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Greediness... Those water-kind spirit creatures weren’t trying to hide their greediness at all. They pounced on the transport troop of Tushan Family like starving wild dogs.

Human warriors mixed in the water-kind army had their eyes sparkling. They hid their strong and sturdy bodies in the groups of water-kind creatures, while reaching their heads out and throwing complicated glances at the transportation troops.

The sound of waves grew louder and louder. Long and heavy breathing noises let out by those water-kind spirit creatures swept across the water surface like a hurricane. They greedily looked at the troops, looked at those mountain-like piles of food, then looked at those enormous spirit turtles and whales pulling the floating cities.

"Brothers! Do it! Take as much as you want! All your harvests will belong to no one else but yourself!" A giant water-kind spirit creature raised his trident fiercely and growled out. This water-kind creature was nearly a hundred meters tall, and had tens of tentacles wriggling on his face. "Take all that food! Eat those people! Eat all of them!"

"Ba*stard, half of that food belongs to us!" A tall and slim man who stood in a group of water-kind spirit creatures shouted in anger. This man was wearing a black leather cloak, that covered his entire body. Obviously, he didn’t want to reveal his identity. Nevertheless, the longbow carried in his hand and the quiver tied around his waist, along with the special power vibration he released, told everyone that he was from the Eastern Wasteland!

His shouts sounded incredibly weak among the waves of crazy cheers bursting from those water-kind spirit creatures. Those water-kind spirit creatures didn’t pay any attention to him. Hundreds of giant spirit creatures transformed back into their original shapes, raised mountain-like waves, and marched towards the transport troop.

Countless water-kind spirit creatures stood on the waves, following behind those giant spirit creatures. They had already sensed the aroma of the wine and meat from the transport troop…But of course, in comparison to the food shipped by the troop, they cared more about the troop itself.

How could dry meat taste better than fresh human meat? To spirit creatures, human blood and human flesh had high nutritional value, especially the blood and flesh of human warriors, rich in strong spirit blood and life-force. By eating a human leg, a major improvement could be delivered to a spirit creature.

"Eat them all, eat them all!"

They didn’t only want to eat all the food shipped by the transport troop of Tushan Family, they also intended to swallow every last Tushan Family person on the scene.

"Bunch of poor idiots!" Tushan old man stood on the turtle’s head and angrily looked at those water-kind spirit creatures, who were in coarse clothes. He snorted coldly, then swung his arm backward.

Hundreds of different sized Yu Clan divine towers emerged from the transport troop. Inside each divine tower, magic crystals were burning in magic crystal boilers. Mountain-like piles of magic crystals were soon transformed into energy, surging into the complicated spell symbol and magic talisman groups in each tower.

Buzzing noises were started. Splendidly shining erect eyes shone on top of each divine tower, releasing large streams of colorful light that quickly wove into a thick and glaring defensive magic screen in the air.

The transport troop was entirely wrapped up. Tens of giant water-kind spirit creatures rushed too fast and didn’t manage to stop timely. As a consequence, their heads bumped into the magic screen and generated muffled thunders. Thousands of water-tank-sized thunderbolts burst from the magic screen and struck on the bodies of these giant spirit creatures.

Struck by the thunderbolts, the tens of giant spirit creature shivered intensively. They straightened their bodies and howled hoarsely towards the sky.

Rumbling thunders didn’t stop. Fierce thunderbolts descended from the sky without an end, landing on the bodies of those giant spirit creatures like enormous sharp swords. They left bone-deep slashes on their bodies and crushed their skins and muscles.

"You idiots have to understand one thing. With money, you can even hire gods!" Tushan old man held his hands behind his body, stood on the turtle’s head, and said while smiling faintly, "With enough money, you can buy anything, such as… Divine towers from Yu Clan…Although each year, not too many divine towers will be sneakily sold by those money-mad Xiu Clan masters, we’ve been buying from them for so many years. Therefore, our Tushan Family have plenty of divine towers."

Tushan old man smiled calmly and carelessly, while the tens of giant spirit creatures were almost burned to death. Those spirit creatures weakly turned around and attempted to run with all of their remaining strength.

A series of creaking noise came from a distance. Over a thousand spirit turtle abruptly largely opened their jaws. Standing in their huge, cave-like mouths, were fort-breaking catapults, sparkling with cold light and releasing fierce power vibrations. Before those giant spirit creatures could do anything to dodge, earth-shaking booms could be heard. All catapults fired almost simultaneously.

Water-tank-thick, nine-meters-long arrows were shot out. These extra large arrows were entirely made from magic crystals, and pierced deeply into the bodies of those giant spirit creatures, followed by strong gusts of wind.

Countless dazzling spell symbols sparkled on these extra large arrows, which then exploded. Spheres of thunder-flame and thunderbolts burst inside those spirit creatures’ bodies, banging thunderously, even damaging people’s ears with the sound. Destructive impact waves landed on the water surface and crushed countless water-kind spirit creatures hiding in the water. Instantly, blood dyed the water red.

Tens of Divine-Magus-level giant spirit creatures screamed heartbreakingly. Each of them had half of their body destroyed by the explosion, that seriously consumed their spirit blood. They howled weakly while fleeing away with difficulty.

This brutal scene frightened those relatively weaker water-kind spirit creatures, who didn’t have much of battle experiences. These water-kind spirit creatures were made to hide in those water worlds by Gong Gong. Ever since they were born, they had been safely and leisurely resting in those water worlds, and never let out any blood.

Tushan Family troops severely wounded those giant spirit creatures with large-scale weapons, and such a cruel scene softened the limbs of those smaller sized water-kind spirit creatures. They were stunned, stood in the water as they forgot what to do.

A minute ago, these water-kind spirit creatures were swollen with arrogance. But now, they all had their mouths shut. However, human warriors mixed in the water-kind army reacted pretty fast.

Nearly a hundred-thousand heavily armored human warriors quickly gathered together, pulled out their bows, and cast a strange spell with deep voices simultaneously. From their bodies, sharp beams of arrow light reached to the sky. Looking down from above, the formation of these human warriors looked like a flying arrow.

The one with a black leather cloak, who shouted loudly at those water-kind spirit creatures earlier, pulled his bow open and cast a resonant growl. Following his voice, the arrow light released from nearly a hundred-thousand human warriors transformed into dazzling light streams, ceaselessly merging into his bow.

"Eastern Wasteland arrow formation!" Tushan old man’s eye corners twitched in rage. "You b*stards! For power, for benefits, are you going to leave those people in Pu Ban City to die?!" shouted Tushan old man furiously.

"For the throne, what’s the big deal to let a few lowly people die?" The man in a leather cloak laughed coldly as he loosened his fingers and released an arrow.

From around fifty miles away, a three-thousand-meters long beam of arrow light broke the space and accurately pierced into the defensive magic screen created by divine towers, right in front of Tushan old man. A black space crack was left in the sky.

Pop! The magic screen was penetrated by the arrow light. The arrow light flashed across the air and reached Tushan old man’s face.

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