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Right at that moment, Shackler Luo Guixing attacked him. All of a sudden, a silver glow was seen in the middle of the arena. The glow was barely there as it seemed to be translucent. Although it could still be seen, the intense spatial waves it made it a little hard to see.

It was then that Tang Wulin and his companions saw that Luo Guixing's body no longer had the three soul rings it had in the past. There were four soul rings that rose from his body this time.

It was true, Luo Guixing had also leveled up to a four-ringed soul master. This fact was one of the biggest source of confidence of their battle today.

He was a four-ringer soul ancestor with two yellow and two purple soul rings, and the soul skill he was using at that moment was his fourth soul skill, Dual-World Division!

It was an immensely powerful spatial soul skill that could cause a tear in the space before him, tearing apart everything from the energy present in the air to the elemental attributes. It was similar to dividing an area in space itself into two halves, which was where it got its name — Dual-World Division.

Once a target was within the range of Dual-World Division, he would not be able to leave. That being said, if Tang Wulin decided to attack at this juncture in time before the effects of Dual-World Division were at full force, he would be teleported back to his original location as long as he was within the range of Dual-World Division no matter which direction he dashed in.

Under these circumstances, this soul skill seemed to be magical indeed!

Luo Guixing used his fourth soul skill as soon as he began his attack. He only had one goal — to trap Tang Wulin.

Everybody knew that Tang Wulin was the most powerful one among members of his team. He was the core of the team as well as the team's commander. As long as he was the first to be defeated when fighting his team, the chances of scoring a win would be significantly higher.

Luo Guixing and his comrades had witnessed the battle between the first and second grade where Tang Wulin his companions represented the first grade. After the battle concluded, they created a detailed plan of the techniques they used in battle.

Tang Wulin would usually dash as soon as the battle began, fighting the enemies head-on by himself. They were fully aware of the way they fought. Tang Wulin's team would attempt to make small gains and through these opportunities. However, this was entirely dependent on Gu Yue's spatial control which could teleport Tang Wulin away anytime he wanted.

As soon as their opponent exposed their flaws, Tang Wulin and his companions would then attack with everything they have to eventually win the battle.

Luo Guixing took advantage of this knowledge. His Dual-World Division was not only able to trap individuals, it could also isolate all spatial waves within the space created by the soul skill.

That meant that it would be impossible for Gu Yue to teleport Tang Wulin out of Dual-World Division's area of effect which was thirty meters in width, and she would have to bypass it by going to its front instead.

However, this process would take five seconds at least. Luo Guixing figured that the five seconds would give them enough time to defeat Tang Wulin with the combined effort of all their might.

As soon as Tang Wulin was defeated, it would be much easier to take Gu Yue and the other three members on.

With that plan in mind, Luo Guixing was overjoyed when Tang Wulin dashed like he expected him to do. Luo Guixing knew that this was a golden opportunity.

Everything went according to his plan. Wu Siduo, Xu Yucheng, and Yang Nianxia rid themselves of the pride of being on the Genius Youths Ranking and attacked Tang Wulin together.

Yang Nianxia's soul power was now rank-39. Along with Wu Siduo and Xu Yucheng who both had rank-40 soul power, it was three against one, and Tang Wulin stood no chance.

Tang Wulin was quite shocked when he saw their actions. 'I knew it! They came prepared.'

He had enough experience in battle and instantly knew that it would be impossible for Gu Yue to teleport him out of danger after he saw Dual-World Division coming into effect behind him. Luo Guixing's was also an expert when it came to spatial teleportation, so he knew that this ability was meant to restrict Gu Yue's performance in some way.

At this moment, the only person that he could depend on was himself!

Under such circumstance, Tang Wulin kept his calm and did not panic. The first thing he did was to activate his second soul skill from his Bluesilver Grass. 

As the Bluesilver Impaling Array came into effect, countless Bluesilver Grass appeared out of nowhere and drowned them in it.

However, with the abilities of Wu Siduo and his comrades, it was impossible that something like this would be able to restrict them. However, the Bluesilver Impaling Array still managed to delay their movements, and all three of them experienced a reduction in their speed.

Among them, Dark Bear Yang Nianxia went on a rampage, dashing toward the Bluesilver Impaling Array with his extremely powerful physique. The size of his arms suddenly doubled as he used the full force of his strength, lifting his arms to sweep them at Tang Wulin location.

At the same time, Xu Yucheng's Reaper's Scythe swept out and cut the Bluesilver Grass down one after the other before a gigantic blade of light was sent toward Tang Wulin.

On the other side, Wu Siduo levitated into the air and turned into an illusory gush at the very next moment. With Hell Rush, she shot toward Tang Wulin and dazed him from midair.

At that moment in time, the full extent of their abilities as a team was clear.

However, that was not the end of it! A silver soul ring suddenly appeared beneath Tang Wulin's feet. It was Shackler Luo Guixing's control type soul skill, Spatial Lock!

The four members on the Genius Youths Ranking attacked Tang Wulin at the same time. Each and every one of them gave it their all with their best abilities.

At that moment, Tang Wulin was almost at a dead end!

His opponents aside, even his team members had little hope on him.

Although Xie Xie and Ye Xinglan's were extremely fast, they were teleported back to where they were from the first Dual-World Division's impact. They had just begun their attempt at bypassing the effects of Dual-World Division from both sides but would still need at least three seconds to carry out the rescue.

The elemental wave in front of Gu Yue was intense but distant water could not quench present thirst. Although Xu Xiaoyan already had her Starwheel Staff lifted up high, she did not attack at that moment.

No matter what, Tang Wulin seemed like he was at a dead end.

Gu Yue gave a ladylike shout and pointed her right hand into the sky to form two blue fireballs. She drew two elegant arcs with the tail of the dazzling fireballs and brought them toward the middle of the arena from both sides. She was surprisingly using her spiritual power to control the fireballs to bypass the effects of Dual-World Division.

However, it was too late. As a silver glow sparkled, Spatial Lock had already restricted Tang Wulin's body.

A faint smile appeared on Luo Guixing's face when Wu Zhangkong approached the arena. He was there to help him escape the arena immediately should Tang Wulin be unable to handle the battle any longer.

Luo Guixing did not only rely on his one technique to shackle Tang Wulin in place. He wanted to delay his movements so that he could not fight the combined tri-directional attack even in his best condition. That alone was enough for Luo Guixing.

After taking care of Tang Wulin, the battle would become much easier since it would then be five against four.

Tang Wulin was the core and was also one of two people required to use a martial soul fusion skill. Without him, it was impossible for Gu Yue to use the martial soul fusion skill all by herself! As for the rest of his companions, their roles were incomparable with Tang Wulin although their abilities were powerful. By taking care of that one person, they would be more likely to win.

Jade Snake Zheng Yiran had already begun spitting a green poisonous mist that spread across a wide area, covering both sides of the arena. According to Luo Guixing's plans, they would regroup within the poisonous mist after taking care of Tang Wulin. Then, they would eventually win the battle through the advantage of having an additional person on their team.

It was just as he told Tang Wulin. They were no longer the uncooperative team they used to be. After cultivating together for quite some time, they began to trust one another and their cooperation improved as a whole. Now, they had mutual trust and this boosted the team's ability as a whole.

Controlling the enemy with Spatial Lock, Hell Rush, the Duskgold Bear's huge claw and the Reaper's Scythe. Tang Wulin was in immense danger as he was under an onslaught from three directions at once.

However, Wu Siduo who was first to arrive before Tang Wulin after dashing toward him saw a faint smile. It was Tang Wulin's smile.

Nobody expected for him to actually smile. 'Could it be that he's found a way to block the attacks heading toward him despite the circumstances? It's impossible!'

Just as the thought came into Wu Siduo's mind, she saw two golden soul rings rise from Tang Wulin's body.

Two golden soul rings... There were two of them! An ominous feeling began to rise within Wu Siduo. Initially, she did not dare to put everything into her attack because she was afraid that she might really hurt Tang Wulin. However, she immediately poured more of her soul power into her attack, boosting Hell Rush to its maximum attack power.

His right arm was now expanding, and it was covered in golden scales. Spatial Lock did not take full effect so Tang Wulin was still able to circulate his bloodline essence.

It was his bloodline soul ring, Golden Dragon Body!

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