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The flood surrounded Pu Ban City, as sawtooth-like waves had been circling around Pu Ban City like windmills. On top of every wave was a military camp of the water-kind. Battle flags made from the bones of all kinds of enormous fishes had been fluttering in the air, and the air was suffused by a fishy smell.

Ji Hao trod on the fiery cloud, flying right above the water surface and heading back to Pu Ban City.

Thousands of miles away from Pu Ban City, giant waves roared right to his face. On top of every wave, thousands of water-kind spirit creatures had been yelling and shouting, showing their strengths. Some had the corpses of drowned beasts held in their hands. After they gave a few shouts and growls, they lowered their heads and took a couple of bites, that made their whole bodies covered in sticky blood.

Seeing Ji Hao and his people, a few large, water-kind spirit creatures, who hadn’t yet transformed their entire bodies into human shapes, burst with growls. They pointed their fingers at Ji Hao. Following their growls, hundreds of water-kind archers pulled open their longbows, which were made from fish bones, and aimed at Ji Hao. Soon, along with a shrill series of swishing noise, a giant wave of fish bone arrows was released, flying towards Ji Hao, covering the whole sky.

Ji Hao, Man Man, Shaosi and those Yao Mountain warriors behind them raised their heads, confusedly looking at those arrows flying in weird high arcs in the air, then loudly piercing into the flood around hundred meters away from them.

"Eh? Their arrows are curved, no wonder they can’t hit their targets!" Man Man chuckled, pointed out the biggest problem of these fishbone arrows.

These arrows used by those water-kind archers were made from the bones of large fishes. However, water-kind creatures were mostly silly and lazy. Therefore, many of these arrows they crafted still had their original shapes as fish bones.

One could easily imagine the result of shooting out curved arrows.

"Silly creatures!" Ji Hao snorted coldly, then wielded his right arm and sent out the hundreds of meters long, black and white Taiji sword mist, transformed from the Taiji divine sword. The sword mist swept across the few waves momentarily.

Three to four thousand weak water-kind spirit creatures howled out together. Ji Hao manipulated the sword with the skills he learned from Yu Yu. The sword mist was as fast as lightning bolts, and those water-kind spirit creatures were all cut into two before they could even see its moving track.

Large streams of smelly blood splashed out. Without these water-kind spirit creatures raising the waves, those hundreds of meters tall waves collapsed immediately.

Ji Hao took back the Taiji divine sword and started the fiery cloud, flying towards Pu Ban City at the highest speed. On the way, countless water-kind spirit creatures showed up and raised waves to try to stop him. Ji Hao didn’t want to waste any time on these weak things. No matter who tried to block his way, he responded with a fierce sword hack. The Taiji divine sword was a supreme magic treasure; it was incredibly sharp, and contained the power of the Dao of Taiji. Its power was immeasurable. Facing a sword like this, those weak water-kind spirit creatures were naturally destroyed as easily as crushing dry weeds. None of them managed to cause Ji Hao any trouble.

When Ji Hao reached the boundary of Pu Ban City, two enormous black serpents leaped out of the water and transformed into two strong and muscular men with dark skin. Each of them carried a machete as they pounced on Ji Hao.

The power vibration released by these two strong men were amazingly strong, judging by which, they were as powerful as human Divine Magi who had just grown their first inner spirit star. With the bodies of spirit creatures, their physical strengths were even greater than ordinary human Divine Magi.

The two machetes held in their hands were not bad holy weapons, naturally crafted in places rich with natural powers.

Ji Hao didn’t even cast a glance at these two men. He locked his fingers together, and following his move, the Taiji divine sword transformed into a black and white mist, roaring out. The black part and white part of this sword mist were split, while the mysterious power of the move of sky-opening was hiding in both parts of the sword mist, that allowed them to easily brush across the edges of their machetes and circle around their necks. In the following moment, two water-tank-sized heads were cut off by the sword mist simultaneously.

The body of the black serpent, who was beheaded by the black sword mist, was suddenly covered by a thin layer of ice. Along with a series of noise, the frozen body cracked, exploded, and turned into countless ice crystals, drifting in the air. Some ice crystals fell in the flood, freezing the water into an iceberg ten miles around them

The black serpent slaughtered by the white sword mist had white flames spurting out from every single pore of his. Within a twinkling of an eye, the body of this serpent was burned into a strand of smoke. His ashes drifted into the water from the air and set the water ablaze within the area miles wide, starting a sky-devouring fire.

Ji Hao snorted coldly, then took back the Taiji divine sword and pressed down on the fiery cloud as he coldly glanced at the other water-kind spirit creatures in the surroundings.

"Anyone else wants to stop me?" shouted Ji Hao coldly, "If not, I’m going into Pu Ban City, eh?"

Man Man excitedly swung her pair of hammers and yelled at those water-kind spirit creatures, "Oi! Don’t be afraid, Ji Hao won’t do anything this time. I’ll be the one fight you! Oi, who wants to taste my hammers?"

Man Man gripped the hilts of his hammers tight and bumped them against each other. Instantly, a dense smoke rose from between the two hammerheads. Along with a loud swooshing noise, the two lotus-shaped hammerheads began burning ragingly. It even twisted the air around Man Man’s body and made her figure blur, shaky and misty, unable to be seen clearly.

"Don’t be afraid! You’re strong water-kind creatures! Everybody says that … water can kill fire!" Man Man narrowed her eyes while provoking continuously, "The water is everywhere. You’re not afraid of me, are you? Are you really afraid of me?"

Those water-kind spirit creatures remained silent. Many of them even couldn’t help but step back, as none of them was willing to stand out and challenge Man Man.

From a long distance away, strong power vibrations were released, rising high, straight into the sky. Among all water-kind spirit creatures, some powerful ones had heard the noises from this area, and had been rushing over in fury.

Ji Hao smiled and waved his broad sleeve. Treading on the fiery cloud, he flew to the great defensive magic formation of Pu Ban City. Inside the magic formation, senior Magi from the Magi Palace, who were guarding the magic formation, hurriedly took out an access magic talisman and created a thin crack on the great defensive magic formation, letting Ji Hao and his people into Pu Ban City.

Once he entered Pu Ban City, he reached out his spirit power to the Town Hall.

Tens of thousands of leaders of the alliance of human clans were gathered in the Town Hall. Among them, some were ministers under Emperor Shun’s direct command, some were earls and marquises, who had their independent territories, and some were leaders and elders from large human clans. There also were Senior people from the Magi Palace, who held lofty positions.

Candle Dragon Gui, Wulong Yao and the few other elders who were close to Ji Hao, were gathered in the Town Hall as well. At the moment, they had been angrily arguing with a group of clan leaders and elders.

The Town Hall was noisy, while Emperor Shun’s face was dark. From time to time, drops of sweat oozed from his forehead.

Emperor Shun had always been a generous and calm emperor. But at the moment, he didn’t seem to be calm. Ji Hao didn’t know what happened, but he could imagine that it couldn’t be anything good. Right now, the Town Hall was obviously a giant whirlpool, and everyone who stepped in would be soaked thoroughly.

Shaking his head, Ji Hao didn’t go to the Town Hall. Instead, he flew to his palace in Pu Ban City.

Along the way, he saw tents and thatched shacks all over the ground. Countless people who lived around Pu Ban City were sent into the city, bunched up with Pu Ban people. Streets were filled with people, without any space left empty. Looking down from the sky, Ji Hao even had his scalp numbed.

Cries, shouts, screams, arguments, curses, could all be heard from everywhere.

Ji Hao looked at those people with a heavy heart. Soon, the fiery cloud he trod on brought him to that broad garden of his palace.

In the next moment, Ji Hao saw a few dark streams of smoke swooshing up into the sky from the garden, that he won from Gong Gong Wuyou, and was built with untold money and countless resources. What rose along the smoke were loud shouts.

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