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Ye Xinglan was already at rank-40 and with Tang Wulin supplying her with the spirit alloys, she began helping their companions to make their one-word battle armor. According to Tang Wulin's plans, he planned for Ye Xinglan to forge himself a set of one-word armor first to build up her own strength before forging them for the others.

Ye Xinglan should have had started forging herself a right armguard along with a vambrace by now. After those two were completed, she would become more consistent when forging battle armor and have a higher success rate. That alone was reason enough to make reaching rank-40 a pressing matter that had to be achieved as soon as possible.

As long as he could become a one-word battle armor master with battle armor forged from spirit alloy, entering the inner court would not pose him any problems.

He had to become a four-ringed soul master before he was sixteen no matter what! He had to reach the level of a one-word battle armor master before he turned eighteen! These were the goals set by Tang Wulin for himself.

This also meant that he had to fight hard to enter the inner court once he joined the third grade.

Finally, his hour-long cultivation ended and as expected, it was far more efficient compared to cultivating in the dormitory. The special cultivation venue was also rather quiet, making it the perfect place for meditation so he did not need to worry himself with getting disturbed by others.

It was then that Tang Wulin gritted his teeth as he made payment to rent the room until the dawn of the second day. He spent a night cultivating there before he took an hour-long lunch break. After he was done, he continued cultivating in there for the remaining twelve hours and before long, he noticed that he already spent more than a thousand contribution points in one go.

The new school term had officially begun, and the morning was packed with classes while the afternoon was filled with students cultivating on their own. Everyone had set their own goals and as usual, the atmosphere at Shrek Academy was as tense as always.

After the match between Tang Wulin and Luo Guixing's teams, the fighting spirit in first-grade class one had been reignited once again. The did not need anyone to push them as everyone was already pouring everything they had into cultivation.

"Elder Feng, I'm thinking about selling some of my spirit alloys to the Blacksmith's Association in exchange for the academy's contribution points. How should I go about doing it to get the best bargain?" Tang Wulin asked.

The advice Feng Wuyu gave him remained the same. He was asked to reach rank-40 as soon as possible. He only had to practice his forging once a week. Naturally, this was under the condition that he passed Feng Wuyu's test.

After the lessons with Zhen Hua, Tang Wulin was now very familiar with fuse forging. It was not only his success rate of fuse forging two different alloys that greatly increased, he could even occasionally fuse forge three alloys. Even with how strict Feng Wuyu was, he could find no fault with Tang Wulin at this age.

"You want to sell your spirit alloys? How many do you have?" Feng Wuyu's eyes beamed. He directed the question toward Tang Wulin.

The students of Shrek were not the only ones who needed spirit alloys, even Shrek Academy's Blacksmith's Association needed them! Although the spirit alloys forged by Tang Wulin were only thousand refined, those alloys can be further refined through spirit forging. That was useful enough even for two-word battle armor masters.

Tang Wulin paused for thought before he replied, "I have Jade Silver, Star Silver, and Platinum Crystal... probably about ten pieces of each. Their harmony rates are between 65 to 80 percent."

"Thirty pieces? That many?" Feng Wuyu was shocked. His gaze on Tang Wulin quickly become one of bewilderment. According to his calculations, a rank-6 blacksmith would be hard pressed to forge that many spirit alloys in such a short period of time! Naturally, the difference between Tang Wulin and a rank-6 blacksmith was that he only had spirit alloys that were thousand refined instead of ones that were spirit forged.

"Let me have a look at them. The Association would buy them in bulk I think." Feng Wuyu seldom forged spirit alloys himself. Although there were many high-ranking blacksmiths in the Shrek Blacksmith's Association, most of them were also powerful Soul Masters who seldom put much effort into forging. Also, the demand for spirit alloys in Shrek Academy was too high. From the students in the inner and outer courts to the teachers, everybody needed them.

Tang Wulin produced a series of spirit alloys on the spot.

There was a change in Feng Wuyu's eyes when he saw the pieces of shining spirit alloys before him with their intrinsic vitality. It was right for him to make the first move! It was totally worth it for him to have accepted such a disciple. Now, he could almost say for sure that this disciple of his would be someone who would stand at the pinnacle of the blacksmithing world in the near future. He was fated to be a Divine Craftsman.

"Above sixty-five percent, below eighty percent. I'll pay you contribution points according to the harmony rates then. The prices will vary depending on the harmony rate and materials used. On top of the buying price of the Blacksmith's Association, I'll give you an additional ten percent float because you're supplying in bulk."

What Feng Wuyu did not know was that Tang Wulin had another fifty or so pieces of spirit alloys aside from the ones he showed him. These did not include the high-quality spirit alloys he forged specifically to make battle armor for his companions.

Throughout the ten days he spent at Zhen Hua's, he had amassed a great horde of valuable objects without having to think about the rare alloy materials! He still intended to sell his remaining goods at Heaven Dou City. He could sell them for a higher price there as he was planning to save up and buy himself spirit objects in the future.

"That's a total of one million six hundred thirty-five thousand and three hundred contribution points. I'll transfer them to you directly."

'I'm rich!' This was the first thought that crossed Tang Wulin's mind. As expected, being a blacksmith became a lucrative career option once he reached the higher ranks!

That's more than one million and six hundred thousand contribution points. This amount would be enough for him to cultivate for a very long time and would even afford him the luxury of being able to purchase supplies from the academy. At the very least, he did not need to earn more contribution points for now.

Regarding the remaining spirit alloys, Tang Wulin was prepared to give twenty pieces to the Tang Sect. He still felt a strong connection with the Tang Sect, especially when they were each awarded a Tang Sect skill and contribution points. It was only right for him to repay the sect.

He would sell the final thirty or so pieces at Heaven Dou City.

"Elder Feng, do we have a driving instructor in our academy? I want to learn how to drive," Tang Wulin said to Feng Wuyu.

He was beginning to fear taking the soul train because something bad always seemed to happen. Moreover, he was already being targeted by evil soul masters so taking the soul train was not such a safe choice for him. Tang Wulin decided to buy a car of his own since Shrek City was not too far away from Heaven Dou City. If he could take it, he could leave in the morning and return during the night. He could go to Heaven Dou City to do business during his day off every week.

"There is. I can sign you up. Why do you want to get a driver's license?" Feng Wuyu asked incredulously.

Tang Wulin coughed and replied, "Uncle master wants me to go visit him every now and then."

Feng Wuyu could not help but grunt when he heard him mention Zhen Hua's name, but he said nothing. That person was a Divine Craftsman, after all.

"Alright. When you have enough money in the future, build yourself a mecha. I'll hook you up with someone up to register you with the federation. Then, you'll be able to legally own a mecha."

"Mecha?" Tang Wulin looked at Elder Feng with puzzled eyes. His goal was to become a battle armor master!

"Idiot. Mechas and battle armor are not contradictory to each other." Feng Wuyu knocked him on the head.

Tang Wulin's heart shook. That was right! Mechas and battle armor did not contradict each other! The only difference was that battle armor could be hidden within his body and only be released after it was activated while mechas existed externally, making it great for protection.

Tang Wulin could still vividly remember riding on Liu An's black mecha. The black mecha was not only quick, it was very stable as well. With Liu An's maneuvering, he felt like he was looking down on the world as he sat inside the mecha.

He had never thought about owning his own mecha before this. When Elder Feng brought this idea up, Tang Wulin's thoughts immediately turned lively.

"On the battlefield, mechas are the first line of defense. Although a powerful mecha could not compare to a battle armor, but it still has its advantages. Under the protection of a mecha, the Soul Master would have to expend less soul power no matter what the circumstances of the battle were. So, a true top tier battle armor master would also be an excellent mecha master. You'll be taking the mecha operating classes in this year with your classmates. Don't you go and flunk yourself!"

"Yeah. Thanks for the reminder, teacher!" Tang Wulin felt a chill in his heart. If Elder Feng had not reminded him, he truly did not intend to take the mecha operating class seriously.

He had a lot on his plate as it is. He had to study, cultivate, and forge. He always felt that the hours in a day were insufficient for him. If he had to learn about controlling mechas, then he would be even busier.

However, according to Elder Feng's words, if he possessed a mecha and a battle armor at the same time, it would be much safer during a battle.

A mecha could be equipped with its own power source while battle armor depended on the soul power of a soul master. They were both different. Naturally, a battle armor was stronger but mechas required less power! Aside from than the high cost of building one, mechas had advantages to them as well.

It seemed like he would have to think about building a mecha for himself.

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