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Published at 28th of December 2019 11:04:26 PM

Chapter 18

Proofread by Liang Yaping

“Who’s there?!”

Zhao Yang is gripped with shock and anger . But at the next moment, his heart sinks .

Not far away from him, a young man with rosy lips and pretty white teeth is looking at him with a kind of smile forming on his lips . His white clothes are spotlessly clean, but in his eyes there lies the cold intention to kill .

 “Yun Chuan!” Zhao Yang’s voice trembles .

He didn’t notice the attack just now, and he got a real punch . Now there’s no place unhurt all over his body, for his several bones are broken, making him unable to move .

He can feel that the martial qualifications of Yun Chuan now are at the middle stage of Body Cultivation . Although he doesn’t understand why Yun Chuan can have such a strong power with only the lowest level of blood and poor martial arts qualification, he knows that as he couldn’t beat Yun Chuan a few days ago, nor can he beat him now with only half strength .

In Zhao Yang’s eyes, at the moment, the young man coming to him step by step is more like the evil Death .

“Yun Chuan, please, don’t do this . I did wrong before . Let me go, and you can do anything you want . Let alone there is no huge hatred between us at all!”

Zhao Yang’s words are full of fear and he keeps retreating . But at the next moment his eyes become dark and he seems to hear the breaking voice from his neck .

As his consciousness gradually dissipates, he hears the chilly words of Yun Chuan .

“Your slaughter of more than a dozen innocent slaves here has given birth to the deep hatred between us . The murderer will always be murdered . Give up and get ready to die!”

Zhao Yang’s eyes gradually lose their glow, and his body falls heavily . His glassy eyes are right facing the reluctant eyes of those dead slaves .

Keeping his clothes away from the blood, Yun Chuan steps over Zhao Yang’s body and goes towards the cave . His consciousness sinks into the golden ancient scroll: “Only 200 points of soul value… It seems that Zhao Yang’s strength is much weaker than that of Yun San before . Surely he is just a dandy boy . However, together with the remaining 100 points of soul value there will be 300 points, which is enough for me to practice the Five-wound Explosive Fist to the entry-stage . I hope that the so-called Five-wound Explosive Fist, which can be compared to the martial skills at the Black level when practiced to the perfect-stage, won’t let me down . ”

Yun Chuan’s eyes show a trace of excitement . With the disappearance of 300 soul points, the comprehension at the entry stage of the Five-wound Explosive Fist all rushes to him .

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“I see…the five wound refers to the heart, the lung, the liver, the spleen and the kidney . These five internal organs of human body correspond to the five elements: heart to Fire, lung to Gold, liver to Wood, spleen to Earth and kidney to Water . If the cultivation is successful from inside to outside, one can damage the opponent’s internal organs with only one fist . No wonder it deserves the fame of being compared to the martial skills at the Black level when practiced to the perfect stage!”

Suppressing his impulse to try this martial skill, Yun Chuan walks carefully into the black cave . “Zhao Jiu led away the Bloody Ape who was about to break through the stage of Martial Code before, and he wanted Zhao Yang to work with him in collusion and take the Fruit of Blood and Fire . But now, they are handing me success on a plate!”

After hearing that the Fruit of Blood and Fire is the derivative of the Water of Icy Spring, and it can be exchanged for a quota for entering the Taoist Pill Sect, Yun Chuan knows that its value will not be low definitely .

Martial arts enjoy great respect in the Tian Xuan world, and the rule of this world lies in the hands of the sects, not the martial clans from which he comes .

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The sects are also divided into different grades, but even the weakest sect can destroy the martial clans like Yun family and Zhao family as easily as blowing off dust . It is because of this that all martial clans will try every possible way to send their outstanding disciples to the sects .

Yun Chuan now doesn’t know the specific effects of the Fruit of Blood and Fire, but for the chance to enter the Taoist Pill Sect, he certainly will get it!

Moreover, judging from the previous words of Zhao Yang and Zhao Jiu, Yun Chuan finds out the reason why the fight for Water of Icy Spring interests the three great clans so much— not only it can lay a solid foundation for the descendants of the clan, and more importantly, it can also serve as an exchange for an access to the Taoist Pill Sect .

Yun Chuan doesn’t know to whom the chance will be given, but he is sure that for the sake of the whole clan, it is more likely to be given to Yun Tian, the talent with the fourth-level blood . There is no doubt that Yun Chuan has no chance of getting that chance .

“In that case, I will strive for my own opportunity!”

The grottoes are winding and the cave is full of strong smell . Some skeletons of monsters and martial cultivators scatter on the ground, and some of them have been weathered, leaving a cracking sound when trampled on . If someone with weak mind comes here, he or she will definitely tremble with great fear .

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