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The venue that Luo Guixing rented was Shrek Academy's special competitive arena that would usually come into use during the academy's internal battles. Customized Soul Barriers lined the arena along with a self-recovery system. Under the protection of the teachers', the possibility of heavy damage was unlikely and thus allowed the students to showcase their personal abilities fully

Naturally, renting a venue such as this one cost quite a bit.

When Tang Wulin and the other five arrived, Luo Guixing and the four of them were already there, having arrived much earlier.

Aside from them, a majority of the first grade class one students were already there, and quite a few from second grade class one attended. Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were there as well.

Tang Wulin walked toward Yuanen Yehui and asked her softly, "Are you here to spy on us?"

Yuanen Yehui glared at him. "Why do you ask? Are you afraid of letting us watch?"

Tang Wulin smiled as he replied, "I'm afraid you guys might lose your confidence after watching!" Even three Yuanen Yehuis could not compare to how slick of a talker he was.

Yuanen Yehui calmly replied, "We'll see."

Yue Zhengyu approached them while smiling. "Wulin, we should challenge each other sometime. I'm quite unsatisfied with my previous experience."

Tang Wulin said. "If you're thinking of a group battle, forget it. I'm fine if you want to take me on, one-on-one. Be my guest, I'll take you on any time."

Yue Zhengyu's eyes lit up. "Remember! You're the one who said these words! Don't regret it."

Tang Wulin knew in his heart that he was confident because he was now a four-ringed soul master. "Sure. I'm sure we'll put on a show."

Yue Zhengyu was stunned as he looked at Tang Wulin. He knew Tang Wulin well, this guy would never take on a bet if he was not the least bit confident in his chances. 'He probably has something he can rely on.' He was feeling lucky today so he decided to come and see the extent of Tang Wulin's current power.

At that moment, Luo Guixing and the other four approached them.

Lui Guixing and Wu Siduo were leading the pack while Xu Yucheng, Yang Nianxia, and Zheng Yiran followed behind them.

An academic year had passed, all of them experienced changes as they matured over the time they were apart. Each and every one of them was now much steadier compared to the time when they had just entered the academy.

"Class president." Luo Guixing smiled while squinting his eyes as he called out to Tang Wulin. Wu Siduo nodded at Tang Wulin as well.

Tang Wulin smiled and nodded. "Everyone's here. Let's begin when everyone is ready."

He noticed that Luo Guixing and the other four had an intense light in their eyes, seemingly out of faith. It was clear that they were confident.

At that moment, Wu Zhangkong arrived at the scene.

"Good afternoon, Teacher Wu." All of them bowed toward Wu Zhangkong in respect.

Wu Zhangkong ordered as he walked into the arena before them, "Get into the ring."

At that time, the staff had already prepared the arena. Seeing that the hosts had arrived, the first and second-grade students gathered around as they anticipated the ultimate fight of first grade class one.

In fact, even Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were immensely curious about the team in first grade class one. How dare they challenge them and still be so confident to think that they could win?

Yuanen Yehui and the rest knew about Wu Siduo and his gang's ranking on the Genius Youths Ranking but they had never witnessed the true extent of their abilities themselves.

After all, they had only battled against Tang Wulin and his companions. Naturally, the reason why first grade class one did not allow Wu Siduo and the gang to fight back then was due to their incapability.

The Genius Youths Ranking was meaningful before entering the Shrek Academy but once students entered Shrek, how could the improvement in their abilities continue to be judged by the Genius Youths Ranking that they were once on?

Yuanen Yehui was once ranked on the Genius Youths Ranking so she had a rough idea what it meant.

Ever since they lost the battle last semester, Yuanen Yehui had been training extra hard. It was glory to first grade class one but it was a shame to those of them who were in the second grade.

Although she was Tang Wulin's friend in private, she had never taken it easy when it came to the honor of her class. This year, she was determined to defeat Tang Wulin and his companions once and for all.

It was a necessity for the second grade to defeat the first grade.

Therefore, she was here today not only to observe the level of improvement Tang Wulin and his companions had achieved. She also wanted to see what other experts were there in first grade class one apart from Tang Wulin and his companions since they might be fighting as backups for Tang Wulin and his companions.

There were only six of them in Tang Wulin's team which was short of one following the standard seven-person team. They might be picking the remaining one from their opponents today.

Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui stood next to each other while those in second grade. Others in second grade class one who joined the battle the last time were around Yuanen Yehui too.

However, apart from first and second grade students, there were no students from higher grades. Students of Shrek Academy were usually on a whole new level after they get into the third grade.

No matter how hopeful Tang Wulin and the gang was, they were still young and would neither threaten nor pressure the higher grade students. The higher grade students who had yet to reach twenty would probably be working hard to become a one-word battle armor master as soon as they could to fit into the inner court's quota. Since they had that to work on, they probably neither have the time nor the capacity to care about a battle between classes in a lower grade.

Five against five!

There were only five people in Wu Siduo's team so naturally, Tang Wulin's team could only have five in the battle as well.

This time, it was Xu Lizhi who was sitting on the bench as Ye Xinglan replaced him in the battle.

In reality, ever since the passing of the academic year, the only ones in grade one who really know about Ye Xinglan's true abilities were the few people in their team. Ye Xinglan had always been low-key in classes during regular days, and she would never cultivate with other students. She was a quiet, a beautiful young lady of few words.

Therefore, even Wu Siduo and the rest knew that she had immensely powerful abilities but they had no idea about the extent of her powers.

Tang Wulin stood in the middle while Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie stood on his left and right. Meanwhile, Xu Xiaoyan and Gu Yue stood behind them.

Surprisingly, Yang Nianxia stood in the middle across the ring. It was the Dark Bear Yang Nianxia! Hell Wu Siduo stood behind Yang Nianxia's on the left while Immortal Xu Yucheng stood behind him on the right. Both of them had already achieved four rings when they entered the academy. Behind Yang Nianxia was Jade Snake Zheng Yiren and the one behind all of them was the mastermind soul master and the core of the team, Shackler Luo Guixing.

The formation of both teams was different in their own way, and the imposing manner coming off them began to rise continuously as they looked at one another.

Wu Zhangkong looked at both sides as he stood in the middle of the arena.

"The battle starts now!"

There was neither a countdown nor an opportunity for them to make any preparations. He announced the start of the most powerful battle in first grade class one in the middle of the arena that was a hundred meters in diameter.

Tang Wulin was the first one who dashed out. As he stomped with his left foot, the entire arena shook with a loud bang. His entire being was like a cannonball as he dashed toward Yang Nianxia who was across him.

The stomp of his left foot shocked Yang Nianxia. 'Such powerful strength. It seems to be even more powerful than before.'

When they first entered the academy, Tang Wulin was still a little unfamiliar with things. Looking at him now, he had an overbearing quality that he used to lack aside from his strong faith in his team.

This was the cumulative result from continuous victories and personal improvement.

Yang Nianxia refused to yield as he shouted toward the sky. Although he did not dash immediately, his body was expanding at an alarming rate. He released his Duskgold Bear martial soul and strode toward Tang Wulin with his strong body. It was a battle of pure strength.

Wu Siduo and Xu Yucheng both dashed ahead at breakneck speed at the same time, and it seemed like they were going to bypass Tang Wulin to reach Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie. However, when they dashed about ten meters out, the duo changed their direction unpredictably.

Tang Wulin was moving too fast, causing the team to fall a little out of formation. Under these circumstances, he would be like a soldier would have to fight alone.

At that moment, he was less than ten meters away from Yang Nianxia. The sudden change that Wu Siduo and Xu Yucheng made happened so quickly and had immediately turned the situation into a three-against-one.

Yuanen Yehui who stood at the side of the arena could not help but frown when she saw this scene unfolding. With Tang Wulin's wisdom battle, how could he be so careless as to allow such a major mistake to happen?

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