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Ji Hao released his spirit power, that covered the entire garden like an enormous web.

Same as the other areas of Pu Ban City, Ji Hao’s palace and garden had already completely opened to refugees. By now, not only those buildings were filled with people, tents and thatched cottages were built everywhere in the garden, among trees, and around the lake,.

Not even a small empty area was left in the broad garden; people could be seen everywhere. These people from outside Pu Ban City were gathered together with their clansmen. Depending on the number of people, each clan was given an area to live.

When Ji Hao arrived, people were standing on hilltops, tree branches, and even the roofs of buildings, seeming like they were watching a great show. Many people had been yelling towards the source of the black smoke. A restless atmosphere was growing speedily in the crowd.

The fire started in a small basin, surrounded by hills. It was a series of storehouses, built with rocks. Black rock was cut into squares and piled up perfectly. Except for a small entrance, these storehouses didn’t have even a single window.

A whole hundred square-shaped, three-hundred meters long and thirty-meters-tall storehouses were built in this area, standing in ordered lines.

This basin was surrounded by cliffy hills, connected to the outside area by a seven to eight miles long valley. On the entrance of the valley, a thick wall was standing, three-hundred-meters-tall, built with rock and cast with iron. Standing on the wall were hundreds of armored elite warriors.

Tens of thousands of muscular men with coarse clothes had been shouting loudly while fiercely attacking those warriors on the wall. These men were holding simply crafted shields, made from leather, wood or other cheap materials, and all kinds of weapons. These men were like a group of ants. Through a few roughly made ladders, they attacked warriors on the wall ceaselessly. They growled wildly and madly, climbed up using those ladders, and then were being struck back down by those warriors on the wall, over and over again.

Behind these strong men, who were inexhaustibly attacking, a loud crowd of people had been violently assaulting a group of people, who had their faces covered in blood. Countless fists punched on these people’ bodies, and countless feet trod on them. It broke their limbs, and some of them even had their stomachs torn, their guts flowing out of their bodies.

The area before the valley was empty. Recently, a large number of simple and crude stoves were built in that area, and firewood was piled up by those stoves.

At the moment, thousands of stoves were smashed, while pots and clay jars on those stoves were destroyed as well. The ground was covered in sticky rice porridge. Trod over by countless people, the rice porridge had already turned into mud. If Ji Hao didn’t find some rice grains in that mud, he wouldn’t even know what those disgusting puddles on the ground were.

Someone embalmed those firewood piles and let the smoke rise. The black smoke Ji Hao saw earlier was from here. Large groups of people with strangely excited facial expressions had been singing and dancing around the fire, clapping their hands, laughing and shouting loudly.

Abruptly, a middle-aged man was dragged over by a group of crazy people. This middle-aged man was nearly beaten to death, and was at his last gasp. Those crazy people threw him to a burning pile of firewood.

The middle-aged man’s clothes were burned into ashes in a moment. The fire burned his body and made him scream in pain, sounding as shrill as wounded wolves. "You heartless people…You live in our Earl Yao’s houses…You feed on our Earl Yao’s grains…Now, you’re killing our people, robbing our storehouses…"

Ji Hao’s look changed, while Shaosi’s pretty face turned especially dark.

Ji Hao scanned across this middle-aged man’s body with his spirit power, and found a bronze tablet tied around his waist. The bronze tablet was this man’s identification, which meant this man worked for Ji Hao. In other words, this man was under Ji Hao’s command.

Shaosi recognized this man. She shouted harshly, "That is Uncle Li Shen. He’s the most cautious and reliable one. He’s the manager of this place. I put him in charge, and I let him distribute rice porridge and clothes to these refugees!"

Ji Hao had been a hands-off boss in recent years. Almost all year round, he traveled all over the world for all kinds of things, barely having any time to manage Yao Mountain City.

At present, the army of Yao Mountain City was managed by Ji Xia. All military affairs in Yao Mountain City were handled by Ji Xia and a group of Gold Crow Clan people under his command, added with Man Man, who mingled in the army, trying to do her bit.

As for the general affairs in the city, including the plowing in the winter and harvest in the autumn, hunting, forging, registration of population, household management and all the other things, Shaosi had silently shouldered all the responsibilities. Therefore, Shaosi knew all managers in Yao Mountain City, and clearly remembered the responsibilities of each of them.

"The ones suffering the beating are our people!" Ji Hao gave a deep shout, then started the fiery cloud and galloped over at full speed, leaving a long fiery light in the air. The Taiji Creation caldron released a giant wave of mist and transformed into large hands that held up all those Yao Mountain people who were beaten out of shape by violent refugees.

Tens of thousands of Yao Mountain people were covered in wounds now. Many of them were dying, especially Li Shen, who was thrown into fire just now; his skin had even carbonized.

With a badly darkened face, Ji Hao hurriedly took out a life-saving magic pill made by Priest Dachi himself, clapped his hands and turned it into a warm airstream. He took a gasp and gave a gentle blow at the airstream.

A thin watery mist began gathering in the air, and soon, a drizzle mixed the power of the magic pill and fell on the bodies of those wounded Yao Mountain people, healing their wounds speedily. Even those dying ones recovered soon.

Li Shen took a long gasp for air, then tremblingly stood up. In a great surprise, he glanced at Shaosi, then shouted hoarsely, "Lady Shaosi…These people…Earl, Earl Yao!"

Tens of thousands of Yao Mountain people kneeled in the midair, then politely and respectfully kowtowed to Ji Hao, shouting ‘Earl Yao’ loudly. They were all smiling now. These people had witnessed Ji Hao releasing his great power countless times. They clearly knew that since Ji Hao had come back, these rioting refugees were nothing to worry about.

On the ground, those refugees who were waving their hands, shouting and screaming madly, all quieted down. Those strong men, who had been attacking warriors on the fence wall from ladders, stopped while staring at Ji Hao and his people standing in the midair, stunned. A loud metal clang could be heard, as someone dropped his weapon the first. Following him, countless people threw their weapons away.

Crowded people began drawing back towards all directions.

Those rioting refugees, who had fierceness showed in their eyes, began fleeing in panic.

They were violent, but they were not stupid. Any human being that managed to attain a title of earl or marquis was a Divine Magus at least, no matter how many warriors he or she had under his command.

And a Divine Magus…Even the weakest Divine Magus could crush everyone on the scene!

"Kneel!" Ji Hao’s spirit power split into hundreds of thousands of threads and locked every single one of these people.

"Kneel!" growled Ji Hao once again, "I have locked all of you. Kneel, you can be slaves to atone for your crimes. Run, and you will all die!"

A few Yao Mountain warrior leaped high, then heavily landed in the group of strong men who fled the fastest. These warriors randomly wielded their heavy weapons and caused a long series of howls to rise immediately as they crushed hundreds of strong men into meat pies.

People had their knees thudded on the ground. On the flat area outside the valley, hundreds of thousands of rioting refugees kneeled down one after another.

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