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After receiving Tushan old man’s message, Ji Hao darted out of Pu Ban City the first.

The golden bridge transformed into a golden beam of light, flashing in the sky. However, before Ji Hao reached ten-thousand-meter high, an iceberg smashed straight down, forcing him to stop.

The dark blue iceberg was transparent and crystalline, hundred-miles wide, and had been releasing a fierce cold power. The iceberg descended towards Ji Hao’s head, and the strong airstreams it generated even made Ji Hao close his eyes.

Snorting coldly, Ji Hao punched at the iceberg.

The fifth turn of the cultivation method with nine turns was activated. A dragon-like strong strength burst from his body. Along with a slight bone creaking noise, Ji Hao grew three-feet taller. He put forth all the strength through his arms, which swelled and turned as thick as normal people’s waists.

The heavy punch generated by pure physical strength landed on the iceberg and caused a sky-shattering bang. A few screams came from a distance away, while the iceberg collapsed, turned into fine ice crystals, dissipating in the air.

Hailstones started falling from the sky above Pu Ban City. The iceberg was shattered, and the strong cold power contained in it was released, spreading, frozen raindrops in the air. It turned the raindrops into fist-sized hailstones, which came roaring down.

Ji Hao threw a cold glance where the screams came from. He snorted again coldly. The golden bridge shone with a golden light and carried Ji Hao and tens of elite warriors under Emperor Shun’s command, flying eastward.

From the higher sky, a loud cracking noise could be heard. Tens of streams of water pouring down from a dark cloud suddenly froze into ice. Meanwhile, a strong spirit creature power vibration spread wave after wave. White ice scales quickly grew out on those frozen water streams. Within a blink of an eye, those frozen water streams turned into tens of enormous ice dragons. They roared hissingly while pouncing on Ji Hao.

At the same time, numerous extremely thin streams of water emerged above Ji Hao’s head. These thin water streams were coiled by cold airstreams. They wove together and glowed with a dim light, forming into a large dense web. These thin water streams seemed to be harmless, but if one looked closer, he would find that every single one of these water streams was actually especially sharp, no worse than any top-grade weapon.

By bumping into this large web woven from these thin water streams, any ordinary human beings would be cut into thousands of pieces.

"Impressive!" Ji Hao grinned coldly. Opening his mouth, he let out the Taiji divine sword. Same as before, the sword transformed into a coiling black and white stream, spinning like a drill, instantly penetrating all the ice dragons.

A strong yet faintly visible airstream was released from the sword, with countless spell symbols dimly sparkling in it. Suddenly, all those ice dragons struck by the sword began burning. The golden flame lingered on those ice dragons, burning ragingly. Meanwhile, the tongue of flame reached upward through the air.

Far away, someone cried out in alarm in a dark cloud. The essence sun fire released from the Taiji divine sword had actually reached the attacker within a few seconds, who hid in the dark cloud, through the connection between the attacker and those ice dragons.

A few hideous giant spirit creatures rushed out of the dark cloud while crying and howling in pain. A strong cold power was released from their body, but the golden essence sun fire lingered on their bodies, burning violently. They boosted up their powers as much as possible, trying to cover their bodies with ice. However, the harder they tried, the more rapidly the fire burned.

Within a couple of breaths, the few spirit creatures were burned into strands of ash, drifting away in the air.

Those ice dragons disintegrated, and those thin water streams disappeared. Ji Hao gave a cold snort once again, took back the sword and let out the Pan Gu bell. He activated the golden bridge and flashed to the east.

In that dark cloud, countless man-shaped silhouettes were faintly visible. However, Ji Hao’s essence sun fire was way too terrifying. That purely positive power was like a natural disaster to all spirit creatures, making them feel extremely unsafe.

Countless water-kind spirit creatures watched Ji Hao flying away. Yet, none of them did anything to stop him.

Galloping all the way, the golden bridge flashed over a thousand miles away in a twinkling of an eye. Many reckless water-kind spirit creatures showed up on the way, waving their simple low-grade weapons while treading on watery clouds, trying to stop Ji Hao. Ji Hao didn’t even move his little finger. Instead, he let the Pan Gu bell float above his head, bumping forward. All water-kind spirit creature who dared to stand in his way were crushed, and none of them survived.

"A bunch of idiots!" Heng Xing excitedly stood behind Ji Hao with his eyes popped out, looking at the blood of those water-kind spirit creatures splash all over the sky. "Hah, my master is so powerful. Kill more, I’m just hungry!"

Thrusting out his hand swiftly, Heng Xing grabbed over a tens of meters long crocodile tail from the air. He grinned, held the long and thick tail with both arms, and began wolfing. That made his own body be covered in blood, making him look quite scary.

Ji Hao curved his mouth corners down, prepared to teach Heng Xing some table manners. But suddenly, over a thousand arm-thick silver chains drilled out from the dark cloud in the front, roaring over. A strong metal power spread from these chains, transformed into visible translucent weapons hovering around those chains.

Followed by a loud series of metal clangs, those chains interwove and formed another dense giant web in front of Ji Hao.

Ji Hao bumped into that web directly. The Pan Gu bell sent up a dazzling puff of fire sparkles against the web. Friction forces were caused between those chains, which generated water-tank-sized spheres of thunderbolts, striking on the bell.

Ji Hao couldn’t tell what those chains were made from. The Pan Gu bell was a powerful supreme magic treasure, but it only managed to leave some deep scratches on those chains, and failed to break any of them. Within a blink of an eye, the strong metal power gathered over from all directions. As those chains absorbed the metal power, those scratches and cracks caused by the bell disappeared speedily.

Deep roars came from the dark cloud. An eighteen-meter tall muscular man slowly descended from the dark cloud. This man was wearing a thick dragon-skin armor, with his face covered in a piece of dragon-skin that had two holes in the eye area.

"Who are you?" Ji Hao quickly took a circle around this man with his spirit power. This man had his face covered, but the sense of power released from his body was strong and familiar. This was a pure-blood Taotie[1], and judging by his power, he should be a rather important figure in the Taotie Clan in Western Wasteland.

This man didn’t want Ji Hao to see his face. Therefore, it was highly possible that he was one of the few Taotie Clan elders stationed in Pu Ban City!

Western Wasteland was infertile, and this was a well-known truth. For this reason, all large Western Wasteland clans were underpopulated. Because of this, they had many demands to the alliance of human clans. Therefore, these large Western Wasteland clans always had good relationships with human leaders in Pu Ban City.

A Taotie popped out in his way, so Ji Hao gave up on the first question he asked. Instead, he straightforwardly threw out another question, "How much they pay you to make you come stop me? Taotie, how much they paid you? I’ll double it!"

Taotie’s body slightly quaked, then he responded with a muffled voice, "Do you…Do you know me?"

Ji Hao showed the whites of his eyes and said straightforwardly, "Step aside. After this is over, go to my palace. No matter how much they paid you, I’ll double it!"

Taotie clicked his lips, hesitated for a second, then abruptly laughed hollowly and said, "I…In fact, I came to help you, Earl Yao!"


[1] Taotie, A mythical ferocious creature, one of the four evil fiends in Chinese mythology. In ancient Chinese mythology like "Classic of Mountains and Seas", taotie (饕餮) is one of the "four evil creatures of the world" or four fiends along with Hundun (Chaos beast), Qiongqi (Qiongqi beast) and Taowu (梼杌).On the opposite side, there are Four Holy Creatures in Chinese mythology which are called Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger and Xuanwu(black tortoise).

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