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The Jia Clan warrior standing behind Tushan old man took a sideway step, raised a hexagon-shaped golden shield with both arms, and blocked the arrow light.

The sword formation gathered all the strength of nearly a hundred thousand Eastern Wasteland archers and generated the arrow light, which was powerful enough to kill a God. The defensive magic screen created by hundreds of divine towers was easily penetrated, which clearly proved the powerfulness of the sword light.

The golden shield was coiled around by flowing streams of light. From the shield, hexagon-shaped halos spread out wave after wave like water. They transformed into a golden sphere and wrapped around Tushan old man and the Jia Clan warrior.

The arrow light spun swiftly, drilling into the shield. The Jia Clan warrior was as sturdy as a mountain. He raised the shield with both arms and stayed perfectly moveless. Blood veins bulged from his arms one after another, while his four eyes shone brightly with a fierce light. Four beams of blood-red-light dazzled out from his eyes and reached three feet away, making him look like a wild beast, strong and brutal.


The Jia Clan warrior roared in fury. He pulled out a golden machete from his waist and hacked heavily on the arrow light.

A thunderous bang was generated. The arrow light generated by the Eastern Wasteland sword formation was cut by him. The arrow light disintegrated and transformed into countless fierce gusts of wind, blowing everywhere, shaking the splendidly glowing defensive magic formation.

"Tushan Zun, good job!" Tushan old man gently patted on the knee of that Jia Clan warrior, and grinned in satisfaction, "With you, I shall worry nothing, haha!"

Tushan Zun let out a heavy, scorching breath. With his right hand, he carried the large shield, which was as tall as himself, left hand gritted that three-meter-long large machete. Showed his teeth, this strong Jia Clan warrior burst with a resonant roar towards those dumbfounded Eastern Wasteland archers.

This roar sounded like tens of thousands of thunder bursting simultaneously. Overwhelming sound waves spread out and raised mountain-like waves. Countless water-kind spirit creatures were hiding in the water, yelling and shouting. But as the waves were raised, their bodies exploded one after another. Within the area thirty-mile in radius, all water-kind spirit creatures were shattered by a roar of Tushan Zun. The water was already dyed red by blood, and after the roar, the redness turned even darker.

Roaring waves flooded towards the Eastern Wasteland formation. The eastern Wasteland warriors with a leather cloak stood in the front of the formation. He growled out furiously and released a sharp power vibration that split the tremendous waves like a sharp sword. Afterward, he slightly quivered and staggered two steps backward. Large streams of blood flowed out from under his visor. Apparently, he was wounded by the resonant roar of Tushan Zun.

"I am Tushan Zun, at the stage of sun and moon!" Tushan Zun clanged his chest with the hilt of the machete, laughed wildly out and growled, "Who dares to taste my machete?"

The Eastern Wasteland archer with a leather cloak remained silent, while those water-kind spirit creatures near Tushan old man’s spirit turtle, turned around immediately, raised a series of waves, and fled desperately.

Technically, the stage of sun and moon equaled to the level of Supreme Magus. Jia Clan warriors were born strong, perfectly gifted. Once a Jia Clan warrior reached the stage of sun and moon, he could be like a meat grinder in any battle. Human Supreme Magi were supported by the natural laws of Pan Gu world, that allowed them to strengthen themselves with the powers of real stars. Otherwise, human Magi would be at a lower grade than Jia Clan warriors at the stage of sun and moon.

Tushan old man’s bodyguard was actually a sun and moon stage Jia Clan warrior!

"What's the big deal of being rich?" The Eastern Wasteland archer with a leather cloak cursed angrily. Just now, he was wounded by nothing but a roar of Tushan Zun. Tushan Family people were not strong fighters. Tushan Zun was Tushan old man’s bodyguard. Clearly, this had everything to do with Tushan Family’s money!

"I love to hear that the most!" Tushan old man grinningly nodded to that archer and said, "I am rich. Our Tushan Family is the richest family in the world. We are rich indeed, and we can hire many many powerful beings to protect us. Whatever you say!"

Chuckling coldly, Tushan old man pointed at that archer, and said, "I am sending the food to Pu Ban City to save people in there, so that they don’t have to starve to death! You young people, you’re too heartless. You wanted to destroy all these food. Where is your conscience? Did you feed your hearts to dogs?"

The archer turned his eyes away. But abruptly, he laughed out loud coldly, and said, "I’m not the only one doing this…What are you waiting for? A show? Or, are you gonna give up the great opportunity to Si Wen Ming?"

From the water-kind army in the surroundings, troops of heavily armored human warriors emerged, all with faces covered by visors. Obviously, these warriors were divided into seven to eight groups. They came from different directions, and had their sparkling eyes fixed on Tushan old man.

Tushan old man lowered his eyelids, sighed slightly, and said, "Hehe, this is interesting. If I capture you all alive and send you back to Pu Ban City, would those people behind you still be shameless enough to live?"

A strong warrior wielded the large axe held in his hand, and said in a deep voice, "Therefore, old man, we can’t let you go to Pu Ban City alive. As long as we chop you into pieces in here, and kill every last one under your command, who would know what happened in this place?" While speaking, a strong power vibration released from his body.

A spinning yellow-colored dense mist rose from behind a dark cloud like a yellow dragon, diving straight down from the heaven. From the yellow mist, Hou Tu reached out his upper body, then threw a punch down toward Tushan old man, without saying a word.

Tushan Zun roared out in rage and raised the shield with his left hand, shielding Tushan old man under. Hou Tu’s fist shattered the defensive magic talisman created by divine towers and heavily landed on the shield. Tushan Zhun’s body suddenly sank, as a dreadfully strong force went through his body.

Followed by a thunderous bang, the spirit turtle that Tushan old man and Tushan Zun mounted on screamed shrilly. Next, its enormous head exploded. The strong force that came through Tushan Zun’s body blew up the turtle’s head.

Tushan old man flashed across the air like a bolt of lightning. When the explosion happened, he had already moved to the central area of the transport troop. Tens of heavily armored elite warriors immediately surrounded him. Tushan old man looked at Tushan Zun and shouted harshly, "Zun, fight with full power. Don’t worry about me!"

Tushan Zun nodded heavily. Holding in his right hand, the machete magically sparkled and sliced across Hou Tu’s chest, leaving an arc-shaped, dazzling stream of blade light.

Hou Tu didn’t manage to dodge. A big half of his chest was cut open by Tushan Zun, as large streams of golden sticky blood spurted out from his body. Hou Tu roared in pain. An enormous dense yellow cloud rolling down from the sky wrapped up Tushan Zun and himself.

"Together!" That Eastern Wasteland archer shouted out loud. "I don’t believe that this old man has two Supreme Magi guards! Let’s do it together! Chop this old guy! Then we can split the food evenly!"

Groups of human warriors burst with thunderous roars, mixed with those water-kind spirit creatures, and marched to the transport troop.

Dark cloud gathered in the sky, within which, an enormous silhouette was faintly visible.

Gradually, that silhouette turned clearer and clearer. That was a magical creature, with the upper body of a muscular, strong man, and the lower body as a black dragon tail. He had a pair of dragon horns on the forehead, coiled by streams of watery light.

This man lowered his head, glanced at the transport troop, then gently waved his hands. The action of his raised sky-devouring waves, smashing down towards the transport troop in an unstoppable way.

"Hou Tu, I am Gong Gong. I’m here to help you!"

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