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Tang Wulin knew all the basics of making a mecha. However, he did not have to do this himself, and only had to forge the spirit alloys. The materials of the mecha and the core circuits are the most expensive parts, followed by the actual building of a mecha.

Elder Feng's words seem to open an entirely big new door for Tang Wulin.

"The academy has a dedicated Mecha Association. You can provide the materials yourself and have them build it for you but it won't be cheap so you better think about it carefully. I think it'll better for you to build a mecha instead of buying a car. As long as you are registered with the federation, you'll be able to drive the mecha throughout the continent. Of course, you'll be expending more energy compared to driving a car, but it won't be the same," Elder Feng said to Tang Wulin with a tempting tone.

He was right! How could driving a car be compared to piloting a mecha? It was a mecha! If he could own his own mecha... Tang Wulin's heart began to heat up.

"Here, this is the quotation from the Mecha Association. Have a look." As he said this, Feng Wuyu passed an electronic quotation to Tang Wulin.

It only took a glance and Tang Wulin's lips had already started twitching.

He initially thought that he had already become a rich student after earning one million and six hundred thousand contribution points earlier. However, when he saw the quotation, he felt like he was destitute.

Yellow Mechas — 1,000,000 contribution points.

Purple Mechas — 9,000,000 contribution points.

Black Mechas — With self-provided materials, exclusive design and exclusive forging services, 30,000,000 contribution points.


No wonder Liu An mocked him for being poor. This was daylight robbery!

Tang Wulin gulped and turned around to look at Elder Feng. "Teacher, I think it's more practical for me to buy a car... This is too expensive!"

Feng Wuyu replied, "If you provide the materials, it'll be much cheaper. However, you'll have to go and get the details from the Mecha Association. I'm only informing you that this is possible and can be done. It's up to you if want to do it or not. If you want to earn more contribution points, then work hard and forge more. When you're a true rank-6 blacksmith, it won't be a problem for you to earn enough to make a purple mecha. Generally, a purple mecha would suffice. Even a yellow mecha is much faster than a soul car. You can own it even now!"

Tang Wulin was shocked, his thoughts shooting through his head like lightning. 'He was right!' The thing he needed the most right now was only a means of transportation. An exceptionally powerful mecha was of no use to him anyway since he had no intentions to take them out to battle with them.

More importantly, he would also be able to use it to practice his fighting and maneuvering skills aside from owning a means of transport if he owned a mecha. For those purposes, a yellow mecha would suffice.

Tang Wulin glanced at the one million and six hundred thousand contribution points on his card and gritted his teeth. He had already made his decision.

Shrek Academy — Mecha Masters' Association.

Zhang Yang sat lazily behind the counter. The Mecha Association was always deserted. As a fifth grader, he only took this job for the meager contribution points he would get as his salary.

He was already twenty-six years ol, and his soul power was at rank-51. However, he had yet to assemble his one-word battle armor since he was short of a few crucial components.

It was impossible for him to enter the inner court now but he was still confident that he could graduate from the outer court.

Compared to when he had just enrolled, he was no longer as tense as he was back then. He would be content just from being able to complete his one-word battle armor and become a one-word battle armor master before graduating from the outer court.

Shrek Academy had always been like this. The most stressful period was the first nine years where one would go through the first three grades. In other words, If one did not manage to become a one-word battle armor master before one turned twenty, one could relax instead. There were nine more years for one to achieve that goal and graduate.

Eventually finishing the one-word battle armor and graduating from the academy was not a difficult feat for the students who had endured the first three grades and managed not to get expelled.

Zhang Yang's had a state of mind that was exactly like this. He was content as long as he could graduate since he was already hired by a top company to work as a security director. What he needed to do now was to finish his one-word battle armor as soon as possible and wait for his graduation.

However, after all the time he spent here in Shrek Academy, he had grown fond of this place. Once he leaves this place, he would not have the chance to return here to cultivate as an outer disciple. That was why he was willing to take it slow. He wanted to enjoy life in the academy for a few more years.

He was only short of the final two components and had already finished the basic frame. 'I don't want to graduate just yet!' Zhang Yang silently exclaimed in his heart.

However, he was no longer the young man he once was. Twenty-six was an age where one had to build a family and establish one's career.

He had already decided that he would finish the battle armor in three months. Whenever he thought about leaving, a feeling of reluctance would fill Zhang Yang's heart.

"Ding dong!" the doorbell rang, and a youth walked in from.

"Hello senior," the youth had big eyes and was beautiful. Even if he was of the same gender, Zhang Yang's eyes still lit up.

"Hello junior, how may I help you? Do you want to join our Mecha Association?" Zhang Yang was only asking this as a matter of routine. In reality, the Mecha Association was the least popular association in Shrek Academy. This because the students who came here all only had their eyes set on becoming a battle armor master. The way Zhang Yang saw it, the reason why the Mecha Association was still around was only because the academy wanted to preserve every association. There were only about twenty members who were still inside the academy.

As expected, the youth shook his head, expressing that he did not come to join the association. It was expected! Who would ever join the Mecha Association? Only students who were truly passionate about mechas since they were children would join this association after they entered the academy.

"Senior, I'd like to have one yellow mecha custom-made." The words that left the youth's mouth shocked Zhang Yang.

"What did you say?" Zhang Yang asked with some incredulity.

"I'd like to have one yellow mecha custom-made," Tang Wulin repeated himself.

"Junior, do you know how much contribution points a yellow mecha costs? It's one million, not a hundred thousand y'know?" He had been in the academy for more than a decade now and still he had not accumulated a million contribution points. Moreover, a yellow mecha meant nothing to the students of Shrek Academy.

"I'm certain. I have enough contribution points." Tang Wulin fished out his student ID card and handed it over to Zhang Yang.

When Zhang Yang saw one million and six hundred thousand on the ID, he could not help but swallow a mouthful of his saliva. That was a lot of contribution points! He had an urge to ask this junior if he had robbed the academy's office.

Of course, that was obviously impossible.

"Alright, first, let's get you registered. Then, I'll have to take some measurements," A mecha must be made to fit the mecha master's body snugly. That way, the user would be able to have the best control over the mecha.

"I want a long-ranged mecha. The armor can be thinner to save on resources. The energy core should be more powerful and... its cruising ability should be good..." Tang Wulin spouted out a long list of his requirements.

Zhang Yang was a mecha enthusiast himself, and that was why he was able to work here. However, he could not help but frown after listening to Tang Wulin's demands. "Junior, you have to know that if we went ahead with your requirements, we'd call your mecha a fragile mecha. There aren't close combat weapons like sabers or swords equipped on a long-ranged mecha, and yet you want the armor to be thin? If you do it this way, your enhanced energy core will very easily explode if you take a hit. That's very dangerous."

Tang Wulin replied, "It's alright, that's what I want. Oh, by the way, senior. If I were to supply all the rare alloys needed to make the mecha, how much of a discount can I get?"

Zhang Yang thought for a moment and said, "If you're supplying the materials yourself, you'll only have to pay four hundred and eighty thousand contribution points. However, there has to be some kind of guarantee on the quality of your rare alloys."

"No problem! I'll supply the rare alloys myself then."

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