them could penetrate a thirty meters thick iron wall, while the other one could only reach three meters and two-foot deep into that wall.

Unlike those handmade arrow shafts, all arrow shafts in the cauldron were exactly the same. They were made with same materials, and had the same length and thickness; every spell symbol on each arrow shaft was exactly the same as well. Ji Hao took out a hundred arrow shafts from the cauldron and carefully compared them by using his spirit power for a whole hour…

He failed to discover any difference; each detail was the same. These arrow shafts were like shadows of each other, that no matter how hard he tried, no matter what magic he used, he couldn’t differentiate them.

"Such a…terrifying power!" Ji Hao sighed in shock.

Ji Hao then began producing arrowheads. Among the three types of arrows, ‘volcano collapse’ arrows had the largest and bluntest arrowheads, ‘hurricane’ arrows had slim and thin arrowheads, while ‘wolf tooth’ arrows had triangular, spiral-shaped arrowheads. The shapes of these three types of arrowheads were different. Spell symbols carved on them were not the same either.

However, just like those arrow shafts, arrowheads produced by the cauldron were flawless. Arrowheads of the same type were exactly the same.

Following a puffing nose, thin streams of golden essence sun fire emerged. According to Ji Hao’s design, the essence sun fire transformed into countless threads of golden light and slowly drilled into the arrow shafts. Right after that, the golden light shone and the arrow shafts and arrowheads connected perfectly into one. A whole ten billion super-quality spell symbols arrows were piled up in the cauldron.

"Yi Di, I’d like to see what other tricks can your Ten Sun Country play."

Ji Hao chuckled and said, "I wish you can all be foolish enough to attack me with these arrows I made, because that would be so damn funny!"

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