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A quarter of an hour ago, east side of Pu Ban City, in the heavy storm, a large-scale transport troop had been moving in the flood.

A whole ten thousand starry sky spirit turtles held their heads high, swiftly moving on the surface of the water. Dense clouds of mist rose from under these turtles’ feet. They were enormous, each one of them nearly twenty miles long from head to tail. Standing on the back of each spirit turtle was a metal city.

In these metal cities, cabins for passengers had all been removed already. Instead, every metal city was now filled with food. Grains, fruits, vegetables, cured meat, ready-to-eat rice cakes, potato cakes and all other kinds of food filled every room in every metal city.

Following behind the ten-thousand enormous spirit turtles were tens of thousands of floating cities, built with logs. Each of these square-shaped floating cities was around ten miles squared in area, with nothing inside but differently sized sacks, stuffed with all kinds of food.

These floating cities were unpowered, tied with tens of water-tank-sized ropes and pulled by whales. Each of those whales was hundreds of meters long, and had been spouting water, singing with beautiful, high-pitched sounds. These whales held the ropes in their mouths, moving against strong waves at their highest speed.

Nearly a hundred thousand floating cities were being pulled by these whales, fifty whales for each city. Five million whales that belonged to Tushan Family were put to use this time.

The transport troop was huge, extending for countless miles, without an end that could be seen. This enormous troop tore apart the curtain of the rain, crushed the waves, and approached Pu Ban City with an indescribable, tremendous momentum.

If Ji Hao were here, he would definitely give a praise sincerely — Super, super rich!

Tushan old man stood on the head of the first spirit turtle, seeming to be in good spirit. Holding a cup of tea, he leisurely took a sip, abruptly laughed out, and said, "Do those people actually wanna run a financial competition against our Tushan Family? Hmm, the throne belongs to my son in law. No one can possibly take it away!"

A twelve-meter tall Jia Clan warrior stood beside Tushan old man. The skin of this Jia Clan warrior was golden, slightly translucent and with a crystal luster. Hearing Tushan old man, this Jia Clan warrior asked with a deep voice, "Master, what if those large clans in Pu Ban City join hands and take out a larger quantity of food? Should I go kill them?"

"Kill, kill, kill, kill your ass!" Tushan old man turned around and slapped heavily on the Jia Clan warrior’s knee. Followed by a loud popping noise, Tushan old man showed his teeth in pain. Swinging his hand, Tushan old man proudly sneered and said, "Firstly, I’m afraid that they all have different purposes, and can’t easily reach an agreement…"

"Secondly…" Tushan old man glanced at the enormous transport troop behind him, continued in a cold and confident tone, "Even if they do join hands, how much food can they provide? They still have to think about the wellbeing of their own people, don’t they? How much can they possibly provide? But this troop of mine is only transporting the first installment of the food aid from us!"

Stomping his foot against the spirit turtle’s head, Tushan old man narrowed his eyes. A dangerous-looking cold light sparkled in those narrowed eyes of his as he continued, "If their stored food is truly more than our first installment, hehe, the five-million whales back there, slaughter them all and serve as food."

"In the East Sea, our Tushan Family has raised tens of thousands of whale flocks, and each flock has more than thirty-thousand whales. Those are nothing but five-million whales that I can bear to waste!"

The Jia Clan warrior shrugged and didn’t say anything else.

He had served Tushan old man for many, many years. He knew that Tushan Family was incredibly rich. He witnessed many unreasonable things which were done by Tushan Family people because of their wealthiness. However, this time, he was still shocked by Tushan old man’s swords.

He didn’t understand why Tushan Family would raise so many whales? For food? Or, did those whales have other functions? This was a trade secret of Tushan Family, and the Jia Clan warrior smartly didn’t ask any further questions.

The rain was heavy and the waves were strong. Tushan old man was in a heightened spirit. He sat down on the spirit turtle’s head, looking at the rapidly flowing water, and started singing a folk song with a hoarse voice that was not so pleasant to hear. Shaking his head, he clapped his hands, and even splashed the tea all over his own body. But, he didn’t pay any attention to that.

"Hehe, a son in law of our Tushan Family is going to become the human emperor!" Tushan old man grinned happily, showing his shining teeth. "Shame, Emperor Shun married too soon. Back then, when I tried to get close to him, he was already a father."

"But now, isn’t Si Wen Ming my son in law? With the support of the human emperor in the future, the business of my Tushan Family will naturally reach to every corner of the world. In the future, our Tushan Family will be the top one on the rich list of this world. The dragon-kind and phoenix-kind can just step aside!"

Swish! A sharp arrow flew over through the rain curtain from a long distance away. The arrowhead was burning, generating a great heat that evaporated the rain, leaving a clear stream of steam in the air.

Tushan old man was immersed in his own thoughts, that when he saw the arrow, it had already reached less than three feet away from him. With Tushan old man’s reaction speed, he could never dodge this lethal arrow.

The Jia Clan warrior standing beside Tushan old man immediately burst with a deep shout, while a blood-red light flashed across his four eyes. The air in front of Tushan old man suddenly became as solid as an iron wall. The arrow bumped on the invisible air wall, stirred up waves of ripples, then exploded, turning into a sphere of flame, tens of meters radius.

Even the fire or the heat didn’t manage to approach Tushan old man, as the cold deep shout of that Jia Clan warrior blocked everything.

Tushan old man paused, then leaped straight up and shouted, "We’re under attack! Fight! Fight! Send emergency signals to Pu Ban City! Damn it! That was an Eastern Wasteland sunset arrow! Those bastards in Pu Ban City don’t want Wen Ming to be in charge of the flood-control mission! They came for the food!"

Tushan old man was smart and crafty. At the moment he saw that arrow, he figured out ninety-nine percent of the truth.

He took out a triangle-shaped magic talisman from his sleeve, murmured something to it and crumbled it. Next, he raised his hand and sent a few red fireballs into the sky. Those fireballs exploded in the air, letting out streams of flame, flying in all directions. These few exploding fireballs could be seen from thousands of miles away.

Following a series of swishing noise, countless people showed up on the back of all spirit turtles. Meanwhile, incalculable warriors, who were armed to the teeth, rushed out from those floating cities. Tushan Family was rich in money, food and armaments. Therefore, they had raised a great army.

Thunderous sounds of waves came from all directions. Strong spirit creature power vibrations rose, reaching straight to the clouds. In the sky, dense dark clouds began rolling restlessly.

Thunderbolts dazzled in the dark clouds while waves rose in all directions. Countless armed water-kind spirit creatures beat the dragon skin battle drums, blew the dragon bone battle horns, and approached from every direction, along with a strong aura of killing.

Among these water-kind spirit creatures were large groups of human warriors, heavily armored, with their faces covered with visors. These human warriors were mixed with the water-kind army, hiding while measuring that food transport troop with their eyes.

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