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Zhuge Yue did not use excessive force. As he looked at the seductive woman lying on the floor half naked, he was stunned. He frowned heavily, appearing deep in thought. The woman had become easily frightened by the happenings earlier on. She was knocked out for no reason, finding that she had been imprisoned in the wardrobe after waking up. After a long time, she was finally released, but before she had time to shout for help, she took a heavy kick to the body. At this moment, facing the intimidating man, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she passed out.

"Hey! Don't hurt her."

Zhuge Yue turned around and saw the awkward look on Chu Qiao's face. It dawned on him. Since the slave in disguise was Chu Qiao, she must have been the initial slave prepared for him by Tian Chengshou. After he sorted out his thoughts, Zhuge Yue did not even take a look at the woman on the ground. He walked over to the wardrobe and took out a set of clothes, then walked over to Chu Qiao's side, throwing the clothes at her. Smiling slightly, he said emotionlessly, "Xing'er, you are still so ruthless."

"Don't call me Xing'er!" Chu Qiao replied coldly. She did not remove her wet clothes but put the clean set of clothes over her body instead. As she finished her sentence, she heard an angry grunt beside her. Zhuge Yue pounced on Chu Qiao like a tiger, pinning her body beneath his. He wrapped his legs around hers, using one hand to clasp her chin. With ferocity and ruthlessness, he said, "What do I call you then? Jing Yue'er? Or what? Chu Qiao?"

Zhuge Yue's expression was solemn. The look in his eyes signaled a storm that was about to brew. The strength that he used to hold Chu Qiao's chin increased. With a hoarse voice, he added, "So? Now that you've sided with Yan Xun, you're disregarding your ancestral lineage? Changing your surname? Why don't you change your surname to Yan?"

Chu Qiao stared Zhuge Yue coldly in the face and ordered, "Let go of me!"

"Let go of you?" Zhuge Yue sneered. "Where do you think you're going? You're here in Tang for your old flame who's getting married, or to make a detour to Yan Bei? Why didn't I realize back then that our little Xing'er was a smiling recipe for disaster?"

"Zhuge Yue. I'm warning you, let go of me!"

"Warning?" Zhuge Yue gave a sinister smile and squinted his eyes coldly. "Xing'er, is this the first time you've met me? When have I, Zhuge Yue, ever feared anyone's warning?"

Chu Qiao did not think any further. She used her fingers to claw at Zhuge Yue's neck!

Zhuge Yue was not slow to react, and leaned his body back. Chu Qiao's hand grabbed his collar instead, tearing his clothes apart. Zhuge Yue loosened his grip on Chu Qiao's chin, his fingers brushing across her fair skin and defined collarbone. With another sinister laugh, he remarked, "So? Can't wait anymore?"

Chu Qiao's expression remained unchanged. She squinted her eyes in anger, kicking at Zhuge Yue's underarm!

Zhuge Yue was no ordinary character. How would he be in a disadvantageous position in a face-to-face battle? Using his hands to support himself, he executed a rear somersault in the air. When he landed on the bed, he used his hands to support himself again, creeping up to Chu Qiao's side and subduing her again. Their faces stuck to each other, their breaths blowing on the other's face.

"Hmph!" Chu Qiao grunted in anger. With rage, she aimed a punch towards Zhuge Yue's shoulder. Zhuge Yue lowered his shoulder, his body jerking outwards. Chu Qiao's body rolled outwards with him. Zhuge Yue grabbed her waist and rolled back, causing the blankets to wrap around them like a giant dumpling. Zhuge Yue took the opportunity to subdue Chu Qiao's hands and force her legs into submission.

Chu Qiao resisted forcefully, but as the blanket had tightly wrapped both of them up, she was unable to break free. Coupled with the fact that Zhuge Yue was stronger than her, she slumped back onto the bed after a short while, panting breathlessly. As she could not overpower him, she arched her head up to bite him.

Chu Qiao's clothes had been ripped apart during this fight, exposing large amounts of her skin. Chu Qiao turned red with embarrassment, staring menacingly at Zhuge Yue, her chest bouncing up and down with anger.

"Still not admitting defeat?"

Chu Qiao replied coldly, "Scoundrel!"

Zhuge Yue was sprawled atop Chu Qiao. Hearing her intense breathing, rapid heartbeat, and smelling her natural fragrance, the look on his face suddenly became warmer. The man laughed proudly and said slowly, "Still want to fight?"

Chu Qiao bit her lip. She had rarely lost a fight all these years. Suddenly, she felt a tinge of indescribable panic. For some unknown reason, she just wanted to leave this place, never to see the man in front of her again.

"Let go of me!"

"Xing'er, you keep saying this. Don't you find it bothersome?"

Chu Qiao's outfit was torn, revealing both her fair legs. Zhuge Yue's legs were wrapped tightly around hers. With skin to skin contact, the ambiance became more affectionate.

Chu Qiao stared ruthlessly at Zhuge Yue and gritted her teeth, saying, "I want to stab you!"

Zhuge Yue burst out in laughter. His look was charming, his lips were crimson red. With an unrestrained attitude, he replied, "Why not add a few punches on top of that?"

"Hmph!" Chu Qiao turned away angrily, not looking him in the eye. She could not defeat him nor escape. They were evenly matched in terms of martial arts, but her strength was no match for Zhuge Yue. Additionally, there were a big number of guards outside. Thinking of this, she teared up. Angrily, she retorted, "Just kill me now!"

Zhuge Yue laughed and looked at her. "Xing'er, don't tell me you're crying just because you can't defeat me? This is unlike you."

The tense atmosphere loosened up; the both of them were still in an intimate position. At this instant, the unconscious woman under the bed let out a sound, as she prepared to wake up.

Chu Qiao froze. Zhuge Yue's expression changed. He let go of Chu Qiao's hand, and picked up a blanket and threw it over the woman's face!

As he loosened his grip, Chu Qiao let out a warcry and crept out from under the blanket. She was in a half kneeling position as she prepared to escape from the bed. Zhuge Yue laughed coldly. He picked up another thin blanket and wrapped it around Chu Qiao's ankle. Chu Qiao cursed to herself. Subsequently, Zhuge Yue pulled the blanket backward with force, causing Chu Qiao to fall on the ground, becoming entangled with the man again.

In a flash, the bed collapsed with a loud thud. The satin and pearl curtains, the red cloths, and the bright pearls scattered on the ground, burying both of them underneath the mess!

The people outside the room heard the sound loud and clear. Only half of the guards remained; the other half were at the lake to find the jade pendant.

A young guard carefully asked the guard surnamed Zhang, "Brother Zhang, what's that?"

The guard surnamed Zhang was sticking out his ears to listen. He nodded and replied mysteriously, "I think the bed has most likely collapsed."

"The bed collapsed?" the young guard muttered. "My God, that's so intense!"

Zhuge Yue was trapped under a heap of silk, expending much effort to get out of the mess. However, as his head popped out, his expression changed.

Chu Qiao was in a half kneeling position in front of him. Her look was cold, and she held a broken wood fragment, which had dislodged from the bed frame, in her hand. One end of the wood fragment was sharp and was pressed against Zhuge Yue's neck.

"Don't move!" Chu Qiao hollered.

Zhuge Yue laughed nonchalantly, staring at Chu Qiao's chest. "Wear some clothes before doing this to another person next time. If not, it's not intimidating."

"Cut the crap! Let me go immediately!"

Zhuge Yue laughed. "Xing'er, you must have gotten it wrong. You're holding me hostage now, why are you begging me to let you go?"

"Zhuge Yue, don't think that I have no choice but to beg you. If I kill you, I could still escape. I just don't want to resort to that. Although we are enemies, I don't wish to kill you this way."

"That's too bad." Zhuge Yue shrugged his shoulders. "As long as I'm alive, I won't let you go."

Chu Qiao squinted. "Don't force me!"

"I want to force you."

At this instant, a flurry of footstep sounds came from outside. They froze, knowing that the sounds were not from Zhuge Yue's guards.

As Chu Qiao was momentarily distracted, Zhuge Yue suddenly twisted his body to avoid Chu Qiao's weapon. However, at the same time, Chu Qiao noticed what Zhuge Yue was trying to do. Subconsciously, she thrust the wood fragment forward, inflicting a wound on Zhuge Yue with a loud sound. Blood started to ooze out from his wound. Chu Qiao was shocked, her eyes widened. Simultaneously, Tian Chengshou's voice could be heard from outside. "Master, are you still awake?"

Zhuge Yue and Chu Qiao sat at opposite corners of the bed. The wood fragment, as thick as a thumb, had been completely embedded into Zhuge Yue's shoulder, causing blood to splatter over half the bed.

Everything happened in a flash. As Zhuge Yue was struck by the wood fragment, Chu Qiao saw him open his mouth. Having experienced such intense pain, he was bound to open his mouth to exclaim in agony. However, Tian Chengshou was standing outside the door!

Tian Rucheng was born as an official. When he was young, he joined the Tang army along with his father, killing his way into Xia territory. If not for the Lion of Yan Bei, Yan Shicheng, the Xia Empire would have fallen to the Tang Empire. Tian Rucheng would have been the ruler of the lands of Hongchuan. Additionally, Tian Rucheng's father died in that battle. Hence, Tian Chengshou's hate for Yan Bei was well-known.

At this instant, as long as Zhuge Yue made any abnormal sounds, he would break the door down. If Chu Qiao landed in his hands, the ending was inevitable!

The first thought that flashed across Chu Qiao's mind was to feel for her dagger hidden under the calf. Given her skills, she would have no problem killing an injured man at such a close distance. However, she forgot that she had lost her dagger while fighting on the cloister earlier on.

At this critical moment, Zhuge Yue's voice echoed out, sounding as calm as ever. "Is that Lord Tian? It's late, is anything the matter?"

Chu Qiao was stunned as she looked up.

"It's like this. I heard that an important thing belonging to Master fell into the lake. The guards could not locate it despite searching for half the night. I came to ask if it was necessary to dig a ditch to empty the water, so as to make the search easier."

Zhuge Yue took a deep breath and held his bloody shoulder tightly, remarking in a low voice, "In that case, thank you for your good intentions, Lord Tian."

Tian Chengshou laughed and replied, "It is an honor to share Master's worries."

"If there's nothing else, Lord Tian, please head back to take a rest."

"I'll take my leave then. Master, have a good rest."

As the sound of the footsteps faded, the tranquility outside the room was restored.

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