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"Despicable!" both uttered in unison. They rolled their eyes at each other simultaneously, loosening their grips on each other's throats again. At this instant, the man kicked a wooden bucket beside the pool, turning to escape from the steam room, disregarding Chu Qiao's presence.

This woman was an exponent in close combat. There was no need to fight her. As long as he made it out of the steam room, the sounds of fighting would be heard outside. He would surely emerge victorious then!

Chu Qiao was unbelievably fast in her response. With a calculated jump, she leaped into the air in pursuit of him! The look in their eyes was synchronized! Their steps were synchronized! Their actions, their escape route, they were all synchronized!

With a thud, the door of the steam room was kicked open forcefully. The man had managed to do it despite being on the receiving end of a kick from Chu Qiao.

Chu Qiao was pressed for time. She knew that this sound had certainly startled the guards outside. Within three seconds, the guards would open the door and fire arrows at her, leaving no room for escape. Her only hope was to force this man into submission within three seconds. She leaped onto the bed and pretended to be intimate!

Chu Qiao had no time to think about the loopholes in her plan. She leaped forward and undressed, leaving only a thin pair of shorts on. She used the wall as her springboard, leaping forward and throwing herself at the man. With two somersaults, she landed a blow on the man's back, causing the both of them to fall back onto the bed! At this moment, the sounds of the footsteps outside were becoming louder. It was clear that she had to force him into submission, to use him as a hostage.

Chu Qiao felt that she was crazy.

With agile movements of their wrists, the two of them exchanged another 20 odd blows. Finally, as the footsteps approached the door, Chu Qiao accomplished what she had set out to do. She managed to subdue the man, grabbing at his throat. However, her own throat had been grabbed by the man too!

The situation was similar to the one previously. Perish together? Perish together!

Intense knocking sounds echoed from outside the door, followed by the frantic shouts of the guards outside. The room was dimly lit. At this moment, both of them finally had the chance to see each other's faces after being entangled for half the night. Upon seeing each other's faces, they opened their mouths wide in unison, glaring at each other!

With a thud, the door of the room was broken down. The guards outside streamed into the room. The leader of the guards remarked, "Fourth Master! Fourth Master! What happened?"

Everyone stared in horror at the two people on the bed. The room was a mess. There was water everywhere, the carpet had been messed up. The blankets had been littered on the floor, their clothes everywhere. On the majestic bed, a man and a woman were in an intimate position, tangled together. They stared each other in the eye, then at the door.

"Who allowed you to come in?"

At that instant, Yue Qi and the rest felt as if they had been blown away by a typhoon. Yes, this person was Zhuge Yue. Everyone's faces were pale. Some of them fell back onto the floor in fright. In less than three seconds, the door had been closed.

After a long while, the two people in the room looked each other and exclaimed, "You?"

A deadly silence enveloped the room. The lights illuminated the room quietly, occasionally releasing a spark. The pale moonlight streamed through a window. Wupeng City, at this time of night, was refreshingly windy.

Those who were skilled in martial arts were adept in their sense of hearing, especially in the quiet night. The voices of the men outside drifted into the room slowly. It was the guards carefully gossiping about their master.

"Master looks serious usually. I didn't expect him to enjoy these kinds of games."

"Obviously. It was so loud, their clothes were everywhere. How intense!"

"That woman is lucky to gain the affection of our master."

"That woman has a nice figure, two long and fair legs…"

"You're crazy! That woman is Master's! He will gouge your eyes out!"

"Ah, Brother Zhang. You mean that we should forget about all this, and pretend to be blind."

"I've been in the residence for many years. Don't think that although Master's temper has improved, he will let you off! Back then, he was quite abusive and feared throughout the residence! Listen to me, I'm not wrong! However, that female slave has a good figure. Why…do I find her a bit familiar though?"

"You're familiar with every single beauty."

The guards chuckled in a low voice and walked away from the room.

In the room, the two remained entangled in the same position, grabbing at each other's throats, their legs intertwined. As their eyes met, a range of complicated emotions flashed across their mind.

The wind blew into the room from the window. The red satin curtains fluttered in the air across their line of sight, blurring their appearances. Time passed slowly. The drumming sounds made by the clock reverberated across the giant room.

The look in their eyes cooled. From the initial shock, followed by shyness, then frustration and hostility, came a feeling of calm. They released their grips on each other's throats for one final time, backing off.

Chu Qiao raised a silk blanket, covering her exposed chest. She looked at the man opposite her, not batting an eyelid. At this moment, she had suppressed all her emotions, leaving only a tinge of cautiousness.

The enraged man also calmed down slowly. His look was cold, his eyebrows frowning but had no hostile intentions. He reassumed his stoic expression, appearing lazy yet cold. After a short while, the man got off the bed without caring. He walked openly to the center of the room and put on the robe he had removed earlier on, revealing his tanned chest. Unexpectedly, he demonstrated another gesture of kindness. He rummaged through the mess on the ground and picked up Chu Qiao's robe, which was soaking wet. He walked over to her side, raising up her wet clothes with one hand. He reached out his other hand, and said, "Hand it over."

"What?" Chu Qiao frowned. "Hand over what?"

Zhuge Yue side eyed her, implicitly hinting at her not to pretend to be a fool.

"Since Yan Xun escaped back to his old nest with the beggars of Da Tong guild, have they become so short of money? That they have to send you out to commit petty theft?"

"What did you say?" Chu Qiao berated. "Watch yourself!"

Zhuge Yue looked at her plainly, then with disdain. "You're dead meat, yet you are still so arrogant."

Chu Qiao sat on the bed and remained silent, a cold look on her face. She had been utterly defeated tonight. She felt undeniably frustrated, cursing her luck which had been down in the dumps lately.

The instant she saw Zhuge Yue's face, she felt an indescribable sense of relief, however much she did not want to admit it. Perhaps, being apprehended by him was better than other possibilities! At the very least, she would not be executed immediately. She knew that the capital did not want her, just wanted her head.

"Hand it over," Zhuge Yue said stubbornly.

"Hand what?"

"Quit pretending!" the man sneered, staring coldly at her. "Just now, at the cloister. It was you. You stole something from me, do you need me to say it?"

It dawned on Chu Qiao. However, she replied stubbornly, "Who cares about your stuff. I just took it from you and threw it away. If you want it back, then send someone from this damned residence to search the lake."

Zhuge Yue raised his eyebrows slowly. There was a depressed look in his eyes. Chu Qiao stared at him stubbornly without an ounce of fear.

With a swoosh, Zhuge Yue threw the wet clothes at Chu Qiao's face, turning to walk towards the door. As he opened the door, a servant ran towards him. Zhuge Yue gave him a few simple orders to search the lake for a jade pendant. The servant, upon hearing his words, appeared perplexed. The lake was not big and could be circled with a boat in an hour. However, it was over 40 feet deep. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack…

One of the servants raised his head and objected, "Master, this…"

Before the servant had finished speaking, Zhuge Yue slapped the man fiercely, causing him to lower his head.

"Who allowed you to raise your head?"

The servant nodded in fear, not daring to raise his head.

Chu Qiao was stunned. The entrance of the room was facing the bed, and she was still undressed.

Zhuge Yue turned back to look at Chu Qiao. She had put on her wet clothes. However, as it was made of a thin material, it appeared transparent, adding a few seductive touches.

Zhuge Yue looked at Chu Qiao and frowned. Seeing that his expression was not right, she felt awkward. He walked over to a row of wardrobes and opened one of them. Suddenly, Chu Qiao's expression changed. Before she had time to call out, a woman who was tied up fell onto the floor with a thud, landing at Zhuge Yue's feet.

Zhuge Yue responded quickly. He mistook the female hiding in the wardrobe as an assassin. Without any mercy, before her body had touched the ground, he kicked her, causing her to fly out of the room like a football.

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